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Recruits go to OM to fall out of windows and to become busts in the NFL. If you are throwing out we are paying them to commit early you're wrong and a hypocrite. Travaris Banks was paid by OM to commit. Aarghmebooty is the epitome of rent free. Get a life
There’s 4 stars all over Mississippi States roster. He’s heavy vandy because education has a very big part in all of this. Kid is super smart
Shows what you know. We beat bama on him because his coach is very much a mississippi state guy. He has 2 old team mates/buddies who are contributors for Mississippi State. David Turner is going to put him on an NFL graphic like all the others he put in the league.
Will Rogers gets no respect and has broken the amount of records he has broke……… typical
You’re a moron. It was 1st team on 1st team and 2nd team on 2nd team. You don’t proof read anything
Great great grab. Now David Turner needs to go make a statement and get Kamarion Franklin in the boat. Number 1 player in Mississippi with a 97 composite rating
Lemonis needs to go sit down with Jans to get some pointers from a stud coach
Foxhall needs to be fired and KC Hunt shouldn't be in the SEC. And I think Foxhall has alot to do with that. Tepper couldn't throw a strike last year to save his moms life. He pitched for liberty this past weekend against USM and was a stud who pounded the strike zone. What changed? I can tell you...... the pitching coach
Ole Miss and Mississippi state are ranked way too low. We literally hate each other. Baseball, football, basketball, and dominos are heated every year. Theres no way Kentucky and Louisville are ranked higher. Who actually cares to watch that
Congrats on your portal prince who lost the second half of his schedule with his portal plan. Idk what site you use to rank players but state has a studded up class lol. Have fun with another L this year in baseball and football once again little man. You’re little 9 mil porter prince is gonna have to look elsewhere with Arnette taking over Mississippi
How stupid are you ^^^ We have all the talent coming back. 9-10 wins and a sugar bowl are the expectation DA
He adapts to his personnel. If we have receivers who can catch contested ball then we are going to sling it around and woody is going to have a 200 yard game
Lmao no people……incorrect. The fan base is voicing its distaste for that hire. Doesn’t make a lick of sense with the personnel. Please don’t put false information out there. SDS is pathetic
Why in the heck would we take him? He’s very respected but that’s an usual fit of scheme and interest? We need a modernized air raid?
Dude go on somewhere. It’s amazing how it’s only ole miss people who troll…… get a life. Enjoy your bowl wi…….oh wait
They did it because other coaches are trying to convince our players to go to the portal while they are grieving the death of their coach. That’s also sad in itself and there is someone right now investigating to put the coaches on blast.
This kid was legit in high school. This is huge
He has to get that job. If he doesn't and they bring someone else in, he is going to clean house I'm assuming. You do that and you lose those players. Not only will they have to deal with their coach's death, they will have to say goodbye to the rest of their coaches and warm up to a new guy. Transfer portal will be stacked then. I don't see how in any way that works out as an advantage.
More than his interviews, his offense was even better to watch. Even building his brand at state and watching those guys figure it out, It was amazing and fun to watch
Hes going to be the captain of the tampa bay pirate ship with CANNONS! Letting yall know I cried this morning and I'm probably crying Jan 2
great read. It doesn't feel real. I shed a tear to work this morning and I'm still fighting back going into the dumps about this situation. He was a walking masterpiece of a man. I'm going to tell you Leach not only do I miss you, but heck I love ya. Really wanted the opportunity to meet him.
Did you watch any of the games? yeah the ole miss game was one where the defense had to do what it did for us to win the game but thats the only one..... go finger your butthole