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Remeber that time hooker overthrew two open touchdowns to win the music city bowl. He is good but not that good
boys calm down. Its clear that right now Georgia Osu and Bama run college football. Ut is irrelevant. 15 years in a row?
I agree. But by wins standards this was the best season in program history. Your correct through. Should have clarified
what happened since the great bear came. Yall became our sorry little bros.Also 99-67 record in BBall Sorry but yall are forever the little brother shcool.
Agreed... Kiffins in a great situation right now. Just had the best season minus the sugar bowl in program history. Also the guy loves ole miss. He fits the fun loving atmosphere of ole miss.
Lsu is bamas little brother school. Actually thats auburn but its close.
Ramsey vs chase... who you got( Reminder Ramsey shut down Dk last year in pretty much single man coverage.
IM sorry I think i need to say it congratulations Georgia. Yall played Great. Now can we stop arguing about the natty and prepare for next year. Even though we were down to valuable men we lost... simple as that. Georgia has been the best team all year and they showed. Now bama boys please stop making our fans look bad and making exscuses. Lets get ready for next year and go get some revenge. RTR Rammer Jammer Forever
wait wtf did thats my dawg say that. Bro jamo metchie calvin ridley julio jones jerry jeudy jaylen waddle amari cooper and one of the only wr heisman winners devonta smith who put up eyepopping numbers. Rememebr him uga from second and 26 yeah that same guy. Lol Welcome to Wr U otherwise known as alabama
Where is the will rogers love. He deserves more. He had the best season on paper ever for a msu quarterback. His team needs some work but he is a better player than advertised by the media. When he plays his best he is eletric really love this guy
I agree next year the tide will be back. Just like when we got hit in the mouth by lsu we came back and had one of the best teams ever. Next year will be amazing will anderson for heisman
Bro chill respect them they won fair and square. Great game plan and kirby did what he wanted to do
stfu bryce is clearly deserving. He exposed the bulldogs in the first game. He also had to pplay without two 1000 yd receivers. This is not an excuse it is just a fact its harder to play with freshmen getting some of there first reps.
Agreed he is almost perfect in his role. When he is needed he is efficient. Kind of reminds me of like a jake coker type role. Feed the running back but still can throw a bomb now and then
Agreed he is almost perfect in his role. When he is needed he is efficient. Kind of reminds me of like a jake coker type role. Feed the running back but still can throw a bomb now and then
Perhaps but dont count out jacorey brooks as Wr1 he showed flashes this year and next year could be a breakout year
Agreed he is a great player. Hope he comes to bammer gotta love those tranfer wr.
IM with you I know he was phenomenal in high school but even without the injuries he never quiet lived up to the hype. Hope he can get back on track however.
Sometime these returners can be a spark. When Devonta smith decided to stay that was it all the pieces fell into place for bama. Its always exciting to see a high caliber player come back. Hope none of them get hurt.
No the Rpo and qb draws is what kiffins system revolves around they need a mobile qb such as Jaxson dart who is currently visiting Oxford
I agree great qb great guy just made out of glass. Hope he can get his injuries under control and have a good career. Even if he is a bulldog i hate to see a player come down with the injury bug that can end careers. Best of luck to JTD.
This is what i love civil talks between fans instead of ruthless trolling
That is the most beautiful thing i have ever heard a boomer say im going to frame that qoute on my wall. Beautiful
Idiot. Im sorry he was the long snapped he needs to chill out and not be an idiot. However feel bad for him tho
Idk Osu is one to watch out for. Stroud and Smith Njigba are nasty.