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Hilarious seeing posts that "UGA wasn't interested". No, they got exposed by losing to a team that lost to Maryland. UGA clearly did not belong in the playoffs. Ha Ha Ha Ha.. SEC SEC SEC O V E R R A T E D
He was not that impressive. He should have redshirted.
I'm glad this never happens in da SEC. Of course they don't test our playas, thez knos bettaaa hahahahahahahahahahahaha SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC
Can we start chanting SEC, SEC, SEC now or do we wait until we are 0-4 next year to start it?
Virtual, you do not know the correct name of a coach in a major NCAA program. Why would anyone think you know anything about a spoiled kid that is a quitter on his teammates?
He doesn't feel safe there with how he was treated for being black.
Scott will beat out Bryant once you learn he can't throw a vertical pass.