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Now that's a dumb statement Bryan chip. There are more important things than money. and when you have more than enough what's the point
He was this close to being with Saban and the boys (those red elephants)
Nope it isn't. And in a life after this world with CHRIST, it isn't gonna really matter
He's not a devout Christian if he's giving into her hence the term devout
you're right that is an extremely retarded statement. HairyDawn 77 is a phony as a Christian and is a horrible example for the SEC
You're a Christian ?? Really ? Who are you gonna get to believe that. ?
You not only give Christians a bad name you're bad for the SEC as well. Do your research better or pipe down
No nothing Christian about you Hairy Dawg77. Not real sure you are one. Over 70 % of America claims to be saved. But we all know those numbers aren't even close. if Tebow was gay he wouldn't be dating any woman. And true Christians don't don't try and hide being gay to impress the media. There's not a single thing out there to make anyone think Tebow is gay. Why cause he's strong enough and has enough conviction not to jump in the sack with every woman he can like 90 % of this country would or maybe cause you would?