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Yeah that stuff isn't true. You think he would have slept with Sabans daughter and Saban work with him everyday? Lol. I don't know why people are trying to sell the off the field antics as truth. He isn't a safe hire as a HC. That's just the truth. Especially for a school like Houston where you know he is just using you as a spring board. That's what Houston was worried about. They made it clear they wanted someone who wanted to stay there. Kiffen wouldn't have been that guy.
There is pofoje again. Bless his heart. He wants Kiffen so bad it hurts. Lol. I hope LSU gets him because I can't wait to see who all they blame next year when they are still irrelevant. Bahaha
@Pofok how do you know who is interested in Kiffen. I wish you corndogs would just tell what the real story is. Y'all are so desperate for a little of Saban you can't stand it. Y'all bout to blow a wad hoping Kiffen comes there. I almost hope he does just to see y'all talk about how crappy is is after we continue to beat y'all year in and year out. Ed ?? Wow. Desperate times in corndogs land.
@NcAaviolator. Did you read those stats I shared? Corndogs U athletic program brought in 123 million last year to Alabamas 156. Million. Tell me again how rich y'all are? Get your facts straight before ya spout off . LSU couldn't come close to out bidding Alabama. Alabama may have never outbid LSU buts it's because they have never had to or wanted to.
@Pofok I did the leg work you didn't care to do before running your mouth. Last year your corndogs athletic department brought in a staggering 123 million dollars. Not bad only problem is Alabamas athletic program brought in 156 million. So tell me again how rich and famous your corndogs university is.
NCAA violator so Alabama's offense isn't that much of a juggernaut? Yet their offensive production is in the top 5 in the country. Get your facts straight if ya gonna run that D sucker . how is that LSU offense though? That's the question.
NCaaviolator you're dumb. Look it up Bama brings in way more money in their athletic program than LSU. Your are dumb enough to think the state wealth determines the College. Smh. Typical corndogs. LSU isn't in the same world as Bama in Athletic money. Period. Get real
You are right. I don't think Bama really wants him anymore. I don't think they'd do anything to force him to leave but Saban is really pushing for him to get another job. Where I disagree with you LSU fans is thinking him coming there makes sense. I'm sorry Kiffen isn't going to revive the LsU offense under ED Orgeron. I know y'all have faith but faith is evidence of things not yet seen. I don't care how good of friends they are I want set my friend up for failure and I think Kiffen to LSU would be a laughfest. He will take a head coaching job just like he should and move on.
No you don't realize that most of us Bama fans know that and could careless.. Lol We are just laughing watching you corndogs think he is gonna come there and somehow make y'all relevant again. Bahaha
Yeah, there is a possibility that Kiffen is the new HC of the Cleveland Browns but it's not likely. Your claim for "possibility" is so open ended. Well , yeah there is a possibility but it's highly unlikely that Kiffen will leave Bama for anything less than a HC job. Period. Ya corndogs can keep praying like somehow he was gonna make y'all relevant again which is laughable to me.
I love hearing these corndogs talk about how much sense Kiffen to LSU makes and how Bama fans are crazy if they think this or that. Bama fans know Kiffen is gone this year and hardly any of us are worried that somehow that's going to wreck Bama will make it on without Kiffen. Kiffen isn't bringing LSU back as a couple of you corndogs have hinted to. He is looking for a head coaching job not go to a team (LSU) who couldn't even get their #1 choice for a HC. Kiffen will leave Bama but it will only be for a HC position not LSU OC. Talk about taking a step back on the progress he has made for his name and risking it on LSU actually doing something Nationally with Ed as your coach? Get real corndogs.
Talk about dumb. If you think that game was about Tenn playing vanilla you clearly don't know your rear end from a hole in the ground. Had that Bern the case they would have stopped playing "vanilla" in the 4 th quarter when they were about to lose. Cone up with another excuse. I can promise Bama isn't in the least bit worried about the Vols.
Yes I'd agree , the dumbest thing said in the whole paragraph was Crimson and Cream. Pretty obvious that's not the colors. Also , anyone who knew anything about SEC football would know that wasn't the colors. A Georgia fan should really know Alabamas colors since they've been owned by those colors. Kinda like another team has .... team that starts with a L and ends with a U ... Has a S in the middle.
Well if anyone could understand dull a Tennessee fan could. I mean crimson and white with numbers on the helmet and orange and white with a orange T on the helmet. I'd say they are both pretty boring.
Of course you don't. Your pitiful team can't compete with Bama so your only comeback is to find any event happening involving Alabama and say something. Obviously unable to use football and your teams talent as a way to talk junk you make a comment not only about Lane but Sabans daughter. Just like the AU "family" a bunch of losers
And @ AuburnDawg ... Really?? Bahahahahhaa. An Auburn Georgia fan. That makes a lot of sense. Lol
Well there really isn't a joke but to act like one game (the last game) means the defense has all of a sudden clicked is typical AU optimisim. Kinda like JJ for Heisman or all the other things y'all seem to see that nobody else really does.
So we're most of the fumbles. ?? Two of them were muffed by the returner giving Ole Miss the ball inside their own 20. Y'all won by 6. Don't try to make it more than it was. Ole Miss won but if you think they're better than Bama....well that's why y'all sitting at the house so happy about your sugar bowl championship.
That's what's funny. For ole Miss that's like winning the NC. 10-3 is nothing special. Once again ole Miss hangs its little hat on beating the SEC champ and SEC playoff team. Congrats. Haha
Lol really. Ok. So the blueprint to beat Bama is start the backup QB and have 5 turnovers. Then you can win by 6 points. Lol.. Congrats on beating Bama two years in a row. How big is that trophy?
Another dumb AU fan. I know its been 5 years (and 57 years before that) but just 5 years when your pathetic team was in front of the same prez. What an idiot. Wouldn't expect less from a Barner. What's even funnier is he stated he was glad to be a loser. That's the cow pattie schools problem in Auburn. They don't really want to win anything significant , just want to beat Bama.
Georgia claiming 2016 national CHAMPS already. You'd think they had enough "titles" with the ones from 2015 2014 2013 2012 2010
Hot prospects have been coming to Georgia for years............ Need I say more????
Lol Ga fans at it again. Yeah Kirby Smart is the only reason Alabama has a good defense. Saban has nothing to do with that. Lol.. You silly DAWGS already acting ...well like every other year you're gonna win it all next year cause Kirby is home. Lol. Gonna be fun to watch just like all the other years y'all barked loud with no bite.
My bad you said Stanford. STANFORD??? Really?? Lol come on man.
Ole miss will not win out its sec games so I have to disagree. If Bama wins out they represent the West.
Beat down? Really? Who has TCU and Baylor played that would give anyone a basis to make a claim like you are making. The SEC may be having a down year as a whole but there are at least 2 teams that could hang with anyone in the country. Period
Forced turnovers? Dropping kickoffs. Throwing an ugly int.?? Those were forced.? Lol Give me a break. Just like last year all Ole Miss will have to hang their hat on is beating the team who represents the west in Atlanta