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And the folks at NPR aren’t going to replay any clips of your boy Warnock praising Jeremiah Wright. Just because the left decides which stories to report and not report based on their political biases doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
June, let’s try English. The word is “your”, not “yo.” I’m certain that even you are capable of enunciating properly. Second, it’s “instill,” not “install.” Next time you try making an insult, make sure you use words you’re confident that you know.
June, I know proper English is touch for you, but the word is “your.” It’s literally two additional letters. Are you just lazy, or have the public schools down in Atlanta taken their toll on your IQ? Given you can’t discern “instill” from “install,” going to have to assume it’s the latter.
@Junebaby- you’re clearly a product of the public schools down there in Warnock’s ‘hood. Tell me, is your inability to use the possessive “your” the product of shear laziness or just your astoundingly low intelligence quotient? Given your inability to discern the difference between the words “instill” and “install”, I’m going to assume it is the latter,
Case in point- several years ago Faulkner University in Alabama let a 61-year old line up at kicker for a bad D-III football team. Like here, aside from the feel-good nature of the story it was evident to everyone who watched that the guy was out of his element in comparison to his younger counterparts. Only difference here is that nobody argued about a 61-year old’s physical limitations lining up against a bunch of guys 40 years his junior.
So what school did you play for again? I don’t really see much difference between any of the guys you describe and the situation before us, other than stepping onto a football field to perform one completely meaningless play. By Mason’s own admission, the lame kick she performed was “designed to fit her skill set.” In other words, she’s not anywhere near the same plane as the rest of Vandy’s kickers so other than being a cheap publicity stunt, I’m not seeing where your comments concerning merit or skills are applicable to this situation whatsoever. If the standard is stepping on the field for one meaningless play where the outcome of the game was never in question and recording no other stats, I don’t see why any of the guys you described couldn’t also accomplish that feat.
If you’re going to go nuts over this, then give the rest of the Vanderbilt team their participation trophies.
What did she “do?” Why is it that if something completely innocuous which in no way affected the 41-0 outcome of this game is suddenly awesome simply because it was done by a woman?
They don’t abandon them, like most things, they just apply a double standard. It’s totally okay for women to have their own sports but not men.
Of course resident liberal douchebag Paul Finebaum is getting raging semi over this. Maybe they’ll let me suit up next week since kicking the ball well clearly doesn’t appear to be a prerequisite.
Despite your “equality” boner, this isn’t even comparable to what Rudy did. He sacked the QB. She executed one awful kick. And at least he had to take hits every day from the scholarship players for two years.
LOL. I love how lefties get hard-ons for these contrived publicity stunts. Nobody’s “triggered.” In case you missed it, she didn’t do anything. Nothing. The team lost by 41 points. It’s truly amazing how low the bar is for you people. But I’m all for this experiment. Maybe you can get the javelin thrower on the women’s track and field team to suit up next week at QB. Let’s end the argument once and for all since you idealists are so confident in the results. Maybe after that we can go back to talking about real football.
You’re comparing playing men’s sports to something like the ability to become a doctor, which is just idiotic. Separating genders in sports is just common sense. Instead you’ve turned it into yet another feminist diatribe. Yet I’m somehow guessing you don’t want men taking the softball field with women, because, you know, all of the things I just said. Always a double standard with the feminists. It’s funny, nature and science don’t care about your idealized vision of gender equality.
Seriously name one sport, any sport, where the women would beat the men? Swimming? No. Track? No. Ever come across a woman who can throw a 90 mile an hour fastball? No. Maybe gymnastics because the sport is also largely upon critique. But even then, it’s not an apples to apples comparison when you consider that the women don’t do the rings. That said, I don’t mean that to disparage the women. Viewing them separately from the men doesn’t demean what they do, it just takes into account actual common sense and physiological differences between genders.
And yet here you are showering praise on them when most of us are capable of understanding that the only “history” that matters in this business is the history that gets recorded in the win column. But hey, why would that surprise me? You follow a team who almost almost lost to a hapless Vanderbilt team whose only on-field excitement was this staged publicity stunt. Be honest with yourself. Does this happen if Vanderbilt isn’t a complete and utter tire fire on the field this year? Maybe Bama ought to try it out next week...oh, wait...
