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Sadly,Bama use to dominate games. We had arguably the best talent and the best coaching staff year in and year out for a decade. Now we still have arguably the best talent but horrendous coaching. Saban is like a CEO so he doesn't coach anymore. Kirby and Pruitt were the only coordinators who seemed to want to actually be a coach for Alabama and not just going to Bama to get a bigger job the next year. Like our current OC and our DC is about 5 years early. What did Pete Golding do to get the defensive coordinator job at Bama? Lead UTSA to anything? Nope. He called plays last year not Tosh Lupoi and he has been horrendous at calling plays this year. Another trend is a sorry tackling. Kirby had our D flying all helmets to the football and now we just watch as a guy makes a tackle and then when the guy breaks the tackle they are like "oh sh!t" it makes me sick at the horrible coaching at Bama. We should have been able to win the NC against Clemson. We should not have been blown out. How do you get blown out with Tua? Its crazy. We shpuld not have been waxed by LSU....our coaching staff should be at USC(trojans) or something not Bama. We need established coaches who are satisfied with being coordinators like a Brent Venables.
I was right when I predicted Alabama to lose to LSU. I am doing it again. Alabama loses 34-28. Bama run D is atrocious and I predict Malzhan to run more and prevent Nix from having the pressure to win with his arm. That being said Nix will take some shots and connect on enough to make Bama D play honest. Auburn's D will attack Mac and take away the run game. Najee will have a 18 carry 50 yard game. Mac will be efficient but the sacks and a costly interception will determine the game. Alabama's special teams is also underperforming. Punting is inconsistent and field goal kicking is pathetic. I have more confidence in Auburn winning this one than I do Bama. Our coaches have been notorious for being to late to make in game adjustments. Like LSU, when we started running the ball late. Our D started to get stops on Burrow but it was after LSU was up big. We make adjustments too late, too often. I hope I am wrong but Bama has got to prove me wrong. Roll Tide anyway!
Saban took a team that fired their coach midseason and they went 4-12.. Saban led them to a 9-7 turnaround. Then the ownership made the executive decision to get free agent Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees. Saban and the team voted captains said they wanted Brees when Saban asked them who they preferred. The end is history. I do think Dolphins would have been very successful if Saban was given for authority and was able to get Brees who won a super bowl for the Saints. So that's just my opinion
For what its worth I would use Joyner at QB. I would tell him to loom at your #1 WR if its not there then hit the RB in the flat or run. I would take a lot shots downfield cause maybe you can hit a few cause your not likely to march up and down the field dink and dunking the ball off. So take shots and use Joyners mobility. That is what I would do and on D bring the house almost every play and try to take Lawrence head off. That is dirty but its a rivarly. Your not going to stop Clemson often so be extremely aggressive and bring pressure every play cause even on run okays Etiene will have defenders in the backfield if you bring the house. That means one on one on WRs..thats fine as long as Lawrence is running for his life. That woukd be my gameplan if I was Scar cause it will take a crazy game plan to even have a shot. That plan above is crazy
Mark my words IF Dabo ever coaches Bama he will be exposed. His teams are kings of complacently and play elite late in the season when they know they have to pick it up a notch. Basically, they are great at using cruise control. Now, Dabo is great when it matters. Here is how I would see it going. Alabama beats LSU cause Dabo would have his team playing lights out and then turn around and lose to Miss State cause he used all the motivation for LSU. Its different in the SEC. Thats not being a homer it just is. You can't just prepare for one team like LSU or you will lose to teams you should beat. People going to jump all over me for this but Dabo would be Malzhan in the SEC. Some years NC type of team and then other years like 8-4
I agree partially except they would drop a beat or two. Cause right now they have like a 27 game winning streak and have not lost the ACC in quite some time. That would not happen in the SEC. They would probably win the East this year but it would be close. A lot would determine who schedule they would have. The major outcome would be Clemson would not be a guarantee conference champ and probably would not go to the playoff every year. Not to mention if Dabo plays his close game every year against the likes of UNC and Syracuse, etc those would be L's if you were playing an Auburn, UF, UGA. You can't sleep walk till Nov in the SEC. That is exactly what Clemson does and then they turn it on late. Dabo would be 8-4 if he used that strategy
I will say this though. UGA is built to be LSUs kryptonite. LSU can not STOP THE RUN. UGA will win the time of possession and unlike Ole Miss, UGA will stop LSU enough that they can win. I think Dawgs almost pull the upset. 31-27 but Fromm is the reason I don't see the Dawgs winning
Yea I agree. Bama has played sloppy all year and you know what if I was UGA or Bama I don't want to roll into the playoffs and play Ohio State or LSU again and get embarrassed. Cause our D would get annihilated and UGA O would get left at the starting line. I persnonally hope to beat Auburn go and play ND in a bowl and beat the Irish up and then the narritive would be Bama should have been in the playoff. However, I know we would have got smoked in the playoff.
