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Born and raised in Union Springs, AL, home of not one but two players on Bama's first team in 1892, Robert Cope and Sydney Frazer, as well as AU's first All-American in 1932, Jimmy Hitchcock, who was known as The Phantom of Union Springs.

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FWIW, I'm virtually certain there an SEC bylaw that prohibits athletes from transferring within the conference. So it ain't Bama. The SEC front office won't let him transfer.
Well, if anyone else besides Clay Travis had said it... Still, was watching a replay of a Bama game last night and was thinking Brad's about the best there is at play-by-play in college football.
Best and worst-case scenarios are useless. Bama goes undefeated, wins another NC is a no-brainer. Bama goes undefeated but some how misses playoff, to me, is much worse than if Bama lost a game or two.
Congratulations to Matt Brown of Sports on Earth for trying to come up with a list of the Top 100 College Teams Ever. May be the most pathetic attempt at sports journalism I've ever wasted my time reading. His voluminous efforts notwithstanding. I'm still not sure what SRS (Simple Rating System) is, but I know this: trying to compare any college football team from the 1890s to any college football team from the 1990s is worse than trying to compare apples and oranges. More like trying to compare saddles and smartphones. It absolutely, positively can't be done. Objectively. Period. Plus, his system's bias in favor of Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, and one or two others was pretty bad.
Talk about quoting out of context, Brad, you absolutely blew this one. I don't think anyone would have a problem with the quotation from Elliott that you cited. Comments like the one below are the ones that made Elliott seem like a whiner. "I think I do deserve more than 11 carries," he said, according to "I think I really do. I can't speak for the play-calling, I don't know what was going on or what they were seeing, but honestly, it didn't work out. It wasn't working." That's the comment that ticked folks off and which you forgot to mention.
Actually, I stand by my statement. The jawja game featured two Bulldog idiots going up for an interception when all one of them had to do was slap the ball down and win. Poor coaching. The Bama game had a defender come off of his man to cover a open receiver. Cyrus Jones did indeed slap the ball down. Unfortunately, the guy who was supposed to be covering that receiver arrived at just the wrong time for the ball to bounce off his helmet and into history. Two totally different scenarios. Tipped balls bounce funny in football games all the time. I was just sayin' it couldn't happen that way again in a million years.
Joe Willy, Snake and AJ would have been hard-pressed to win this one. Forget the INTs. Two fumbled KOs, a freak TD that could never happen again in a million years and another Ol' Miss TD off a gadget play that should be outlawed would be tough for any QB to overcome. But I'll say it again for the umpteenth time: Bama fought and clawed their way to stay in it and if just one of those other plays hadn't happened, Bama would have probably won. I never could understand why Ol' Miss got all that love from the national media when it was so obvious that Bama gave the game away. I was more impressed with how Bama overcame so much adversity and hung in there to the bitter end. That's the same team that dominated jawja and made the national media that were ready to write Bama off eat their words.
'Scuse me, but I did not see a near fight. What I saw was a bunch of Bama players showing their class and totally ignoring a bunch of Bulldog retards.
What? I can't say FunBum looks like a Klingon? Even though that happens to be true.
FunBum looks more like a Klingon every time I see him.
A freakin' dork tryin' to make a name for himself. Or, a la FunBum, Just tryin like hell to poke a toothpick up a butt and see who jumps the highest.
Whoever said awbarnz was #1 in '04 anyway, other than the Eufaula Tribune People's Poll? Not exactly an officially recognized selector. You absolutely can't claim an NC just cause you want to.