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Hey Barkley. .who cares wtf this bozo has 2 say.......
Who cares if the boo the loser?? hey vulbillys not only does the team suck,but so does the coach.... hey tell u what you inbred hillbillies should do... go down to your local hat store and buy your inbred selfs a winners hat.... ya you know what they look like..... the ones that say 2015 National Champions THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE. ROLL TIDE
Let me make this clear... nobody will touch Bama. .. Nobody! !!! All you idiots that have never smelled grass thru a facemask get on here and predict this and that... you know nothing... those on here who know football know this.BAMA RUNS THE TABLE....and never really gets challenged.
Really you just told a bold face lie!!!! lswho defense is as good of better than the CRIMSON TIDES, stop it idiot.... quit drinking so early in the morning. .
Oh how i wish the vulbillys could somehow get to atl....please let this happen. To be able to smoke the vul-n-tears twice in one year is every BAMA fans dream.Let this be the year please. ... did i mention that ole fat phil is a narc and married to his sister...ROLL TIDE #17 IN 2016 ...
What great news!!!!! I wish they would have kept Dooley. ...he was dismantling the team...and i was glad to see it...what a pathetic bunch if losers.....i hate the vulbillys and hope nothing good ever happens to this lying hillbilly program
Im so sick of the cry baby's on's football people and your gonna get hit!!!!!! Idiot aubie cry baby fans