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He about got his a$$ whooped by a few people during the egg bowl lmao this dude is a joke
Wow you are still on the Simmons kick. Thats all you got and ever since he arrived on campus he has been nothing but class. Atleast he wasn't falling out of windows
I like how he delivers the ball, but shrader has better stature. Hes built better but this kid is good. I've seen him in hattiesburg
actually no. We had a bad qb. If Keyton or Shrader get coached up to make big boy throws then we might be in a conversation.
His playbook is RPO's. It all sits in the QB's hands and Fitz didn't have hands only feet. Granted I was disappointed but I'll give him next year to see if he can coach KT into a throwing QB instead of a running one. Garret Shrader should be great but he has to be able to coach. Yesterday i saw way too many penalties that fell on him. He should have had his team solid mentally and he didn't have them in the right mind. I hope next year he can open the play book
Mississippi State knows this chump pretty well...... this is honestly a joke. And he isnt even a good coach
The fact that you think Iowa can score 24 on Miss state when their key players particularly TE are not playing and they are playing a mississippi state defense? People from the east are a different breed
everyone makes mistakes but he definitely led by example after his mistakes. I wish this guy the best and he will be forever remembered in "The Family". Best of luck and cant wait to see you one last time in maroon
Too bad the old man was a P.O.S and was terrible for this nation. #Trump
You have more things that need to be addressed (saban ref pay roll) rather than an instate football game that gets heated every year. Lets focus on the real issues which are refs making terrible calls.
pretty bad when your AD is calling black guys thugs because they are celebrating. Ole miss is just all around bad everywhere and its gonna be that way for the next 4-5 years. I almost feel bad for ole miss fans but then I remember last year and the stunts they pulled. I think that just gave coach a taste of the hate between us and I see next years egg bowl in starkville getting very interesting. I hope he can run the score up on them and not be modest like he did this game
You landed a 3 star in state recruit that plays at jackson academy and plays nothing but white boys...... way to go black bears