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xiLoveMyDawgsx you have got to be the most cringe poster on all of SDS......even more so than the writers. Take your thug ass back across the shrubs
uh.........before last year when was the last time Georgia had a chance to win a national title......... your comments on everything is getting on my dam nerves
You have no idea what you are talking about.......Plus you're a Vandy fan and I wouldnt expect you to with that logo.
So......Miss state behind all those guys................. this is going to change very abruptly by week 2.
As a humble state fan there is a lot of mysteries revolving around the program, especially in offense. We have a whole new defensive staff and of course the "Dak generation" is over. But our qb possibilities are deeper than most in the whole NCAA. Our running game is questionable but will be there if one those guys can step up. We may not have a break out year but within 2 years max we will probably be better than the past two years. Just my opinion
I swear to God........... BAMA.........STFU. you cant comment on anything without talking s#@!. "Every time I smack my wife in the mouth, I yell Roll Tide."
I might be a state fan but I am realistic. Remember last year when we weren't projected to do anything........... these predictions are so bogus. You can do that all day long in like the ACC or pac 12 but not the sec. That's why I love this conference bc you never know whats going to happen. and btw...........more hype..........more likely to choke under pressure...................
Ole miss has a stellar defense coming in and the offense still has that new car smell. Who knows they might surprise us. Mississippi states only questions are the defense. can the "returning" guys who start this year step up as leaders and prevent that ball from rolling. I think ole miss and miss state will be a surprising factor in the SEC this year. Hailstate
I can say that Arkansas has been praised the most by Mississippi state. Nothing but positive remarks have been said about your school..............but I guess youre that one douche bag group every school has. Or you might just be a fan and not have went to school there because your spelling concurs that............
and talking about miss state being cocky......Bama fans are the most cocky and annoying fan base there is. We may be proud of our school but we aren't arrogant like ol' bama is. "Every time I smack my wife in the mouth, I yell Roll Tide." You may beat us this year, we may beat you......but I know who is going to be more butt hurt when it does happen :)
I am a miss state fan. Yes some of our fans got a little trigger happy this offseason. They are just proud of what was accomplished last year. But I am humble and will not go towards being cocky. Going into a season you never know what your team or any other of that matter will accomplish. This is the SEC and this is why its the most loved conference in the nation. You never know what upsets could take place and who will beat who. I will be cheering for my bulldogs at davis wade stadium this year that's for a fact.