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Can we at least get a mention here for Will Reichard? He went 9/9 on extra points. After all these years we FINALLY have a kicker.
Jalen may well change the course of football in what might be expected of QB's nowadays. Being able to throw and also be a beast on the ground makes him a double threat that some defenses aren't ready for.
I just set my DVR to record all the Eagles games. It's gonna be fun following Jalen's career. Congrats, Jalen!!
No idea what just possessed me to watch the kick-6. I literally have to take pepto-bismol right now.
I'm with you. Jalen could mix it up, Tua only had the arm. And how many times did the announcers joke about putting Tua up in bubble wrap? He was rarely healthy. Jalen has grown in his role as QB and he's a man of incredible character. Roll Jalen!
The irony is that both QB's transferred out because their coaches didn't believe in them. And here they both are in the playoffs.
I'm with you on this. Been more interested in watching Oklahoma this season then my own darned team.
Bulovas is on a full scholarship. I tried to add a link but it went to the moderator.
You only quoted half my sentence. I mentioned the blockers. And my apology, I thought it was obvious I was talking about once the ball is set, that it's on the kicker.
Of course it's a team sport. Of course nobody should be coming after this kid. But the kicker plays a unique position where he only needs to rely on himself while everyone is held away from him. That's why it's called "special teams". That's why he gets a full scholarship and usually doesn't even get dirty. He did the same thing during Bama's championship game against Clemson. He chokes when the pressure is on. There's no shame in that, it's on the coach to recognize it and find someone with more confidence.
I agree. Tua has an amazing arm, no argument, but he never could run. We ALWAYS knew he's gonna pass or hand off. One trick pony, for sure. And now that he's suffered this terrible injury he will be martyred beyond belief. I truly hope he recovers and plays in the NFL, but I honestly never for a moment saw him as "the greatest" Alabama QB ever.
Obviously you wrote this before the game was over. A class act would have returned here and admitted your error in judgment.
I never saw Hurts as the clearly lesser player.
For Pete's sake, I wrote "IMO" which means it's just my opinion - which I am entitled to. It's fine that you don't agree, I usually find it interesting to hear other peoples' opinions. But I'm far from a "troll", I'm an alumni of the University of Alabama. You need to lighten up. It's just football talk. And your opinion might carry more weight if you refrained from the name-calling. Have a blessed day.
I've been watching Bama football for over 50 years, and forgive me, but I just don't see what everyone else is seeing. Tua has a fantastic arm and great instincts, but he's not consistent. Saban even benched him during the 2018 playoff game against Clemson because of his poor performance. The opposition always knows he's not gonna run that ball because he's not that good at it. And he's been plagued with injuries for a lot the time. I know his passing stats are stellar but IMO, Tua doesn't have the all-around talent or consistency of Alabama's other great QB's like Namath or Stabler.
Tua never seems to be at 100% healthwise, so my money's on Jalen Hurts for the win.
Looking forward to following this admirable and talented young man's career. I hope Jalen does get the Heisman next year. Good luck, Jalen! Bama loves you!
I'd love to see him play against Bama next year. He really should have been put in the championship game right after Tua's second interception. But I would be very uncomfortable if he went to Auburn.
I bleed crimson, but I realize there are a lot of Bama haters. So if I had to choose America's team, I'd say Notre Dame. They seem to have fans in all sections of the country. Though I'm still sick about that '73 Sugar Bowl. ROLL TIDE!