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No excuse with replay review. To punish a player for making a great play is killing football.
I can understand the refs calling it, as these are usually bang, bang plays but instant replay officials upholding the call is a joke...Receiver clearly took 3 steps and was popped by a shoulder into the chest and fumbled.
Agree! and after the EKU and especially the MSU game, Charlotte doesn't look like an easy win either!!
I wish the Cat's were a reflection of the Vol's!! Have you watched the Vol's play? The Vol's are one heck of a team to deal with and with Butch, they're only gonna get better.
BBNcatforlife is a freaking moron and apparently knows nothing about the Vol's football and tradition!! Sounds more like a Louisville fan...lmao!!!
Dude WTF is wrong with you? Are you a 7 year old? I love the Cat's too but You do know we're talking about football and not basketball?
With the exception of Derrick Henry running the ball, Alabama's offense is mediocre at best. It's their defense that's playing lights out. If Dobbs can handle the pressure and the receiver's catch the ball, Tennessee could very well pull the upset.
Anyone that knows football, knows that the Vol's are young and a force to be reckoned with. Vol's were blowing out a higher ranked Oklahoma team and because of their youth they took their foot off the gas. Great learning experience for the young'ens.
As with any kid, I hated seeing Mitch get hurt. Orth looked really sharp and impressive passing the ball. If the Gamecocks defense plays 4 quarters of defense like they did in the 2nd half, you guys will be hard to handle.
If UK can gel on offense this could be a fun team to watch this year. Defensively they have a ways to go but a few starters returning to the lineup and some experience for the red-shirt freshman will do wonders.
As an SEC fan, I'm hoping the Vol's lay the smack down on OK., As a football fan, I don't think it's going come that easy.
WHAT??? You do realize you're a KY fan talking crap about another SEC "FOOTBALL" team playing bad right??? Have some class!!!
I don't know about a championship lol...but I got a feeling Dawson's offense gonna shock some folks this year