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Good. Reports say Battle is coming back too. This defense has the potential to be really good. Roll Tide!
Lot of returning starters on defense. Per reports Hellams and Battle are returning also. Defense COULD be really good next year. Only area of concern is WR for next year. Williams, Metchie, and Bolden are all gone.
Though it's unlikely, I hope he comes back for one more season and another chance at a natty.
Because of team-leaders like Young and Anderson, I'm excited for the 2022 season. Hopefully, a few draft-eligible players come back for another chance at a natty, the younger guys develop and get better, and the newbies can help improve the team. Roll Tide!
A few takeaways I had from this game: #1 Injuries were too much to overcome. Losing your two best and most experienced receivers in the last three games of the season really, really hurt. Also, Injuries to our running backs (Williams and McClellan, both good pass catching backs) and defensive starters earlier in the season really hurt - #2 Horrible offensive play calling in the redzone. Just like in the A&M game, O'Brien insists on passing the ball inside the 10 yard line. I don't care if it is 2022, line up in I-formation and run the d@mn ball. Field goals instead of TDs made this a very different game. - #3 Offensive line was bad. No time to throw. No room to run the ball. Lose the battle at the L.O.S., you lose the game. - #4 Defense did all it could to keep us in the game for a little over 2 quarters. - #5 Saban squeezed all he could out of this team. Think about all we accomplished this year. Losing your 2 best WR's, a starting QB, a starting RB and a couple of key coaches and yet we beat our bitter rivals, won the division, won the conference, produced a Heisman winning QB, won the Cotton Bowl, and came a dreadful 4th quarter away from winning the natty. This team outperformed my and everybody's expectations. Flush it down the toilet and get ready for 2022. Now, the long wait until fall begins.
Seems like a solid hire. What a wild coaching carousel and it's still not over yet.
As much as I'd like to see us win, I just don't see us beating Georgia.
I know there is a less than 1% chance of this happening, but consider the following scenario: Georgia wins over Alabama by 1 score Iowa upsets Michigan Baylor upsets Oklahoma State Houston upsets Cincy Then, what would happen? They'd put Georgia at #1 and from there it is anybody's guess. I'd say 2 loss Bama gets in, 2 loss Baylor gets in, and 1 loss Notre Dame (yuck) gets in. That would be absolutely wild. RTR!
A lot people in the media are trying to make it seem like the Bama-UGA SECCG is gonna be an all time classic game that forever be remembered by fans. I just don't see that happening. I'd say the game ends in 3 outcomes, one being more likely than the other 2. Outcome 1: Georgia blows out Bama. The Bama o-line is completely overwhelmed and Bryce is running for his life all game long and is sacked 9 times. Georgia's offense plays a good game and rushes for over 200 yards as a team. Bennett is his usual self as he completes 70% of his passes and doesn't turn the ball over. UGA 41-BAMA 10 - Outcome 2: Bama plays its best game of the season and blows out the #1 team in the country. Bryce picks apart the UGA secondary and Metchie and Williams each get a TD. Bama defense holds UGA in check and forces Bennett to win the game with his arm. Bama 35-UGA 13 - Outcome 3: Saban pulls out some old magic and beats his former assistant again, in comeback fashion. Bama doesn't play great and the game is ugly at times. Both defenses play well, but in the end, Bama will pull through with an interception to seal it. Bama 26-UGA 20 - Obviously, I will say outcome 1 will be the result of the game. I can't see Bama winning. This UGA team is what LSU was in 2019 and what Bama was in 2020. Nevertheless, I will root for my team no matter what happens on Saturday night. ROLL TIDE ROLL!
At the end of the season, yes. Midseason coaching changes usually don't work out well.
Yeah, your right. I should have worded my comment differently.
Wow. Coach must be REALLY HAPPY. It was ugly, but a win is a win. Celebrate tonight, then focus on the Georgia game next week. RTR!
The second Bryce got on his knees and prayed in the endzone I knew everything was gonna be okay. We ended up winning the game. Do not underestimate the power of God. ROLL TIDE!
Yep. I can't remember how many times Bama lost this kinda game on the road. Tonight, they found a way to win. What a game. RTR!
As the late, great Keith Jackson might say "Hello Heisman!" What a drive by Young and the offense. 97 yards, with no timeouts, to tie the game after doing almost nothing all game long. Wow. Also, Credit our defense for hanging in their all game long. ROLL TIDE!
WHAT. A. GAME. Definitely a candidate for game of the year. It wasn't perfect, but we found a way to win. ROLL TIDE!
I don't care about the Heisman as much as the Natty, but I'm still waiting for one of the Heisman favorites to have their "Heisman moment." None of them have had it yet. Will be interesting to see who wins. Anyway, Roll Tide!
"they’re better off losing to Auburn" Really? This is a RIVALRY. A bitter rivalry. In-state bragging rights for a year. Auburn is a GOOD football team. Don't be fooled by their record. I don't care anything about the SECCG until the clock hits 0:00 in the 4th quarter on Saturday. I wanna win the Iron Bowl and finish off the regular season on a high note. Make it happen Saban! ROLL TIDE!
Interesting. Now that I think about it you are right. Only one score game recently in the Iron Bowl that Bama won was back in 2009, 26-21. All others were AU wins. However, I expect this game to be close. I agree with what you said when it comes to beating good teams on the road. We will see what happens. Roll Tide!
This is the third time Harbaugh has had a chance to get a big win over OSU. The first time they lost in double OT on the road and probably should've won that game. The second time they got blown out 62-39. This is the third time. Now he has home field advantage. They say third times the charm? Sorry don't see that happening as much as I'd like to see it. OSU 59 Michigan 31
We seriously need some officiating reform. How about the ability to challenge for or against a penalty? Officials have screwed your team at least once, if not more. They have also given your team some favorable calls too.
I think The Iron Bowl will be a close game, as it usually is. It's another "trap game" for Bama. Plus, that stadium is cursed. Who knows maybe I'll be wrong? I hope I am. Roll Tide!
Yes. I remember both of those games very well. Florida was halfway decent when we played them. That was before their season "went off the rails." Not to mention it was on the road in front of 90,000 fans. In the LSU game, our players were looking ahead and didn't prepare well. Do you remember your most recent performances? Struggled against (7-4) Minnesota Lost to overrated Oregon AT HOME Struggled for 3 quarters against (5-6) TUSLA(!) Struggled against (7-4) Penn State AT HOME Struggled against (3-8) Nebraska Look, Bama and OSU are about even, but I'd give the nod to Bama because they compete in the best division in football the SEC West, where all but one team has a winning record.
Unrelated, but there has been too much talk about the upcoming SECCG. There is a game this weekend against a good Auburn team. We should be focused on that. Coach should make sure that our players are ready and focused on the game at hand. Auburn always finds a way to ruin a good season. I pray that they don't this year. ROLL TIDE!
So glad we got our revenge. That beatdown in Miami was an absolute joy to watch. ROLL TIDE!
@ATL Buckeye Better watch your mouth. I'd love to see Georgia beat down OSU in the Natty or playoffs