Be honest dude, do you think Bama loses to ND or UF. Personally, I don't. I think we beat both soundly. Now our D is questionable but we outscore both those teams. I get it. UGA played somebody Bama did not. But lets all agree if possible that Bama would be undefeated with UGAs schedule. LSU, Ohio State, UGA, Clemson are the only teams capable of beating Bama. Auburn may beat us next week without Tua though so all this talk is meaningless
Your right about Bama's soft schedule but com'on Bama started the tough out of conference games like Bama vs Clemson back in 2007 before that folks just played cupcakes 1st game. So yes your right but you know schedules vary alot every year. I wish Bama played ND and UF this year. I think, THINK, we would have won both too(like UGA)
No the Iron Bowl is a must win. It will not guarantee us anything. If UGA wins out then we aren't making playoffs period
Its been embarrassing all year. The holding/pass interference(No flag) on the critical 3rd down was the difference. That was as blatant as it gets. Dawgs can breathe easy but you got help from the refs. UGA only TD was offensive pass interference as well. Pickens grabbed the DBs facemask and jerked down which through him off coverage. I had no favorite, so Dawg fans I am just calling it like I saw it. It would be nice to see fans just admit when the refs help them instead of being ignorant. That is all I ask Ga folks
Ohio State throttles Penn State 45-17. UGA has a letdown between the hedges. No not really UGA wins 31-28 but TAMU makes quite the rally like Auburn late.
Greatest difference between ACC and SEC is teams will do whatever it takes to catch Alabama. LSU, AU, UF, UGA, many coaches have been fired for not beating Saban? That is changing cause the teams in the SEC will stop at nothing to be the next Bama. The ACC does not have that same competitiveness. Clemson just rubs their faces in sh!t and they complain instead they should fire coaches until somebody beats Clemson. Then you will not be the A-hole of the power 5 conferences, ACC!
People who complain about being disrespected never get respect. To get respect give it and don't complain for it. Let your actions, in his case winning, get the respect you so desire.
Maybe cause I am a Bama guy and juries have literally been the kryptonite. But injuries could change everything..every guy is one play away from season ending injury..Burrow, Fields, Fromm, Hurts, Herbert, etc. Is LSU still unanimous #1 without Burrow? What if Trevor Lawrence gets hurt against SCAR and is out with an ACL and they still go 13-0 who is going to want to see #2 Ohio State vs #3 Clemson without their QB? Chances are these thongs won't happen but chaos tends to happen this time of the year and things don't go to plan.
I think Ohio State wins that game cause their D is better than LSU's. I don't think it matters who plays Ohio State they are the best team. LSU has played the best teams and Burrow would give Ohio State all they want. Playoff Predictions(UGA and Auburn will have something to say about what I write) 1 LSU(13-0) vs 4 Alabama(11-1) 2 Ohio State(13-0) vs Clemson(13-0) LSU 44-Bama 38 Ohio State 38- Clemson 17 LSU 31 Ohio State 38
UGA wins that game 99 out of 100 times. That was just the unfortunate 1 time.
I agree with you. Scar D and rush attack won the day for them. UGA turnovers and lack of passing attack hurt the Dawgs. I did not mean to say the 3rd string QB was the difference but that UGA technically did not lose to a healthy SCAR team. They were banged up at the most important position
I saw on previous articles Ark fans seem against Nutt but I think he would be a safe choice. He knows how to recruit there and time away has probably allowed him new perspective(cause the game has evolved quite a bit)...Mike Leach would also be a good hire. Brent Venerables would be a stretch to hire but would bring tenacity and recruiting. Joe Brady would be strategic hire. Take away LSUs mojo. Les Miles would be interesting. Malzhan is not leaving Auburn unless asked to leave by AD
Agree. I think UGA should be #4 until otherwise proven that they are not. The committee knows UGA vs AUB and Iron Bowl will help sort out the Bama/UGA rankings. However, if UGA beats AUB then dont expect Bama to have a chance unless LSU destroys UGA and then people will say Bama only lost by 5 and UGA got blown out
Bama fans: complacent and entitlement LSU fans: obnoxious and crazy Auburn fans: quick to want to fire a coach UGA fans: love their braves, falcons too so their not as passionate about the Dawgs as other states who only have their college team Tenn fans: LOYAL..enduring Could go on..but who cares
Snowflakes are always vocal. Most Bama fans are vocal therefore, yep, most Bama fans are snowflakes. I endured the Mike years...Price, Franchione, Shula..I like to think I am passionate and honest. Alabama does not deserve to be in the playoff. However, I do think they are one of the four best teams. So whatever happens, happens.
Saban says they need to focus on MSU and not the playoff scenarios. Seems Saban is failing to do that. Bama is the Heavyweight champ who has gained 30 lbs and trains like it going to win by showing up. Com'on Bama. Train like your a nobody trying to be a somebody and win by showing up and winning by KO in the 3rd round max...."We Want Bama" that's a joke now. Bama is slippin. I hate knowing that the old champ still thinks they are heavyweight title holder. Man, you lost that title and have embarrassed the last two fights you fought.