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Wrong. Tua wasn't even offered until Jake flipped. Kiffen explained the entire process which led Bama to offer Tua. Do your research. It's a fact.
I'm so happy Jake flipped and followed Kirby to GA. That opened the door for Tua to Tuscaloosa. Fromm just doesn't match up and his passing tonight was awful. He chokes and slings up errant ducks all over the place. Fields should stay and focus on winning the job.
You'll still be waiting after today. Most of LSUs defense is preparing for the draft. What a shame. Grant Delpit and Devin White won't be enough to slow down Darriel Mack and the UCF offense. UCF wins and claims lifetime superiority over the SEC as well as back to back National Championships. Disgusting.
Way to go gentlemen. Much respect from me. You played a very clean and sportsmanlike game while curb stomping the team that beat the Buckeyes. Way to step and represent the SEC!
Jalen is my hero. One of the toughest guys you will ever see play the game. Remember his freshman year, playing Ole Miss, that ferocious hit he took ( shoulda been a targeting call) from an unblocked defensive end that resulted in a sack fumble scoop and score for the Rebels? He wasn't even fased! That score put the Tide in a huge hole. He came back in like nothing happened and led Bama to a comeback victory. I'll never forget his courage. RTR!
Stop Talking! It's time for the "Q" to stand for quiet.
QDub has exploded with confidence over these last couple weeks. He is normally very reserved and kinda shy. I hope that translates to his game on Saturday and doesn't morph into a cocky overconfidence that causes him to underestimate a very talented group of OL who are listening to everything he says. Time to settle into your game prep big fella and focus your energy on creating havoc in the middle of the field. RTR!
I certainly hope these players are cleared with their b samples. We don't want any lame excuses for why Clemsoning still exists.
Exactly, my bayou bengal friend. The current CFP is perfect. We don't need 6 or 8 or any change at all. Every year the right teams have been selected, even if there has been some minor controversy. The committee is well balanced as does a good job.
You didn't even list my favorite. How about Ohio State running back commit Steele Chambers. Gotta love that one!
Is Charlie Brown Christmas really a movie? More like a 1hour TV special. Still a great show. I also agree that Scrooged has gotta receive at least an honorable mention.
Congrats, CNS! You deserve it simply for your handling of the QB situation this year and your love and support of Jalen Hurts. Now bring home The Paul "Bear" Bryant award where it belongs in T-Town!
4 in the CFP is actually the right number, Steve. Anything more is just too much football for these young student athletes. Why not encourage UCF to accept power 5 offers to improve their schedule like Fla State did many years ago. Better yet, suggest an 8 team playoff for your new AAF pro league? No, wait, you only have 8 teams. Lame.
What a great kid. He will be a great leader on this team and will be a model student athlete for the next three years. He will see the field in 2019 and may be a starter. He is also a TOTAL MONSTER! Roll Tide!
You gotta love that graphic, OFFERED COMMITTED SIGNED CHAMPION DRAFTED you can check off all 5 of those for this young man, and 4 out of 5 for every Bama player over the last 10 years. Jawja can't say that!
"Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach"