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There is a lot and I mean a lot to respect about TN’s football program over the past 15 years huh? Just stop with the brown nosing please.... there is honestly nothing respectable about TN or how they have conducted themselves the past 15 years+. Get real.
Why are you writing a full 10 chapter book on why the ever so predictable hype around lowly Georgia this year is going to lead to something it never has before in the last 40-50 years? This was an article about TN’s freshman QB being suspended. I think your in the wrong place.... “King Negan’s” post and rants continue to be completely irrelevant, highly delusional, and quite comical. Surprise surprise......
Get a grip. Two years ago we were depleted with season ending injuries. 4 season ending injuries at the same position (inside LB). We lost our best WR 5 games into the season last year and our starting DLineman in Labryan Ray. Get out of here with that “it only happens to us crap.” You are down a slightly above average WR. Don’t start with the excuses. Georgia has been one of the most healthy teams in the SEC the past 3-4 years & pretty lucky on the injury front for the most part.
B/c well....who wants to lose? That’s why. Nobody likes a flash in the pan program. If we are being honest.
Ed Orgeron and Will Wade?! In the midst of the rape-scandal they are trying to throw Miles under The bud for and Wade who was on tape talking about paying players? Not to mention Orgeron being the first coach to have one good season only and then go .500You dont have a clue clearly.
I’m sure LSWHo had absolutely ZERO knowledge. Not a soul believes that.
He looks just as desperate as you and other GA fans begging him to come when “could have chose to lose with” Georgia before he committed to Florida and LSU initially. Lol. You are doing the same thing he is except he actually plays. You are just a known troll.... This shows your level of intelligence “Negan” Not a good look for some who calls themself “Bobby the Brain.” Also, who puts a signature on a SDS post? You realize your name is at the top right?
Jim Ross likes the hire. That’s all that matters. Keep your head up rocky Flop. Apparently all is well
Clearly this kid has issues. He will go where the most lenient coach is who allows him to do what he wants. What a waste of god given ability bc his attitude and maturity. Sad to see. The next Antonio Alfano.
Being the first WR heisman winner since Desmond has nothing to do with just how special and unique and ABOVE the rest has nothing to do with the conversation?
Chase is more athletic? It was solely Smittys hands that won him the heisman. what a laughable comment. Not his blazing quickness, his incredible jump off the ball, unmatched route running, or his heart. Don’t blame you though...a boog wouldn’t know an elite special receiver it is slapped him across the face
So if I go to UCF you will give me lots of playing time even though you didn’t like me enough at the Barn??!?!?
Exactly lsWHO & Orgeron will need a few lawyers on staff.
Hypothetical run for President Can’t think of a more ridiculous plot line or a worse way to waste my time than by watching an autobiography on the rock who became “famous” by wrastlin.
I hope he proves your negative attitude and wrong. Give the young kid a break.
When you literally have a 50% chance of winning a national championship EVERY YEAR, have more players drafted by the NFL by a LONG shot, have the highest graduation rate only second to Vandy, and you can almost guarantee these kids that ALL their dreams will come true that’s the thing... you don’t have to pay them to come to your school. You don’t have to make empty promises to these kids like Georgia and lsWHO and Florida where they promise you things and there is a small chance it MAY come true. They don’t have the facts and proof. At BAMA, you can look at their track record and the PROOF is their to back up the promises BAMA makes. It’s that simple. If you are a recruit do you want to gamble your dreams on a empty promise?! Or go with the program that can show you the proof in the pudding. Exactly. Haters keep hating. Barstool Sports is lame for this line of questioning reaching for straws to find the next big story. Pathetic. “Barstool Sports” is right.
You like that he is hiring staff from Assumption University?!? Quit kidding yourself. He has no other options. Everyone else is leaving or going elsewhere.
South Carolina has really hit rock bottom. Assumption university?!?
He has no right to be released. He accepted cash to go there. He is just as guilty. Now that the cash has dried up he wants out?? Laughable. He should have to serve day for day in prison aka Knoxville Rocky Flop TN
Bet nobody throws at him or gives him the ol’ brush back....
Exactly wait watch and then think about making a comparison to the Big Hurt. A little premature bc he hit a couple HRs even if they were BOMBS. The pitcher looked like he was a HS freshman who weighs 160lb soaking wet that threw a 65 mph “heater.” Let’s watch him vs the best arms in the country. My guess is they make him look silly for the most part.
How about your team not lose more than one game (looking at you Georgia) or not lose late in the season (Florida) and play a decent schedule. Quit whining bc you can’t make it into the top 4. It’s the chance to play for a national title!!! It’s not supposed to be an elite once in a life time opportunity NOT an “all have a chance” you get in for simply participating a season. It’s special. Win or go home. Play tough non conference opponents. Expanding the playoffs will destroy college football’s regular season and more importantly destroy rivalries. Teams with 2 losses should NEVER get in the playoffs. That’s what will happen with 8. Then teams 9,10,11,&12 will complain bc they got left out. You are asking college kids to play a 15-18 game seasons which will result in so many more injuries. These are 18-21 year old kids not pros getting paid millions. What a joke this convo is. Win and quit complaining bc you are not good enough (Looking at all the cry baby Georgia fans) The BCS was the best format with great bowl games that meant a lot. Win or go home. Roll Tide.
THE lsWHO?!?THE same lsWHO who went 5-5 this year and got creamed YET AGAIN by THE Dynasty, I mean BAMA??? (Sorry tried to be as lame as saying THE lsWHO) The same lsWHO who has been embarrassed by BAMA 9 out of the last 10?? Even in your fluke of a season, where you FINALLY beat BAMA, you squeaked by. Had Tua not mysteriously dropped the ball without contact as he was running wide open into the end zone when we marched down the field on the opening possession, your miracle season would have been squashed. But we all know what they say a/b “ifs and buts.” Just an example of when lsWHO beats us once in a is a fluke. They barely get by the worst team we’ve had in 12 years. In contrast, we flat out embarrass and shred lsWHO 90% of the time. But you showed how much of a fluke your season was by being the first natty team to go .500 Flash in the pan lsWHO. Maybe you will win another in 15-20 years. Until then...back to your typical 3 loss seasons. I sometime find myself wondering if BAMA will go .500 next year??