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That's why they beat Georgia right? But the dynasty is dead? Isn't it? That's why they have the number one recruiting class, because the dynasty is dead?
Well hats off to Clemson, the more prepared team. It will be interesting to see what the look like next year after they lose all those starting seniors.
You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. If you think the dawgs arent one of the 4 best teams in college football then it is clear you are a complete idiot. This fool should be banned from the forms for being a clear cut idiot. Roll tide and Go dawgs.
Evans was one of the fastest sideline to sidelines linebackers this year, I think he'll go late in the 1st.
It was a very good, back and forth game. Villanova will be a tough one. Roll Tide.
What is your problem? You should change your name to something not team related if all you are going to do is insult people with disrespectful dialogue. You are a disgrace.
I wonder what would've happened had Saban gotten to sign Drew Brees like he wanted to instead of getting snubbed by the front office. I'd imagine he'd have won at least one Super Bowl. Give the guy more credit though, look at Alabama was before he got there. He put the best coaches and recruiters around himself, and built the program his way. Pretty astonishing imo, but I am biased. They're both legends, but it's hard to compare them. Completely different leagues with completely different situations. Do I think Saban would eventually been a better pro coach than Billy? It would've been possible for sure.
I bet your life has been really hard in that case.
Well, Clemson did have the guy who should've won the Heisman at the reigns of the offense, not an 18 year old Freshman with a season's experience. Watson was the best player in the playoffs this year, and he is a ferocious player with ferocious receivers. When a team goes 2-15 on 3rd down you should expect any defense who was on the field as long as Bama's was you should expect them to get beat in the stretch. It was a great game with an unfortunate ending, regardless of all the no calls and questionable calls. Roll Tide, Bama will be there next year.
Who are you to call him a piece of garbage? Salty disgruntled fan, show some respect.
Oh, and a unranked Florida team will not jump 5 spots in the AP over Tenn. just because they beat an unranked SC. Gosh dang Kevin, can you not make such stupid predictions? I remember when I actually enjoyed reading articles from SDS, now they generally tend to be jokes.
That moment when you're an idiot and keep Washington ranked number four, and Clemson number five after they lost to an unranked Pittsburg. BTW, Washington will not get another chance to see the top four because they got beat by a USC team by two touchdowns that Alabama beat by forty. Can you not have the intelligence of a potato when writing your articles? Thanks ahead of time.
Tenn. is done being an actual competitor this year after these last demoralizing three weeks so I wouldn't get my hopes up for a top 25 Vols team. Then again, the AP is running out of teams to rank so if they win two straight games I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the top 20 at the end of the season. But overall, the SEC has shown that it is by far the most dominant conference in CF.
All I saw was a defender try to make a half-hearted attempt at tackling a good running back who put everything into trucking that guy. Not that impressive, especially considering he didn't even try to wrap him up.
I always knew Dak's talent would translate to the big league, he was almost a one man show at State.
I think it's particularly funny that you believe that just because someone supports Alabama football that they are stupid. You're just a drama queen looking to start an argument on an article about bull crap. You can hate on Saban all you want, I guess I would too if he were coaching a team that beats mine every single year. Butt hurt fans are gonna be butt hurt.
I mean, good move for playing time, less than intelligent move for exposure and development. Nevertheless, good luck in SA.
They cut the commercials for the last 45 minutes to speed up the game, not for ratings. Cowherd is consistently the dumbest sports analyst out there, even more stupid than Skip Bayless.
I think Henry wins it, simply because one: Alabama is a one loss team while Stanford is a two, two: Because of the way Henry has rewrote the SEC record books, which is not an easy task. We'll see soon enough.
How could he walk away? Could you not see there was a probably 6'0-6'1 180-200 lbs db on top of him? Smh...
Eric Striker is nothing but an average thug. He will never make it in the NFL.
Thank you Bringtherain, sorry you have to be along side such classless scum.
You're a classless idiot. Real scum-like to make a false accusation based on the way a player was born. You might as well be an Oklahoma fan.
Why did Brad do this? Murf could give a 10x better comparison. Brad is a great writer, but not such a good analyst.
And Bama won, as expected, by a large margin, as expected.
Brad hates Alabama from what I can see, or he seems to underestimate them every time he writes about them.
You guys seem not to get it or not think its funny. I personally think it's hilarious and i'm a Bama fan