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Was it THAT long ago that the Vols LOST to Vandy? And to UK?
You haven't played a real conference you moron. Ass Crammer Conference is a JOKE and everyone knows it. You got lucky last year, be grateful and shut your illiterate mouth.
Hey truefsufan, where is your garbage team with its crap conference ranked this year? You sure aren't in contention for any championship. Undefeated means NOTHING in the Ass Cramming Conference. If a real live Seminole Indian caught your thug calling himself a Seminole they'd drop his corpse in the swamp
And you might want to learn the difference between innocent and not guilty,. The DA only chose not to pursue an indictment because several weeks after the assault there was not enough evidence available. This happens frequently since many rape victims are too traumatized to come forward at the time. Long story short he's a PROVEN thief (on two separate occasions), a repeated rules violator and most likely a a sexual predator. You people have EARNED the name CRIMINOLES. And fans like you seem to take pride in it. Enjoy it because once he's gone you'll have a hard time recruiting on that reputation.