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Either Auburn will get them or we will this year. They won't be near as good as they were last year.
The reality now is you have to recruit multiple QB's within a year or 2 of each other, find the one that performs the best within your system, give him the job, and then watch the rest of them transfer
This guy clearly doesn't follow the East very closely. UGA, UT, UF, USC or UK could win the east next season and heck you could even make the argument that Mizzou or Vandy could. There are waaaayyyy to many unknown's for anyone to make this kind of assessment right now on Smart. Now, on paper yes UGA is the best team on paper but Florida is in my opinion a QB away from being a very good team, UT has a few people that need to step up but if they do they will be a good team, USC has some new talent coming in as well as a lot of talent returning on both sides of the ball and so does UK. Mizzou with a fixed defense could be pretty good and who knows what Derek Mason is putting in the water at Vandy but has everyone forgotten the beat down they put on Ole Miss last season? Tennessee? This guy's mouth is writing checks his brain can't cash.
Your right there are some obnoxious Ole Miss fans on here but I'm sure they don't represent the entire fan base. The fans that act like they have some sense are the ones I feel sorry for.
I agree with a lot of your points here but I'm pretty sure Freeze is going to get the axe.
Might be able to get Kiffin after Freeze is inevitably canned.
I feel bad for the university and the fans of Ole Miss, they are going to have to watch their football program get ripped apart (pardon the Butch Jones reference) brick by brick because of the actions of a few people within the program. All of the self imposed sanctions won't be enough. They won't get the death penalty but make no mistake this is going to hurt.
I think the magic number for Muschamp this year is 8. If he can get 8 wins this season he's showing definite improvement and it'll also help out on the recruiting trail. Considering the size of the rebuild he signed up for if he can get to 8 wins he needs to be in the coach of the year discussion.
Outdated info. Plus the only other school he is considering right now besides USC and Clemson is Bama. He's already said that USC is his dream school and the only reason he is holding back on committing is because of the state of the program after Coach Spurrier left. If USC shows improvement this season I think he's wearing garnet and black this time next season.
I'd say that South Carolina should be more concerned with our offensive and defensive line play along with team speed this season. You can point to those three things and find out why we lost the games we did last season.
I don't think English gets drafted but I do think he has a better shot than Zandi. Both will probably get signed as undrafted free agents
With the talent coming back on Alabama's offense it won't matter who is calling the plays they will be successful. All he has to do is call RPO after RPO with Hurd and he'll put enough points up to be competitive.
Register may end up having the best stats at the end of his career if Kurt Roper stays and gets his offense up and running. Roper loves to use the tight end and Register is a younger version of Hayden Hurst who will be playing on Sundays here soon.
Honestly I would take Cook and Fournette and rank them 1A and 1B. Fournette makes his money toting the rock. He is a more traditional style ball carrier while Cook is more suited for today's pass heavy offenses and is a legitimate weapon out of the back field. If Cook gets taken first it will be for a team that is scheming more for a pass catching back and if LF I taken first it will be for a more ground and pound scheme.
The writers responding and the comment section are the main reasons I still use this site. I may not agree with the writers opinions all of the time but it sure does make for interesting reading.
I doubt it. Injured players get combine invites all the time and he would have at least been able to do the interviews which would have been a big deal for him.
May just mean he's stepping away for the spring due to some family issues or something like that. Whatever it is I hope he gets it handled and gets back out on the field, he's to talented not to be playing on Sundays here in a year or so.
The only one of those home games I would be comfortable with if I was you is Vandy....maybe Tennessee
That said he will be drafted. He just has to much upside to let him slide. He will probably be a second or third rounder to a team like the Patriots. This seems like such a Belichick move.