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We are signing two 4 star DLS. Zxavian Harris and Trevion Williams. What other questions you got Kev?
Lemonis is an absolute Dumb A$$. The shifts were stupid he didn't even put in a proven pitcher and his lineups as of late are with people with the lowest BA's. Not a fan of Chris
You're articles are absolutely inaccurate and lazy. Shows you know nothing about your article topics. Ever heard of Teddy Knox? These guys literally sit at home eating hotpockets and come up with crappy headlines to get you to click.
You're an idiot if you read into this click bait title. Mike isn't getting this guy to come in and take Will or Sawyers job. This guy is here just to play football somewhere as a walk on. Sydney did his job for the click bait. If you want real State football news, please go to at 24/7 sports
Dudes going to state hate to tell you. Teddy Knox is a good friend of his and Teddy signed with us.....
Mississippi State and Mike Leach welcomes you hahahaha
This dude said miss state has lost to Kentucky the past 2 years...... like I’ll trust predictions from a guy who doesn’t keep up with football
Please show yourself the door. State fans don't need your negativity.
Shrader won’t start. KJ Costello will be the qb but I guess you don’t like to really write about Mississippi state so you decide not to keep up with it.
Goes to show you guys have no idea what you’re talking about. KJ Costello just had a visit this weekend....he’s more than likely transferring here. This other dude hasn’t even been mentioned. You guys suck
Dude wasn’t gonna play anyway.......make that room for another grad transfer my dude. We both benefit. Stanford qb, Oklahoma lb, and maybe Clemson WR?? Come on
saw him in the Mississippi Alabama all star game.......hes not that good. He will be a back up fosho
dude did it on live tv to disrespect the fans. get out of here
dude stfu its a rivalry. what team is yours thats a frog???
2 of the dumpster programs in the west in a "face off"......... it must suck to be an ole piss fan
I live in mobile......its a terrible thing to hear about. Cant take your family out anywhere