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It's funny how these retarded puppy fans come on here to avoid defending the driving habits, or lack there of, that persist in the cesspool that is Athens! I figured you idiots were volunteering to drive the players around since your dumbazz coach doesn't care if they live or die. Sheesh, what a sh!tshow it is in the cesspool!
There’s the dumbest mother fu cker on here! The fact that you comment thinking you’re better than everyone else on here and the condescending things you say to other fans makes you think you’re a big man but in reality we all know that you’re compensating for a lack of something and i bet we can guess what it is! Yes this site , I’m sure, was developed for discussion but you consistently throw jabs at every other fan base like uga has been relevant for years when this is probably the first time they’ve been relevant in your life. I can have a respectful conversation on here with folks without name calling and such but that’s not your demeanor. If all you want to do is throw jabs at people gtfoh and go do it somewhere else. It’s easy when you hide behind your keyboard. So quit being a fu cking pu ssy azz bi tch to people, i swear these Ga libtards are out of control.
Hey melch, give me the definition of a "Blue Chip" fu ckface. Man I hope you don't have kids, we don't need fu cking retards running around everywhere like they do in your house.
Humper you are by far the dumbest mother fu cker on this site. You know dang well you wouldn’t talk to the people on here like you do if it were in person. You’re a fu cking coward POS. I hope your kids, if anyone was dumb enough to marry and sleep with you and if so she probably looks like a fu ckin Sasquatch, get their azzes kicked everyday at school and your Sasquatch of a wife falls swinging from a tree. Your parents probably blew their own heads off themselves looking at what a fu cking retard they raised. Go somewhere else you maggot.
And we'll still finish higher than LSWho! Next time you refer to Bama just call us Daddy little man. Go eat some more corndogs you inbred fu cking retard.
Hey fu ckface aka little negan, go dig up your daddy and let him diddle you one more time you fu cking waste of a load! Your momma should have swallowed.
Im sorry, did he say every single player in College? No, i didn't think so. Go back to your fu cking doublewide you moron, put your jorts on and get to hittin on sister/cousin.
It's ok, it's been over 20 since he left that sh ithole LSU, you can let it go now. I know he owned LSU when he was at Bama but come on, let it go. Maybe you can fight Humper over who gets to suck off Kirby more, just a thought!
Nice try idiot! Your initial comment says "Blue Chip" not 4 or 5 star recruits, there's a difference. If only someone invented a website to look up said information. The only thing is that you would have to take Kirby's di ck out of your mouth first so I don't even know if that's possible.
The retard humper doesn't know the definition of a Blue Chip athlete. "Blue chips are athletes, particularly high school players, targeted for drafting or signing by teams at the college level." Now, please continue you fu cking idiot.
There’s that fake valor pos bullpuppydlck! What you been up to when your not diddling little kids or sucking meat sticks?
Bubba's waiting on his sister/cousin to get off the short yellow bus so he can go play doctor!
hahahaha, I love it when this idiot gets all butthurt and goes on a rant about absolutely nothing! "He’s not replacing Penix Jr in a passing offense lol" No sh1t dumbazz, Penix is going to the NFL. And he even added the lol at the end! LOL
"All true until the very last statement. Detroit spreads you out more than any other team and runs the closest thing to a spread RPO and well, Detroit and Goff were pretty good." You named one team idiot! What about the other 31? What a simpleton!
UGAplayswithD, your mother should have swallowed you instead!
Your mother should have kept her legs closed or not allowed your sperm donor inside of her!
I've been to Knoxville and it is a pure sh!thole! Keep that same energy next year after we whip that azz cause I'm coming over to f@ck your wife and your mother after that game! Heup hasn't done a dang thing, at least our coach has played for a natty yours can't even spell natty!
dang little ronnie boy, you're f@cking dogs and goats now? How are you gonna get on someone for not owning their single wide when in fact you don't own your double wide/ meth lab that you live in with Uncle Daddy. Do better little boy.
Now i get it, humper, little dougie & fake valor are all in the same circle jerk! NOW IT MAKES SENSE! Awwww, ya'll are cute sticking up for each other like that.
Hey fake valor, I had a suspicion you and little dougie had a thing going! I didn't mean to expose your lifestyle and get you that upset! Will you forgive me? LMAO
I think you just love being first! You know, first to suck and swallow my load, first to jump on your knees when kirby comes around, first to diddle your kids, first to be pivot in your weekly circle jerks and of course first to bend over and smile like a doughnut for your daddy negan. We know!