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Georgia definitely the favorite for now. They've pretty much punched their ticket to ATL and the CFP. Alabama still has work to do to get to ATL. Anyway, Roll Tide!
I would stick with Bennett for now and probably the rest of the season. Until he starts struggling, there is no reason to put in a QB who is not 100%.
Michigan at Michigan State should be a good one.
Still not on the Cincy train. Best win is against Notre Dame, who slipped past VT, Toledo, and Florida St. Looking at their schedule they should win out no problem, not a single good team, with the exception being SMU, for now. they have no business being in the playoff. The Playoff will be, not ranked in any specific order: Georgia, regardless of the result of the SECCG Big Ten champ, either M, MSU, PSU, or OSU as long as one of those teams has less than 1 loss. Big 12 champ, at the moment either Oklahoma or OKST, most likely Oklahoma (again) And the wild card. Could be Cincy, Oregon, or Bama at the moment, Bama being the logical selection due to strength of schedule (if they make it and win the SECCG) Still to early to tell who will make it. It'll be an interesting next couple of week!
This is ridiculous. Hopefully he can find somewhere else to coach.
Lol. Doubt it, but wouldn't that be awesome? The media would blow up.
It's nice to see coach smile every once in a while
At Bama you wait your turn, that's how it works. Eventually, if he stays patient and stays, he'll see good playing time and hopefully be a good player.
Is thing okay? Pitt at 7! They lost to Western Michigan! Florida at 8?!? they're 4-3. Iowa State at 9?!? They fell off the face of the earth. Clemson at 10!?! No offense at all. Not to mention Tennessee, Nebraska, and Texas in this thing to.
There is not really a guy who everybody wants to hire to this season. Will be interesting how this unfolds.
Didn't this dude just get to MSU in 2020, after being at Colorado for 1 season, Would he change schools again? Sorry don't see that happening.
Don't write in a Bama-Georgia SECCG yet, a lot of football left to be played.
I expect similar results in the AP poll
Wow! This isn't much of a surprise, but the timing is weird. If your LSU, who do you hire as your next HC? Discuss
I just can't see that happening with the way GA is playing, but this season has been crazy so you never know.
Oklahoma at 2? I don't care that they are undefeated, They've been squeaking by in almost every game. Cinci at 3 is ridiculous. Their best win is against overrated Notre Dame. Other than that they haven't played anyone good. Ohio St should be out of the top-10. Overrated and lost AT HOME to Oregon. But the media LOVES them and will do whatever they have to do get them in the playoff.
Nice bounceback performance by Young and the rest of the team. Liked the redzone playcalling, good to see no turnovers, and less mistakes (drops, penalties). Roll Tide!
Nice bounceback win. Let's celebrate tonight, but tomorrow our focus shifts to Tennessee. Roll Tide!
He's right. However, we'll see what happens on the football field Saturday night. Gotta clean up those silly mistakes. Roll Tide!
Then again in todays world he sorta had but no choice to resign
I hate when people in the media go through looking at things from 10 years ago just to try to destroy a persons reputation. It's sad.
We weren't playing for anything in the Michigan, Oklahoma, MSU, and Utah games Figured I'd include them anyway. The point is Saban is currently unbeaten in games following a regular season loss.
In a season of upsets, Kentucky has a chance to add to the insanity. Anything can happen. We'll see what happens though. I hope its a good game.
I get what they were trying to do, but the lowest score in golf wins :)
Aside from the Alabama game (or whoever your team is) week 8 around college football looks pretty boring. At the moment, there is not a game between 2 ranked teams.
Hardest game left, in my opinion, is between Miss St because its a road game, Arkansas because they are playing good football, and AU because it's a road game.