You should consult Webster’s dictionary for the definition of “capable,” because it isn’t failing epically at something but receiving praise because you are a woman and the media has made you the face of a misguided civil rights movement. Do you think a woman could play linebacker or quarterback? Or are you in fact going to realIze the physiological differences between women and men and drop the woke nonsense? I suppose third option, you could tell an outright lie and say that you do. Are you outraged when a man hits a woman? Why? If there are no physical differences between genders, then that situation would seem to be the equivalent of two men engaging in a physical altercation which ordinarily would warrant no special attention.
There’s the pot calling the kettle black. Don’t you have a BLM rally to get to, or did the Taco Bell make you work second shift tonight?
Well, we know she‘d kick yours. I imagine you have to be pretty weak from your last hunger strike.
Now human physiological differences are misogynistic. God, you’re an idiot.
No, moron, we’re just stating facts. I thought liberals were supposedly such staunch believers in science, yet you ignore the incredibly obvious limitations of human physiology. But, why am I surprised to see a liberal equating what, by objective standards, was a failure? To you, you can be absolutely terrible at something but as long as you’re either a woman or a minority, you get accolades for being a civil rights hero, especially if you can claim you were the “first [woman/minority group]” to do something. I don’t even know why this has become another one your causes anyway. As per usual, your misguided civil rights crusade aims to ignore gender differences when convenient. Would you feel the same way if Lebron James suited up in an LA Sparks uniform and scored 100 points a night using a mini ball and a high school 3PT line? He’d be the first man, so sounds like a trailblazer. Ironically, you liberals are too intellectually challenged to realize the hole you’ve dug. Unfortunately for you, the law doesn’t really see your double standards the same way. Now that gender is a “fluid concept,” legally speaking, going to pretty hard to maintain gender as a protected class when you can’t define specifically who makes up said class.
Eddie the Eagle “made history” too. Unfortunately it wasn’t the type of history worthy of boasting about.
What is a disservice is all of these liberals turning sports into a misguided statement on civil rights by ignoring the physiological differences that exist between women and men (of course only informing them when convenient) and will continue to exist no matter how many angry feminazis scream “I am woman.” I thought “diversity” was all about celebrating our differences and uniqueness. Oh, right, not really, that’s just what they told us. Apologies for being crass, and no disrespect to anyone with special needs, but what’s next? Are they going to trot out some kid with cerebral palsy to play linebacker?
Let her play QB. After she takes a few hits, I imagine it will be similar to Adam Sandler’s reaction to why Brucie can’t play quarterback- “yeah, that’s why.” But hey, since we obviously have to let women play football in order to be woke, why don’t we start letting men play women’s sports? I’m sure there’s a million guys out there who didn’t have the talent to make a D1 basketball roster who would love the opportunity to dominate a bunch of women playing with a tiny ball and a high school 3PT line. Since gender is now a fluid concept, not sure what would stop them.
Ever wonder why Memphis is known for all the “musicians” sitting on their mangy @ss all day begging for tips so they can go down to the crack house?
Don’t worry guys, nobody in TN gives two sh*ts how this loser votes. No matter what happens, he’ll still be in his squalid Memphis crack den trying to get away from the gangbangers. BLM!
This guy is going to kill himself if this prediction turns out the same way it did 4 years ago. Can you put it on live so we can all watch?
Says Walmart vol fan who, MAYBE went to TSU if he was lucky. That’s where all the other tards in TN go when they have nowhere else to go.
And if you want to talk about us whites who are willing to watch b lacks play football, let’s run it both ways. Fine, we won’t watch. Where will you be when there’s nobody to spend money or time watching the only thing that any of these clowns will ever be good at besides dealing drugs?
You claiming anything is a “PC move”...that’s rich. The BLM animals and everyone who supports them is the epitome of “PC move.” If you want to support Black Lies Matter, why don’t you go to TSU?
You’re a f*cking idiot. If you believed in equality as you say you do, you’d stop blowing criminals like Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Jacob Blake. And who could forget this clown in DC who was evading the cops and then ran his moped into oncoming traffic. I forgot, equality means not having to answer for your crimes. Typical. Let’s talk about dignity and respect. Look at Memphis, place has been run by b lack democrats for what, 40 years and yet the schools are sh*t , crime and drugs are rampant and the people don’t have any of that respect to which you seem to refer to when it comes to themselves, others, or their property. But keep blaming everyone else for your shortcomings you moron.