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Yet he associates with trump who has not a trace of either.
Every living former UGA HFB coach has either stayed or moved back to Athens. Speaks volumes to the greatness of Athens.
Didn't they say the same things last year??? Fool me once...
Kirby will respond in the same as when Fromm thru 3 or 4 int against SC in 2019. What Kirby won’t do is make excuses and or throw his players under the buss like mullin does.
Funny how the Miami Herald reported this a week ago from a UM source. Smells like tampering to me.
Seeing bobo on auburn’s sideline is going to sting.
You're Welcome!!!!!! It's absolutely shocking that either one of them won, much less both of them.
Smart’s mistake was not allowing fields to run more of the offense & play more.
This year it doesn’t matter who the 3 & 4 seeds are. They will get embarrassed by bama & clemson. That being said I’ll love seeing OSU & ND get embarrassed, again.
Glass Joe. Didn’t he do the same thing at bama?
I’m with you. It took Saban 7-9 years to win an NC.
Here’s another take on “The Big Picture” Since 2 & 27 UGA has taken at least a half step back every season. 2017- 1 regular season lose, SEC Title & OT lose in title game. 2018- 1 regular season lose, close lose in SECCG & no playoff bid. 2019- 1 regular season lose, blown out in SECC & no playoff. 2020- 2 regular season loses & no SECCG. Circumstances withstanding this is a trend.
I’m not near as hopefully of a UGA win in j,ville today as I was before the uk game. Defense got decimated with injuries and that was before Leconte crash his motorcycle. UGA will need gators to shoot themselves in the foot (repeatedly?) to beat uf, IMHO.
I don’t need to watch the game to know Mizzou v. bama/ uf comparison is a ridiculous argument to make for bama v. uf in the SECC game. Bama wins that game 8 out of 10 times, and BTW UGA fairs worse.
The hindsight of the Fields transfer is ridiculous. If you had any kind of memory you would recall that Fromm nearly led his team to an NC as a true freshman and played just as well as a sophomore. Smart mishandled the Fields situation, but to say he didn't develop him is just wrong. He should have given him more meaningful snaps and allowed him to run more of the offense, IE throw the ball. But Fields was delusional to think he could take Fromm's job as a freshman.
He'll leave that kinda stuff to Mullen. No sense giving Bama bulletin board material.
That’s rich coming from a gator fan. But to answer your question, he’s delivering better than Mullen.
You can lead them to water but you can’t make them drink, nor can you drown them. If this is true why would he return for his Sr year? Staying in school seems to be the opposite action of who they’re describing.
Ef the heisman. I haven’t paid attention to it since Peyton lost & I’m a Dawg fan. Champ getting ignored reaffirmed by dismissal. It is and has always been a popularity contest pure and simple.
UGA is 16th ranked public university. What’s Miss St ranked you ask? 101st. And dead last academically in the SEC.
Geaux Long I know math is hard but try to keep up. Coach O was HC at Ole Miss for 3 years. Meaning he won the NC in his 6th season as HC. Saban won his 1st NC in his 10th year as a HC.
And the number 1 moment of the decade is the worst memory for every dawg fan. Thanks for that, my PTSD appreciates it. #dawglife
Alright now don’t talk trash about Blankenship! The kid only missed 4 FGs this year on 28 attempts and 2 of them were against SC. If having a bad day causes you to lose respect for someone you respect no one. #respectthespecs
Why would any of these coaches leave their current job for Ole Miss? It would make better sense to wait for another opening before dealing with Ole Miss’s unrealistic expectations. Same goes for Auburn.
Orgeron was in a much better position to win yr 1 as compared to what Saban and Dabo inherited. Saturday isn’t going to change my opinion. LSU is on a hellva roll this year. Much like AU with Cam and Chizik was in 2010. What will change my opinion is keeping LSU at this level every yr.
Serious question about Orgeron as a HC. Who would have guessed that Orgeron would lead LSU to the cusp of a natty? I honestly don’t take Coach O seriously, so maybe I’m wrong. I just don’t see him as a top shelf coach. He won 3 SEC games at Ole Miss in 3 yrs & he was the 5th choice of LSU & the fanbase wasn’t exactly excited about the hire. IF LSU wins the natty is there another coach with a national championship that was completely undeserving of the accolade more than Coach O? Yes he spanked Kirby last yr but that in itself doesn’t make him a great coach.