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Here we go with this envious jeaLSU loudmouth. Dude spends 24/7 on BAMA articles dreaming and wishing his lousy, flash in the pan tigers could be us. 1 title every 15 years isn’t good enough for us. We prefer 6 in 12 years. Get a life bubba. Sounds like a Louisiana name. Your jealousy shows through in every obnoxious post you make.
I’m so sick of college football completely being dominated by money in every single aspect now. Greg Sankey is a sleeze ball for allowing this. He simply wants a bigger paycheck. Oklahoma and Texas bring NOTHING to our conference. The fact that Sankey was having these talks while TX and OU were members of another conference and will be until 2025 is a joke. Where is the class and respect for our Conference commissioners?? You are ruining the SEC and this will completely change what has been the best league and the best schedule with annual rivals and annual permanent crossover games. All Sankey is doing is helping Texas and OU. Especially TX who can’t win with the SEC brand name. It’s clearly set in stone with all this behind the scenes backstabbing that’s gone on but how great it would be for Mizzou, A&M, Ole Miss, & LSU to vote no. They won’t bc their ADs and Presidents are also only concerned with more money. What a joke. “Requesting an invitation”?! How comical.
Most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. A 4 team divisional conference?? Where teams not only have to play in a unjustifiable 12 team playoff and now the SEC has to play yet another game to make it to the sec championship?? That’s ridiculous and the SEC would destroy itself by playing each other. Greg Stanley needs to man up and tell Texas and OU to stay in the little 12. As much as they have bad mouthed the SEC and think they are the gods of college football. The only reason they want to join is to help them recruit. The SEC is already the best and already difficult enough to make it through. Man up Sankey and for once don’t make a decision based on money like the CFP did. Big money Texas is a joke. They brings nothing to the table from what they’ve done the past decade besides greed for $$$.
The OK legislature is going to get involved in whether a college football team can weasel their way into another conference? You seriously believe that?
That is correct. We don’t care about bowling or underwater basket weaving. Sorry.
In what universe does a Kentucky fan feel like he can speak about National Championships during football season? It’s not basketball season which means your input means absolutely NOTHING to anyone. From the looks of your basketball season looks like that’s going down the pipes...but who cares about college basketball if we are being honest. I mean seriously.... With football season on the horizon, the excitement of wondering whether your kittens will become bowl eligible is clearly getting too much for you to handle. Pipe down in tiger. With a football program that is only guaranteed a win over Vandy (in a nail biter), you are embarrassing yourself.
LSWHO is a baseball school and it’s not even close. It’s right there for everyone to see but it is hilarious to acknowledge it. Those are what you call FACTS. The word going around campus has it that Mainieri “retired” so they could fire Orgeron this year and make him the new football coach. They believe with Mainieri, they can get back to their 3-4 losses a year average rather than being .500 How embarrassing is it for the program every time Orgeron opens his mouth in public. What appears to be a grown man literally has a lower IQ than a corndog.
Right??? If he doesn’t start (which he won’t at BAMA) he will be a locker room cancer and transfer immediately. Book it.
Sorry the “Saban was nobody until Kirby” line was a good one. A real knee slapper Negan. “Kirby built Saban not Belichek”-Negan Award for most ignorant comment goes to you...and the CFB season hasn’t even started this year. Congrats. Back to fantasy land you go.....
Oh Negan. Ignorance truly is bliss. Alabama “ain’t got nothin” the puppies don’t have. Besides 6 titles in the past 12 years. The pups have 0. The pups haven’t beat BAMA since 2007 and are on a 6 game losing streak. Maybe eventually you guys can win ONE kind of like LSWho... From a materialistic standpoint you are correct though...Kirby literally ensures he imitates Saban & BAMa in every possible way including facilities and recruiting tactics. Quite lame and pathetic but to be expected from the pupil who looks up to his Master. In terms of things that are earned like victories,relevance, championships, rings, tradition, players drafted, heisman trophies, and creating the greatest DYNASTY CFB has ever seen......the pups have absolutely NONE of that. It must be nice to live in your own fantasy land. Good news for the pups &kirby...playoff has expanded to 12. Let’s just hope you don’t play Cincinnati again. A real nail biter...Bork Bork bork. Woof.
“Seen the field” in 7 games you corndogs are so literal....
HELLL-UUURrrRrRrRRRRRoll Tide Big Boy. No swag like the classiest traditional crimson and whiteHe doesn’t have to grow another inch and he is already SEC size.
Are you done rambling?! Saying Georgia is better than BAMAand especially predicting Jawjuh to beat BAMA is hilarious. You are more delusional that Peasant Negan. You can dream and predict all you want. Or you can live in reality and look at the facts of what’s happened the past decade. Come to BAMA where you have. A proven track record of winning a title EVER OTHER YEAR and a greater change of being drafted in the first two rounds, better chance of being on an NFL roster....should I keep going? Jawjuh hasn’t beat BAMA in what 7 tries? Eventually you may win & your record will be 1-7 vs BAMA. Then you can be proud. Jawjuh can’t even beat South Carolina and Florida (who embarrassed them last year.)
There is a lot and I mean a lot to respect about TN’s football program over the past 15 years huh? Just stop with the brown nosing please.... there is honestly nothing respectable about TN or how they have conducted themselves the past 15 years+. Get real.
Why are you writing a full 10 chapter book on why the ever so predictable hype around lowly Georgia this year is going to lead to something it never has before in the last 40-50 years? This was an article about TN’s freshman QB being suspended. I think your in the wrong place.... “King Negan’s” post and rants continue to be completely irrelevant, highly delusional, and quite comical. Surprise surprise......
Get a grip. Two years ago we were depleted with season ending injuries. 4 season ending injuries at the same position (inside LB). We lost our best WR 5 games into the season last year and our starting DLineman in Labryan Ray. Get out of here with that “it only happens to us crap.” You are down a slightly above average WR. Don’t start with the excuses. Georgia has been one of the most healthy teams in the SEC the past 3-4 years & pretty lucky on the injury front for the most part.
B/c well....who wants to lose? That’s why. Nobody likes a flash in the pan program. If we are being honest.
Ed Orgeron and Will Wade?! In the midst of the rape-scandal they are trying to throw Miles under The bud for and Wade who was on tape talking about paying players? Not to mention Orgeron being the first coach to have one good season only and then go .500You dont have a clue clearly.
I’m sure LSWHo had absolutely ZERO knowledge. Not a soul believes that.
He looks just as desperate as you and other GA fans begging him to come when “could have chose to lose with” Georgia before he committed to Florida and LSU initially. Lol. You are doing the same thing he is except he actually plays. You are just a known troll.... This shows your level of intelligence “Negan” Not a good look for some who calls themself “Bobby the Brain.” Also, who puts a signature on a SDS post? You realize your name is at the top right?
Jim Ross likes the hire. That’s all that matters. Keep your head up rocky Flop. Apparently all is well
Clearly this kid has issues. He will go where the most lenient coach is who allows him to do what he wants. What a waste of god given ability bc his attitude and maturity. Sad to see. The next Antonio Alfano.
Being the first WR heisman winner since Desmond has nothing to do with just how special and unique and ABOVE the rest has nothing to do with the conversation?
Chase is more athletic? It was solely Smittys hands that won him the heisman. what a laughable comment. Not his blazing quickness, his incredible jump off the ball, unmatched route running, or his heart. Don’t blame you though...a boog wouldn’t know an elite special receiver it is slapped him across the face