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Preciate that SicEm! There are some good fans still left out there that want to talk about football without throwing insults at each other! In my case, if Will or Bryce can't win it I would love to see the storybook ending for SB to win it as a former walk-on! Great story!
I've been saying this all along, didn't like the O'Brien hire when it happened and still don't!
Corch, you hit the nail on the head with this one and further proved my point up above, he is a sensitive one! "You’re soft. Softer than Charmin, Gump" Could of done without the Gump but that statement is funny as heck! RTR
Well I guess my original comment was right! You are a sensitive one for sure! LMAO Take my suggestion and leave Bama and pull for Vandy, it suits your sensitivity!
You're a joke TDOW! Just a sad little human with nothing better to do!
No we won't, you can have him and all of the other so called Bama fans that do nothing but troll others on here. They are fake azz fans!
I would have to agree that last year yes he was out of position a lot, but this year he seems to be a different player. A year in the program seems to have helped, we'll see!
Brother, the only ones I see trolling are you and your little merry band of Bama wannabe's! Get a life Jackazz! I tell you what, what city are you in?
WTF dude? You don't have to write a novel every time you post! LOL! One thing I will say is that Bama's strength of schedule is far tougher than UGA's and there is no disputing that. Based off of their records from last year the teams UGA play were 75-79 which puts GA at 94 out of 114 and Bama's was 81-70 which puts them at 53 so yes there are more mine fields for Bama than there are for UGA! Phil Steel has Bama at 29 and UGA at 58! RTR
That's a good point, didn't think of it like that but it makes sense!
Nothing fake hear my man! I'm just a grown azz man that can have a reasonable conversation with other people and not be offended by everything they say, unlike you! It's fans like you and the idiot above that give Bama a bad name. Do us all a favor and find another team, perhaps Vandy, that way you won't have any expectations and won't get butthurt over every little comment. You are a sensitive one that's for sure!
I think that's what we're hoping! I was thinking that his experience might help some of the younger guys too since he is coming off a Natty at UGA. I think we'll be fine at WR we're just young. If he had known UGA was gonna toss it around so much he probably stays! LOL! RTR
This article is spot on and any Bama fan that argues with it is delusional. I've been a Bama fan for a looong time but this year there is something that just isn't clicking. UGA is in a class all their own right now and if Bama fans can't see that then you need to stop watching football. Don't come at me with the negativity because it will not be replied to. Instead, swallow your pride and admit the truth! Bama will be fine, I trust in Saban but right now we're second fiddle! Get rid of O'Brien, I am praying that he takes the Nebraska job if offered!RTR
Everyone relax! I've never seen folks argue over something so dang petty like on this site. Absolutely giving an opponents fanbase a little ribbing is fair game but I see so many personal attacks on here that are just uncalled for. Anyways, I read yesterday that the SEC was probably going to eliminate divisions and the top 2 teams play for the SECCG. We will go to a 9 game conference schedule and everyone will have 3 or 4 permanent games and the others rotate so that you go no more than 4 years without playing everyone else. I like it, what do ya'll think? RTR
I can only hope! I didn't like the O'Brien hire when it happened and still don't. I think his play calling is horrible! When I can sit on my couch and call the plays before the snap that's not good. I miss, Sark and Lane! LOL
Relax dude, this is a COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER! So what you're saying is that you've never had a bad day? Wow, that's awesome! Maybe stay in the Boondocks and off this page with these stupid comments.
Just had this conversation with a buddy at work and I said that UGA is the cream of the crop right now. Nobody in the East is going to give them a game. Enjoy it Dawg fans! Now you'll see what Bama has put up with the last decade +, when you're on top everyone is going to take shots at you regardless! You will get everyone's A Game when you play, although it doesn't seem like the teams they have played so far had a B Game at any point, so them boys better not take a break! Kirby will keep them focused I'm sure. Enjoy it Dawg fans and don't let the idiot trolls bring you down! I just hope we can get back to that level! RTR and enjoy the rest of the season!