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This is year in year out you choose these teams.....except UGA that we will lose all of them and its never the case. LSU isn't anything and A&M always chokes on State. Your analysis is very lazy
Hopefully a few of you can tag along with us to omaha :)
LMAO state is losers when we didn't really need a bunch of Wr's? We have 8 4 star receivers on roster...... This ginger is a joke
Yeah he is having an affair with an assistant..... a hot assistant. I wish I could post the picture
KY is as high as it will ever be. This is the ceiling. weak schedules are yall best friend
forgot to mention the transfer from coastal carolina who hits at 94%
so all together you have about 8 that will play every game. Then you have developmental guys. I think you are wrong there buddy. Mike keeps them rotating in and out.
Who would want to recruit him? He missed everthing and was a walk on.
Dude was a true freshman last year..... do some research. He was a very sought after recruit in high school. Hes a freshman............
Bro look at their ratings.....they arent going to alabama........
The guys are rated like 85's....... not very sought after prospects
They said they had a bad camp. And after their bad camp they didn't show back up. State has been leaning another direction for a couple of months now.
Well you're obviously stupid and its obvious because you get your state news from Saturdays down south but hes actually a 4 star. do your research before you post dumb $hi+
your program has been more embarrassing than kentucky........ sit down
first of all..... Memphis has a better offense than LSU. alot of those came off terrible calls and a pick 6 so theres that. LSU sucks right now with no O-line so
The fact you think LSU will put that much up on states defense tells me everything I need to know
Your team is on upset alert every week............... hope you're ready next week
So its the first time I've heard Mike to well about the team. He said every aspect has improved and its flowing like water. I think this team is going to surprise you guys. Or atleast Im hoping. Best of luck to the rest of yall
We are signing two 4 star DLS. Zxavian Harris and Trevion Williams. What other questions you got Kev?