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Dude wasn’t gonna play anyway.......make that room for another grad transfer my dude. We both benefit. Stanford qb, Oklahoma lb, and maybe Clemson WR?? Come on
saw him in the Mississippi Alabama all star game.......hes not that good. He will be a back up fosho
dude did it on live tv to disrespect the fans. get out of here
dude stfu its a rivalry. what team is yours thats a frog???
2 of the dumpster programs in the west in a "face off"......... it must suck to be an ole piss fan
I live in mobile......its a terrible thing to hear about. Cant take your family out anywhere
did you really just put go and stop together....... again you proved my point.
Youre a F.cking retard. he wasn't a two star he was a three star and ULL has a better team this year. please go F#@$ yourself
evidently you're behind the times......KT did transfer and he did get the shaft because somebody is better and has been molded to run this offense. and im sure its not about race.................... those are the same people who say "not my president"
Hey Joe Cox......Youre a B!tch.....on behalf of all Miss state fans
okay dumba$$ we owned up to it before they knew about it. you were caught and tried to fight it.
how sure are you on that? I heard 2 were important players on depth and the other 8 were really 3 or 4 deep players. and I hope you arent a pos troll
That last game though hahahahahahahaha I doubt that happens
You are obviously smoking crack.....very very good the rich mans crack. How in the hell do we beat LSU lose to Ole miss and also finally get beaten by texas A&M when they are expected to take a step back this year. put the brillo pad and pipe down brokowski
I just love how since you guys got dan mullen back you act like you know everything about Miss state. Congrats you surpassed Alabama in most irritating fan base
I keep up with how they interact on social media and it seems that the team really is welcoming TS. I do believe he will be the starter. He looks and throws like the better player imo
You must be clinically retarded...... How can you judge a coach who has the wrong roster. Get out of here with that Bull$hit
Must be nice to be a sports writer and smoke dope all day ha