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And we know you hate Nick Saban so you gotta hate Kirby Smart. Geez, your jealousy is showing loud and clear. RTR
This is an excellent example of the difference between an auburn fan and an Alabama Fan, first of all and foremost HOMESTY. Alabama Fans will tell you right up front and be proud of the fact that someone chose them #1, we'll tell you we can't stand 'lil aubie fans or anything about them. We don't like the cow manure smell of their clothes when they walk by, or their arrogance, or the fact that they can't make up their minds whether they are a buzzard or a cat, etc...... Roll Tide Roll Forever baby ❤️
If this guy is a columnist then I am the Editor and Chief Writer of the New York times, what a joke he is!
Anyone who knows anything about Steve Spurrier knows he got pissed off about something to leave like this. Look at how nervous he is at the podium. He's like I'm having to lie to you people and I don't like it so let me get out of here now cause I don't buy this BS and neither do you
All of Alabama knows where the sick, depraved and incestuous fans originate from. Poor Georgians having to put up with the stench of that 'lil podunk town. You 'lil ingrate's, If it wasn't for the Great Paul "Bear" Bryant, that cow pasture and ant studying tech school would've never become a University. Enjoy the loss, you've got a lot more to come. RTR
Katherine Webb is right on! How well do any of you think it would go over if the media came in to a females' locker room while they were naked and filming was taking place! A.J . McCarron is the best Quarterback the Bengals have and to emphasize the Management's intelligent level look how much he has played. The Bengal's are extremely fortunate to have a classy family like the McCarron's to be apart of their team. Wake up and smell the roses.
Telling a player to "speak English, this is America" is NOT a racial slur. Calling anyone a name to insult their character due to their culture is.
doctor? Seriously? Well, lil' lari, if you don't have some big time whining and resentment going, why are you even bothering to comment on the article? Frankly, the colors orange and blue disgust me, and at least Nick Saban has something to accomplish here! Not like 'that other team' who's player's forgot to get on the bus and never made it to Death Valley.
lil' Tennessee fan. your lil' handle has been changed to allthatwrong! Hahaha lol
Yeah Buddy! Except for my comment, this is the smartest comment I've seen. Lane Kiffin and his wife and children are America's Favorite Family! Roll Tide Roll & Ole Miss rock
I believe Lane Kiffin was acting professional in standing back from the celebration and trying to take the attention off of himself and wanting the attention to be focused on Nick Saban and the team. Its obvious he was content with his contribution and the end results of Alabama's Season. No matter what he did during the celebration activities it would be scrutinized by the press! Did anyone expect any other results when he chose Lane Kiffin as Alabama's Offensive Coordinator. This is Nick Saban we're talking about. He knew the brilliance of Lane Kiffen as an Offensive Coordinator!