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I hate to miss that game, but Mullen's a deal-breaker.
Maybe play calling was vanilla because of the opponent. They should have been able to bully UTM at the LoS but that wasn’t the case.
The game I hope you're wrong about is Florida. I root for 2 teams, The Dawgs and whoever plays UF. Let's go Utues!
I don't think UGA 3-peats but it won't be because of Bobo. It'll be 1 the other 10ish reasons. Then again I didn't think they'd repeat either so...
Did Dont’e Thornton play against UGA last year? I don’t remember him.
Sankey should give every team that voted against playing 9 because of their 3 permanent opponents the hardest schedule he can create.
The last time Urban was coaching in the SEC he had to retire because his brittle heart couldn't take it. The SEC is more competitive now. I don't see how it doesn't kill him if he comes back... so... yeah, let's go Urban!
Very sad but I'm not surprised that alcohol was a factor. I wonder if accidents and more serious traffic charges like racing are going to become more of a problem in the age of NIL. These "kids" have access to money that can buy seriously powerful vehicles that they aren't ready for or aren't mature enough to have.
The falcons have shown time and again that they aren't interested in UGA players and why would you wish that on a DGD anyway?
Alternate headline: Former Mediocre QB & Radio Host Once Again Seeks Relevance.
I feel for OSU. Their lose reminds me of some dawg loses to bama. D@mn it’s nice to be on the winning side of a heartbreaker. GO DAWGS!
The 5th team to repeat in 43 years and the 2nd team to go 15-0 and win the playoff as a #1 is historical.
Injuries are part of the game. If Bama would have played to their potential all year IE blown out or even won comfortably they would have developed wr depth. Instead, they had to keep the stars in all season. You can't sign 15 top 3 recruiting classes in a row and then blame 2 injuries for a loss.
Smart bet on Cubelic part. I pray the dawgs can pull it off but history says otherwise. The only team to go 15-0 as a #1 seed is '19 LSU. Bama was last to repeat in '11-12.
Maybe falling to #2 will wake the dawgs up & get them to play to the potential they showed in 3 games this season.
Bama has skewed what a cfb dynasty looks like. That being said, I think 4 years of being in the hunt & winning 2 nattys or repeating this yr and playing for it next year is where we can start calling it a dynasty.
Watching Hooker go down was super sad. I hate it for the guy. Get well soon.
You should worry more about Heupel staying at ut & not bolting for his Alma mater than trying (& failing) to troll UGA fans.
By halftime UGA knew ut couldn’t score on them & wanted to minimize the risk of turnovers in the rain. Also please try to remember the only stat that matters is the score.
I have it from 2 reliable sources (logic & reasoning) that that’s not why he decomitted.
Before Bama a dynasty was 5 years max. IF it’s over they had an unbelievable run but I’ll need more evidence before I believe it.
Yeah I agree. With the rain the game became take care of the football, milk the clock & minimize a shift in momentum. Tenn just stacked the box knowing SBIV wasn’t going to throw it.