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USC will pay as much as SEC schools, as good recruiting footprint, USC will be satisfied with a return to respectability as opposed to the SEC gauntlet with Natty or bust expectations and an easier PAC10 path to playoffs. Also the Lincolns (the Mrs.) might prefer LA to Baton Rouge or Norman.
8-4 is a great year? Really?? 8-4??? Is that the gator standard we keep hearing about? Mullen gave you Stockholm Syndrome.
You’ve been reduced to Ga Tech fan. LMAO
Looks like I have to pull for UF the next couple of weeks.
Mullen can't lead a bigtime cfb program. He doesn't have the leadership skills or the character required to withstand the pressure. It's not his fault though he learned everything he knows or doesn't from Meyer.
I used to think this was some kind of twisted sarcasm schtick, but no that’s not what’s going on here. You’re that crazy homeless person screaming at ghosts on the street corner but with an internet connection. BTW nobody reads your posts.
The joy this brings me is immeasurable. I hope Mullen stays forever.
Same to you and Mullen's moral victories in lieu of actual victories.
good thing smart can't gameday coach. Imagine the score if he could. 1980 is all you got so cling to it while you cry yourself to sleep.
The joy this brings me is immeasurable. I hope Mullen stays forever.
Great day to be a dawg. We blow out #8 Ark, UF Tech and ND lose. My teams went 4-0 today. Wonder how Mullen turns this loss into a moral victory.
Hey gators you only lost by 7 AT KENTUCKY. That’s a moral victory if there ever was one. Maybe y’all will see them again. Prolly only lose by 3 next time.
Came for the Joey Freshwater jokes & there’s only 1. There is no justice.
Yet he associates with trump who has not a trace of either.
Every living former UGA HFB coach has either stayed or moved back to Athens. Speaks volumes to the greatness of Athens.
Didn't they say the same things last year??? Fool me once...
Kirby will respond in the same as when Fromm thru 3 or 4 int against SC in 2019. What Kirby won’t do is make excuses and or throw his players under the buss like mullin does.
Funny how the Miami Herald reported this a week ago from a UM source. Smells like tampering to me.
Seeing bobo on auburn’s sideline is going to sting.
You're Welcome!!!!!! It's absolutely shocking that either one of them won, much less both of them.
Smart’s mistake was not allowing fields to run more of the offense & play more.
This year it doesn’t matter who the 3 & 4 seeds are. They will get embarrassed by bama & clemson. That being said I’ll love seeing OSU & ND get embarrassed, again.
Glass Joe. Didn’t he do the same thing at bama?
I’m with you. It took Saban 7-9 years to win an NC.
Here’s another take on “The Big Picture” Since 2 & 27 UGA has taken at least a half step back every season. 2017- 1 regular season lose, SEC Title & OT lose in title game. 2018- 1 regular season lose, close lose in SECCG & no playoff bid. 2019- 1 regular season lose, blown out in SECC & no playoff. 2020- 2 regular season loses & no SECCG. Circumstances withstanding this is a trend.
I’m not near as hopefully of a UGA win in j,ville today as I was before the uk game. Defense got decimated with injuries and that was before Leconte crash his motorcycle. UGA will need gators to shoot themselves in the foot (repeatedly?) to beat uf, IMHO.