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So SDS thinks Texas is going to a bowl "the toilet bowl"
Why does A&M play in Jerry jokes place. They lose 30,000 ticket sales when they do. Help me figure this out.
None of those mentioned have ties with Angola
Ok then why is Vandy in the east when its further west than Alabama and auburn
Funny someone from LSU commenting on other schools behavior
I wonder " is their band traveling to Wisconsin"
No matter win or lose you fans are still flagerantly rude. Been to the stadium never again. And you can thank me. So long
Is football the only championship in the SEC. Is the SEC a boys only conference.
A fired trainer and Austin newspaper hahahahahahaha
Both are wrong I said the statement was classless. Did not attend TAMU. I'm a LSU TIGER and proud of it and all the SEC TEAMS
Typical no class statement from a nobody who probably never attended Alabama or even graduated from high school. Does all of his shopping at Walmart.
He is not going to TAMU the latest is he is going to Auburn
There is something rotten in college station
R u saying that last year we had a good running game. I think all the hype for Murray was the cause plus an injured Allen
Only because the Aggies were in Nashville
He is obviously injured plus South Carolina ain't no Alabama or Ole Miss. Not really caring who starts for the Aggies just want the best for them.
You forget we are reading SDS reporters who don't know what the f they are talking about. This guy must be kin to herb no street.
How can Ohio state win the b10 when they lose to GO BLUE