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So by that logic you're saying Ole Miss was as good as that OSU team last year when they beat Bama.
ADB, you mad bro....Vandy dropped that anchor down on that a** huh??? Pretty sure I know what ADB stands for A Dumb B***h, KMA.
No lets say Bama had half their defensive starters two of them all SEC caliber and half their offensive line starters out with injuries and Tennessee had no key injuries probly a much different game. If they were healthy would they have won probly not but it would've been a much different game.
So what were your Gators focused on when they took their butt whooping at Neyland? Oh yeah Tabor's empty smack talk and Jennings ankle breaker move on him for the 6.
You shot your mouth off first and why would the Vols worry about a team they beat that wants to play fewer SEC opponents as their way to weasel in the back door to the CG.
Tennessee got their butts whooped today no doubt but they were missing half their defensive starters would've made it closer but even with them their offense reverted to being predictable running up the middle on 1st and throwing into the flat 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 12, but I promise you they'd be happy as them Cajuns eating Gator tail to play Bama in the SEC Championship especially if they're healthy. Doesn't mean they'd win but as OSU showed 2 years ago that's why you play the game.
Gator2222, nobody said play it in the middle of the storm although all those other schools north of UF where the storm was today did. The reality of it is UF could've made arrangements to move the game to Sunday or Monday early in the week but didn't. In 2005 when Katrina hit Tennessee worked with LSU to go there and play the game. Florida needs to figure it out or it should be a forfeit.
Your Gators had recruits in town, yeah they did, high schoolers in the storm, also not discarding the weather but somehow Duke, NC State, UNC, Wake Forrest and tomorrow USC managed to get their games in...hmmm, UF had options and chose none. If they don't play the game it should be the same as a forfeit loss. BR_Razorback is correct.
7 turnovers and still took it to the final play of double overtime, don't know if the Gators could take it that far or many other teams for that matter. Tennessee owned total yardage almost 100 more, time of possession 5 minutes more and first downs 8 more, they outplayed A&M but not their own mistakes. A&M played a great game but Tennessee gave it to them. They don't quit though!
My opinion, but if UF and LSU don't play the game it should be a forfeit loss for both, sorry LSU at least y'all weren't afraid to play the game.
So 🐊 does taste like 🐔...👀, GB🍊!
Just gonna leave this here; NC State, Duke, UNC, Wake Forrest and tomorrow USC all playing at home, poor little Gators afraid to get wet and whipped by LSU.
What... like suddenly the vaunted Bama defense is inept and the DC can't coach, get real. Fire him and see how fast another major D1 picks him up.
Kinda like not that long ago Bama lost to Auburn and Ole Miss
That pass play was on Dobbs, he had Malone 1 on 1 on the left side and didn't check him before blindly throwing into triple coverage for the pick. If they'd have ran it and fumbled it or got stuffed it'd be why didn't they throw it. The last 3 games the offensive play calls have been much more aggressive. This one was on the players, 7 turnovers, 12 penalties, otherwise Tennessee had better stats, almost a 100 more yards gained, 8 more 1st downs, 5 more minutes of possession. 600+ yards total offense. That shows you that play calling has improved but mental mistakes and turnovers are on the players, not the coaches.
By the way just found out that although they couldn't play the game they could bring in their high school recruits today. See @claytravis on twitter.
Play the game or it's a forfeit and goes up as a loss.
I totally agree with you on Hurd's character and I won't speak to what I don't know but what we do know is there have been no specifics released other than it was a lower extremity injury, funny they stated specifically by mid week following Kirkland, Maybin and Sutton's injuries. Also funny that Hurd returned to the game after the hit and fumble and scored a td and then was out and per CBS received no treatment during that time, no "concussion testing" which occurs immediately following any major blow to the head. On the other side of this we saw no outbursts which is not typical of Hurd ever that I recall and if they had a blowup at half why did he go back in the game in the 3rd quarter? Lots of unanswered questions. The one thing I disagree with you on is Hurd not traveling with the team. As a leader on the team his presence is important even on the sidelines. Sutton has been present even during warmups and wearing a helmet on top of that. What's puzzling is the vague info that's being given. Hurd's fumble was a rare lapse on his part but not worthy of more than a quarter of discipline compared to the many other mistakes made by other players who didn't seem to have any long standing discipline. If it is an injury what good would smoke screening it gain? I say that out of concern for one of our top players and leaders as personally I don't believe Hurd would have done anything out of line.
I get that feeling to, all the other guys who've been injured have made the trips this year. Sutton even wears a helmet in pregame warmups while on crutches. What gets me is after the fumble he came back in and scored a td and after that he was sidelined, no trainers worked on him at least from what CBS reported. There were no outbursts we saw and this guy has been a rock, well disciplined and a leader on the team that they need if only as a leader on the sidelines. They have always been specific to what types of injuries players have until now and this is very vague. I find it odd there's been no media pressure that I've seen to dig into this at all. Very strange situation. If it is a disciplinary move why so severe he's not the first to have a brain fart on this team in a game.
I think you're giving his ass too much credit, lol.
Yes always a chance but it's unreal that 3 of the 4 best defensive starters are out and now one of the top 3 offensive players, all of which are also team leaders. It sucks but they've preserved so far, just need 60 minutes not 30.
Hurd has never been a selfish player nor a stubborn one in regard to discipline and attitude, he's a team leader. If it was a disciplinary issue why would they have let him play the series when he scored the td in the 2nd half. Weird thing is why no treatment on the sideline if it were an injury.
If Florida and LSU cannot agree on a date and the game isn't played they should be forced to forfeit any chance playing for the SEC Championship should they be in contention. To not play gives them an unfair advantage. SEC games have to take presidence over non conference games.
I think that's ^ pretty realistic, if UT beats A&M then they could jump Ole Miss and vise versa if A&M wins they're definitely #2. If Ark beats Bama then they gotta be at least in a tie for #3 or #2. Ole Miss and A&M matchup should be a doozie down the road. Love SEC football, none better.
Let's just let em play the game, this game could range from A&M winning by 10 to UT winning by 10, smack talk doesn't mean crap, anything can happen depending on turnovers, injuries, etc. All this crap about Bama, that's two weeks from now and lest we forget they've won 4 NC's in 5 years. I love the Vols but it's not like they've cake walked any of these 5 wins this year so let's not act like they're world beaters. The reason I hate smack talk is if your team gets it's butt kicked then you look like an idiot, all that talk means crap, let em play the damn game and pull for your team and shut up. Trust me if your team wins you'll be just as happy and if they lose you don't look like a big freaking idiot. As a Vol fan talking smack when our team has won 5 games the way they have and talking smack about beating powerhouse Bama is like some of these players regardless of the team getting up and dancing like an idiot when they mad a damn tackle but their team is tearing by 14 like they already won the damn game. Shut up and let em play, I don't care who your team is! GB🍊!