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I am a life long Bama fan but MSU is definitely a team I will be pulling for on every Saturday except one. I am excited for the bulldog fans. It’s going to be an awesome year next year in the west.
This same KSU team gave up 24 points to South Dakota so let’s see what happens when SEC play starts. They could be legitimate but we don’t know about any team right now because it’s still to early in the season to make any assumptions
I know he wouldn’t go but I would love to see what Hurts could do in Paul Johnson’s offense at Georgia Tech. Fits his skill set and when he would be asked to throw the receivers are generally wide open.
Arkansas is a much better fit for Jalen. Almost a sure starting spot.
Point 1 = Saban is on the record multiple times saying all power 5 conference teams play exclusively other power five conference teams. He also goes on to say that these games are what is hurting attendance a in all conferences across the country. Until that happens why would Alabama want to do that? He is on the record wanting 9 conference games! Why should he choose to be the martyr when no one else in the country does it? Point 2 = How would these smaller schools fund their athletic departments without these games? There are many kids who earn scholarships and are actually student athletes at these small schools. Many of these kids wouldn’t have a access to an education without playing for these small schools. Point 3 = How do you schedule tough out of conference games so far in advance? I mean look at the home & away series that Bama is signing now out in the mid 20s. Saban could and probably will be gone and Bama could be a dumpster fire just like the teams that they scheduled could be.
I don’t think he meant any disrespect, but this kind of hyperbole and lip service will continue until UGA strings some seasons together consistently (and they will). Once that happens this will stop. This is just people trying to get headlines and get there name out in the press.
Object of the game is to win. 1. Get the best players possible = coaching 2. Win games with said players = coaching Did this moron just try to trash Sabans defense for giving up 8 40 point games in 11 years? Really?
When the head coach gets fired and you have no guarantee of future employment you start looking and find something else. I agree LSUMC. I am starting to really think that the this board is a tad hypocritical. If this board moves forward with this it will come across as petty with the amount of money they have in endowments.
Well if they are looking at just the Georgia game that’s a fair comment, but I can think of several throws Tua made last year that are next level throws. The TD to Riggs against Tennessee and the ridiculous TD against Vanderbilt come to mind.
Anyone taking bets on chest pains ?
I can’t believe these players now. When I was in college we would nev... hav.... yeah never mind. Give these kids a break. The media, cops and every other adult on the planet act like they were choir boys and girls in college. If this were a student on academic scholarship we wouldn’t even know about this stuff. Some people (most) do stupid things when they are young and I am tired of the adults who have developed CLOM disease since they graduated. By the way CLOM disease is an acronym for Convenient Loss Of Memory.
Your statement is partially true. USC does have different (stronger requirements) than the SEC. Steve Spurrier tried to get that changed while he was there the whole time. The SEC rule is the minimum requirement. Vanderbilt and Texas A&M have similar rules.
If that’s the case why did ole Kirby try to take 3/4 of his coaches? Seems like he doesn’t care about character to much either then. Everybody needs to remember if possible that if you have a buddy that gets in some trouble and loses his job you are going to try to help him out. Happens everyday in the real world
Is it possible for SDS to STOP posting articles about this a$$hats opinions. He is only using the media for attention and to keep his name circulating for future job opportunities! He did a great job at Alabama and we appreciate what he did but his opinions are bs to keep you spinning up news with his name attached
Ridiculous and delusional. Look at the facts. For all of the smoke getting blown it’s still situational. The state of Georgia produced four 5 star players this year and Kirby got those kids. That is what shot the class up. Lets see what he does next year when damn near the whole defense is gone next year. No five star players in state for Alabama this year and they only sign 21 players but believe what you will Saban is undefeated against former assistants on the field.
Dude the Kirby affect? He is an in state kid! Of course he went to Georgia. The only difference now and when Richt was there is defense. I like Kirby and wish Georgia luck, but let’s all be honest here Kirby walked into multiple years of top 5 recruiting classes. This was a good year for high school in Georgia. Next year it’s going to be Louisiana with close to double digit five star kids available.
Management of the athletic departments in the sec are ridiculous. They knew this was a possibility weeks ago. How did they not have an offer ready for today?
This is all just bs. I don’t think Bama should be in but this OSU justification is bs. Why not USC? They can say they lost on the road against two 9-3 teams. They play 9 conference games and Notre Dame? Until we get a true playoff that is decided on the field like every other sport it’s a joke.
I have been saying his name since the beginning. He will make Vol fans proud. Now they need to give home the money he needs to put together a defensive staff.
A word of caution. That hire a ( out university name here) man bs caused Bama about 25 years of mediocrity. Get the best coach available that will take the job. There are two good coaches still out there that no one has mentioned. Bobby Petrino Mike Leach
Dear lord somebody please tell me why Mike Leach isn’t already in Knoxville!!
I was wondering about the DC at Clemson. He is legit and has proven that at a few schools too. Leach would still be my pick if my school was shopping
Leach would be a great hire for Tennessee. His system would have them back in the hunt immediately.
There is another coach close to the Tampa area and his name is Charlie Strong. Not saying this is good or bad just sayin.
Especially since the SEC commissioner was on the NCAA infractions committee when this went down. He might be aware of issues that still isn’t pubic knowledge
It probably wouldn’t have been as much of an issue before the basketball scandal erupted. That now makes it a huge deal.