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I was livid when my Falcons took Tak McKinley with Rueben still available, probably a huge miss but who knows yet...
This is a really good article!! I wish people would pull for Tebow but the internet always likes to hate
Paul, don't call Harbaugh the "Donald Trump" of college football because then he will start WINNING every game
He may struggle with pocket pressure but that's when his running ability shines the most. Also he doesn't struggle with the pressure of being Alabamas QB that's for sure, he's clutch!
What a damn joke you give A&M the edge rushing vs Bamas rush D! How about if Bama holds them to under 100 yards I can start proofreading your articles for BS? Roll damn tide pawl
First of all, Jalen Hurts will eventually start but wont against USC, he will most likely play half the game after we are up 14 points... Second, Jalen is more than a regular true freshman due to the time with the team he spent last year and the amount of practices he has participated in. In comparison to Bateman, does starting for half of a game against Ole Miss give you any realistic advantage? I wouldnt think so.... Roll Damn Tide 15-0 future 17 time champs
5 turnovers is a pretty big deal too though. I think that a couple years ago bamas D was vulnerable to the long ball where it cost us a few games but not as much now.
I'm trying to figure out why it would be so hard for Alabama to maintain their fairly moderate pace of offense when we have maybe the best receiver core in the conference and the arguably the best offensive coordinator in the conference if not the nation.
First of all Kenyan Drake (thanks for spelling it correctly) would've been the starter if not for breaking his leg and Henry wouldn't have one the heisman. It had nothing to do with being outplayed by Yeldon or Henry. I've been watching him in person since he was in high school and I am confident that he will have a good shot at being an every down back. Some even say if he went injury free through college, he would've been the next Reggie Bush contending for a heisman. Dude is a freak and it's a shame he didn't get his chance to show everybody by starting at bama but he did have that one nice kick return in the natty!!! RTR
Yall should let me write about Bama because I think I could do a better job most of the time.
You fail to point out that the streak of Alabama QBs was broken the other day by AJ McCarron on the bengals.... Why leave that out?
I'm tired of yall making mistakes in these articles! "Start contrast" makes no sense and Kenyan Drake didn't hurt his knee- he broke his leg and dislocated his ankle.... Also in previous articles youve continued to misspell his name Kenyon and other words. Proofread your stuff! And if you aren't sure about something like an injury just google it real quick! I've been reading these since 2014 I think but it's starting to get annoying.
It's "Kenyan Drake" not Kenyon. He hates to be called Kenyawn
OK. Im just gonna stop typing because I now realize I was correct about route and root. Forget it. LOL Also while viewing this on my phone I thought Bamatime was replying to my comment. Im going home
By the way I don't live in a trailer (lol). I'm I highschool senior and got a 32 on the ACT aka full ride to Bama. And Docter Larry...all I have to say is this is not last year.
Damn yall, there's nothing I can say but I was completely wrong about "route" and "root" oh well live and learn
Listen Bama fans Cy has the right outlook. He's got confidence that he's better but still respects that it is Auburn we are playing. When players make these statements like Cyrus said, the opposing twitter reactions from players on the other football team don't play in to the real game. Its not going to give Ricardo Louis extra skill from anger about a comment made by Cyrus Jones. Theres no twitter on the field, its just player vs. player. We've already seen this with the Katrina sign hung on campus and Leonard Fournette's reaction. If you had to argue that these play a part in the game, it was not a positive outcome the last time it happened. Fournette played with too much emotion as it was pretty evident he tried too hard during that game. This will be a 30+ point beatdown all because we are so much more skilled overall and disciplined on D than the little sister down south.
I guess The University of GA didn't teach you the difference between "route" and "root". Or maybe its more likely that you didn't go to Georgia.
You're crazy if you think bama would look ahead. Maybe some coaches but not Saban haha
You forgot Derrick Henry "El Tractorcito"
SEC WEST TE should definetly be Evan Ingram out of Ole Miss and dare I say Kenyan Drake will earn his spot here 4 games in the season