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I never care much for coach Myer, personality differences i guess cause i truley don't know him. Having said that I feel like his players loved him and played hard for him and he invested alot into hjs guys on and off the field. Good coach made college football better and will be missed. I wish hom and his family well Roll Tide!
To get Bama you have to make it to the playoffs so sit down enjoy your awesome win and be quite
I agree they are very fast secondary is much better and a dual threat QB, however I have to say Oklahoma was not the team yesterday they were suppose to be we will repesent well but I m not shooting my mouth off!
Do what they gotta do I don't like Muschamp I think it's a bad move for the Gamecocks @js
gator fan 92 man what a team y'all have!! The Fla. D is for real and with Grier back the game last night would have been a lot different #makesecgreat!gain
Bama nation ignore this diversion and focus on. supporting Bama as they prepare to win the SEC championship!!!
LSU is a good young team, they will win out and appear in a New Years six game. I hurts every team has winny fans we sure have ours good luck coach Miles and the LSU Tigers