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Kendrick was a corner - Starks, safety. Probably not the best straight up comparison.
Gotta disagree with the comment that SC had the best passing defense. Lazy read of statistics. They gave up the least amount of yards per game - true. But UGA gave up 5.6 YPA (1st in SEC), SC 7.0 (6th in SEC). UGA had a defensive passing efficiency of 103.4 (1st in SEC), SC 123.86 (4th in SEC). The reason SC gave up 8 yds less per game than UGA is SC was seeing 8 less pass attempts per game (25.8 to 33.8). Why? Teams were having success running the ball. Georgia gave up 2.56 YPC (1st in SEC & 2nd nationally). SC gave up 4.60 YPC, which was only better than Vandy & Mizzou in the SEC, and 102nd nationally.
And piggybacking off that. Here's out they stack up when calculating offensive and defensive YPP differential. Georgia 3.22 Ohio St. 2.99 Cincinnati 2.45 Alabama 2.07 Michigan 1.61 Oklahoma 1.29 OK St. 1.20 Notre Dame 0.87
Or you could use the better metric - yards per play: #1 – Ohio St. #4 – Oklahoma #6 – Georgia #7 – Alabama #11 – Cincinnati #38 – Michigan #56 – Notre Dame #83 – Oklahoma St.
You must have looked up Auburn, CA. Distance from Auburn, AL to Boise is 2,200 miles.
I think the simple way to say it is that you had two players deserving of the award and you can only give it to one (3 if you want to add Hugh Green to the mix). There are a couple of things that Connor left out. One, Walker was out for two games. He hurt his ankle in the first quarter against TCU, then sat out against Ole Miss. How did he come back? By gaining 280+ yards against Vanderbilt in 2 1/2 quarters. Had UGA coaches left him in, I have little doubt he would have broken the NCAA record of 356 yds (at that time). But why would you? He's already been hurt once that year. Too valuable to leave in in a blowout. Considering the above and that he didn't play the 1st quarter against Tennessee, he played in 2 less games than Rogers. Additionally, Walker's famous run aside, Rogers fumbled with a chance to win the game. He did hurt his hand prior and had to come out of the game, but he still fumbled (BTW, he played the following week against the Citadel and ran for 170+ yards). Walker, when given the ball to get a critical first down, did so. It may sound like I'm advocating that Rogers should not have won the Heisman - I'm not. He was a great slashing running back, and he certainly deserved it. But, Walker did, too. And the straight up statistical presentation leaves out a little context.