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Bama has won championships with so so quarterbacks. With Najee, Trey, and Brian in the backfield and the elite group of wide outs, do we really need a Tua caliber. It's a great luxury, but come on guys.
It has just been so long that we have felt this feeling. Not very fun. Devastating loss for Bama. But a great win for Clemson. Them boys were ready and stuck it to Bama.
Bama has some unfinished business to wrap up tonight. Stay focused and let's wrap this up boys.
I’m not going to a nasty city with the problems they have to watch a football game.
Couldn't agree more. And I have no desire to go to a place where Rainbow bumper stickers are the norm.
Dabo is a great coach. Bama boy with passion for the game and it shows when his team plays. Great to see him succeed. He will be coming home when Saban retires, but until them I hope he loses every game against Alabama. Roll Tide.
The Texas game meant everything to Georgia. Needed to make a statement and failed miserably. I always pull for SEC teams in bowl games, so it was difficult to watch last night.
Teams play better football this time of year. You will see a better Clemson team than you have seen all year.
Hope he keeps it rolling.
"Apples & Oranges"? Are you kidding me? Sounds like the same thing to me. Auburn buys their recruits. I'm not butt hurt over anything. You win some, you lose some. But we win more than we lose. Roll Tide Baby.
Harbaugh hasn't produced anything but rhetoric yet. Atleast not here in Michigan. He publicly came out and said he was pulling for Ohio State in the National Championship game. Nothing to see here yet. Harbaugh has to win something before talking, and he is off to a bad start with his recruiting class.
Can't y'all say something positive. Every school has student atheletes with off the field issues. Hopefully this kid gets his act together and finds the playing field somewhere. I know I made a mistake once, and luckily I was afforded a second chance.
OSU finally beat a SEC team when it counted. Congratulations.