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Rebuilding alabama?!? we aren’t lsWHO. We don’t rebuild cupcake. BAMA RELOADS. You know that....stop being ridiculous. 5-5??!? Not a chance in TTown.
They need to hire a “permanent” head coach. Nobody wants to stay when they have no idea if they are going to have their 3rd coach in two years if Steele doesn’t stay. This interim head coach title isn’t helping anything. I hope they continue to be decimated. It’s Karma for UcheaT. Have loved owning them the past decade.
This article is quite petty. There are countless instances of SEC players being snubbed on the all-American team because their stats were slightly lower or even comparable to another player who was awarded the honor. Sometimes an SEC player has twice the stats/games played and still doesn’t get first team (Mac Jones) over someone who is more hyped (Lawrence). “How tough those yards were to gain” is not a factor considered by those who vote. There are clearly an handful of candidates who may be deserving. Seems like an A&M grad wrote this....
What a ludicrous comment. Do you need that much attention??
This is HILARIOUS. Boosters made it very clear they own this team and Sark is simply there to call plays. No wonder this program is pathetic. Boosters can’t keep their nose out of the head football coach’s business. I’m glad to see Sark already stressing. This is embarrassing to TX...and especially to Sark. Daddy said “NO.” Sark probably got a little spanking too. who wants to go play in that atmosphere?? And especially coach in it?!
An lsWHO analyzing their Daddy’s roster. Can’t wait to continue our dominance over lsWHO and continue showing last year was the biggest fluke the sport has ever seen with lsu. We will make it what 11 of 12?
He did brush Orgeron to the side. Did you see what has happened every year but the one fluke year y’all barely squeaked by us?! What was this years aka the most recent score??
Lame vol fans bashing this kid who was a Stud and could have gone anywhere yet chose UT. They should be thankihim for even coming. If you can look yourself in the mirror and say you would have stayed when 90% of the staff you committed to is gone, you have major sanctions over your head and your next head coach is still undetermined or only the “interim head coach” are flat lying to yourselves. Not to mention things are heading down the toilet at Rocky Flop. Quit being sour and wish this kid well and try thanking him for busting his tail every day even when you were horrible this season. He would get 0 exposure at UT this year. NONE. I’ve never heard such pathetic ungrateful fans. You deserve another 5 years of being the laughing stock of the SEC.
Ohhhh are such a laughing stock. You would sell your soul to be remotely relevant again. UcheaT. You cheat and still have a 6 game losing streak.
I love it. It’s called karma vol students. Stay out of the protesting coaching hires business. You clearly have no clue.
How do you know it’s not true?? You are just as guilty throwing stones when you don’t know for sure. I’d trust DP’s sources before yours. You are simply angry/worried he mentioned UGA is next.
Butch Strong and Applewhite were certainly ex-head coaches in college.
You didn’t miss anything. You are 0-2 going on month 2. If Nielson really wanted it he could have put up a bigger fight. Give him the measles irrelevant “assistant coach” title and he is appeased
LSWHO and Orgeron are pathetic. Who honestly wants to risk their career coaching for Ed Orgeron?! The guy is a complete idiot. Have you heard him?! Seen him without Brady & Aranda?
I enjoyed reading it. “Inzminguh” sounds just like Orgeron’s moronic sounding self.
Everything related to LSWHO is a dumpster fire. They’ve been turned down by multiple DCs and it’s getting more embarrassing by the moment. May improve to only 4 losses next year with this guy but that would be an average season for the corn dogs.....
gimme a break. Flash in the pan. Won’t happen again.
oh I love it’s it’s something called KARMA FAT PHIL!!! I still have my “Fat Phil Loves to Squeal” t-shirt I bought freshman year in Tuscaloosa. We all know you were told to resign....
What’s your excuse for the Barn being so bad?! Can’t afford another sCam. A barner talking about paying players and compliance
Such a sad story. All that talent and he can’t get his mind right. What a waste.
Wonder how else they can possibly attempt to copy BAMA. They do in everything else and expect this to be the exact same. Still taking those L’s to BAMA.
A Texas fan talking asking why a kid would want to go to another pathetic irrelevant program is quite comical. “Weeee’reeee Baaaccckkk”
What a pathetic look for Sarkisian. He attempts to hire all of Saban’s staff and/or former coaches that have coached under Saban and thinks he can become the next BAMA that way. Be your own man. Attempting to copy cat and be a little Nick Saban wannabe is pathetic and embarrassing. I have more respect for Kirby Smart the way he left than Sark. That IS bad. Thanks for saving my career when NOBODY would touch me with a ten foot pole after USC fired me. O and as a thank you, I am hiring your entire staff on the way out. Without Saban, Sark would be a nobody. Can’t wait for Sark to realize he is nothing and an average nobody without BAMA and BAMA’s players. He will learn that just as he did in Atlanta. Can’t wait to see him continue to be dominated by OU and for BAMA to kick his a$$ in Austin in two years. I’ll be there.
I love how you keep mentioning the interception like it stood. The INT/turnover was completely erased when he couldn’t hold on to the ball when he was completely LEVELED and knocked tf out. BAMA retained possession and scored that series. Do you remember that. But hey I understand moral victories are important to Florida fans