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That last game though hahahahahahahaha I doubt that happens
You are obviously smoking crack.....very very good the rich mans crack. How in the hell do we beat LSU lose to Ole miss and also finally get beaten by texas A&M when they are expected to take a step back this year. put the brillo pad and pipe down brokowski
I just love how since you guys got dan mullen back you act like you know everything about Miss state. Congrats you surpassed Alabama in most irritating fan base
I keep up with how they interact on social media and it seems that the team really is welcoming TS. I do believe he will be the starter. He looks and throws like the better player imo
You must be clinically retarded...... How can you judge a coach who has the wrong roster. Get out of here with that Bull$hit
Must be nice to be a sports writer and smoke dope all day ha
2019 SE Camry......I sell em......Wish he knew who i was hahahahaha
I believe whoever the better qb is plays the qb position. If thats Stevens then so be it. KT will still play
Sure.......... Texas A&M.............wide margin.......pulling it out your ass now huh
Wow, if I had the work ethic like Adam I would be unemployed. Talk about half a$$ing your job. Way to go I'm sure you're doing just fine in life
I like what I'm seeing Joe. Supposedly there is a DL Transfer about to sign too.......we shall see
Talk that smack but its been back and forth for the past few years. like 5.
We need different players to recruit besides DL's or DE's
if you think tommy is coming all the way down here in his last season of eligibility to compete for a job you are sadly mistaken. He will be the starting qb. KT will transfer and Shrader will be the guy next year. and also tommy is going to make the WR's better. this is a great thing
He about got his a$$ whooped by a few people during the egg bowl lmao this dude is a joke
Wow you are still on the Simmons kick. Thats all you got and ever since he arrived on campus he has been nothing but class. Atleast he wasn't falling out of windows