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This coach is certainly welcome to his opinion. If he is going to criticize someone in public, maybe he should know we are not a democracy. We are a representative republic.
This is ridiculous behavior. That said, how was is pre-planned? Classless, sure. Pre-planned? Is it your insinuation a couple of idiots said to each other, "Hey. I have a good idea. If an Aggie gets tossed from the game, let's throw cans of Skoal at him"? Even asking the question seems laughable. What is troubling, is you might actually be correct.
Never be the guy that follows the legend. Always be the guy that follows the guy that follows the legend. Why would anyone take over that job immediately after Saban leaves, and think he can sustain this level of success? It is doubtful, not impossible, yet doubtful.
No Kentucky vs. Louisville, Florida vs. FSU or S.Carolina vs. Clemson either. Hopefully you are being a bit facetious. It looks to me like Mr. Garcia is simply listing non-traditional out of conference games.
I figure this one was pretty simple: win more games!
Unless Sir Charles is on the committee, he cannot admit what they have decided. He can believe, he can assume, he can give his perspective, yet he cannot "admit" anything. The headline is deceiving.