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You dumbass. Bama caps tried shake hands before coin toss. One Washington player wouldn't. Another barely knew to shake hands . We never shake hands after coin toss so we ran to bench
OJ shouldn't have said all this to give teams fuel for the playoffs
We had numerous transfers before this year thru now so Bama can count those for last years' players. It is not just for last years recruits. Simply last years' players.
nothing but locker room hype for Bama to go out and stomp a mudhole in them
Auburm had a lineman 6 yards down field on that play, one lineman 5 yards down field and another 3 to 4 yards down field on that play so it is illegal. Refs missed a call and cost Alabama a shot at a National Championship game, which is what Jimbo Fisher meant. Anyone but a barn turd could figure that out. You barn bumpkin, sister dating, dip spitting, knuckles dragging, speak and spell owning idiots
He is a thug punk. someone needs to beat his face in
I wish Bama wasn't ranked number one in the country and get that monkey off our bakcs so we can play football
Who is this pavement ape think he is talking too? Dumb monkey will lose his job acting foolish like this. You can't tell those baboons anything.
ole miss took a beating against Bama...they will beat GA but don't think they run away with it.
yeah, those bogus racial black protests were awful for the school. But when you think about how pathetic Mizzu looks when they meet up vs the West SEC, then you cannot deny they are pitiful. The east has been down and discombobulated for numerous years. Saban beat urban into a fake heart attack and FL went downhill. Saban has beaten chizik away and is no beating Gus away. Saban beat richt away from GA. Beat TN now 9 yrs straight. Beat spurrier away from being an admitted cock..the east has been down and out man. Mizzu won some games in the east vs down and out east teams floundering and caught them off guard. That wont happen anymore. Mizzu wont win another east title in quite some time Id say.
Jalen Tabor for Florida fought his own teammate and is suspended
KS is just behind talent and doesn't want to be patient enough to see full time next year plus there is competition behind him pushing him too that might can leap him no matter what KS ranking was as a recruit. Has nothing to do with Pruitt or players disliking him, you rumor mill ignorant idiots. Pruitts defenses have been highly ranked all years at GA, topping Bama's not long ago. He has a faster D than Kirby's and now he has the talent to make it happen proficiently. This has to do with KS playing time alone. See, it is okay to be redshirted the first year and have an excuse not starting but the second year if he doesn't start his homeboys begin raggin him etc and that plays on some kids' unhealthy prides and they can't competition because of it. It is his decision and I personally feel KS is about to have a superb year if he stays at Bama and get plenty playing time. It is crazy for him ot leave that program and miss a year in juco and come back into anew system somewhere. Just come on back to CNS's office and tell him you had doubts but after some long decision making you'd like ot be a prat of the team again. He might be in the doghouse a little bit after missing 3 practices but he'd still play a lot this year.
He signed it to fulfill his tenure as a student athlete and if he goes to GA he'd be in grad school as student athlete so he should make good on his promise. This isn't the free agency NFL. Saban needs not apologize for anything. He told saban he wanted to quit the team, he was removed, why does anyone have to worry about of he has food or working out. That's silly. Ypu are man enough to go on your own, now go on your own. It's not Bamas responsibility any longer. Go to a school ooc. That wasn't what he told saban about going to GA. He said he quit the team and asked for release, which he has.
Derrick is gonna be a beast in the NFL, especially getting loose on the outside
this kid is a spoiled, egotistical, problematic brat. I don't like Gus worth a flip, but this was one of the only good moves I have seen him make.
if you have to rely on miracles for retribution, then you have a pitiful team