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With Tua healthy, Bama will win bigly and dismiss Gus back to Arky.
and Lost. Bragging about getting beat, not a good look. Maybe Gus is ok with losing as long as the schedule is mediocre. Florida just so happened to be Auburn’s crossover game, it wasn’t like you sought it out. And Oregon has been down for several years until this year. Settle down
Auburn will always be little brother to Bama. I think they have accepted that role and roll with it.
terrible scenario you came up with. But it could happen.
Oregon got beat by the 5th best team in the SEC. Quality loss? Nah.
Georgia has been a choke artist for a long time, and this year is no different. Already choked badly once, at home, to a terrible team. I don't think Bama should be in either and I don't think they will be. Win and in. Bama lost and will not have the body of work to make it. And if Bama does somehow make it, Roll Tide.
Bama lost their chance, and really don't deserve to be in the mix for a playoff birth. Win and in is the deal. They lost a game, granted to a good LSU team. But Bama stumbled on their own feet. Done.
They play a rough schedule, but they lost. If you play a rough schedule and win, then absolutely.
If we don't make it, you had better represent the SEC better than Bama did last year.
I'll agree with that. This year doesn't feel like a normal Bama team. Obviously it isn't, we lost to LSU. Rough stuff. The debate is fun though. Love this game.
I show Florida and Auburn outside of the top 10. Anyway, dumb argument. Take your once every 8 years and be happy. Just know that how you feel right now, is how Bama fans feel every year.
I just can't image LSU thought a 20 point lead would hold the entire 2nd half, knowing how explosive Bama is on offense. No way.
I'm not bragging about any wins. But facts are facts. 1 top 10 win buddy. Auburn will finish 8-4. Stick your chest out if you want about that one. Florida has the luxury of being in the East, and still will not finish inside the top 10. Beat that chest buddy. I guess I would as well if I won once every 8 years. Saban, your Daddy still owns LSU, and that won't change because of one year. Enjoy it.
Hates us cause you aint us mentality. You'll know when your team has arrived cause you will shut up about other teams, because everyone will be talking about your team. Until then, relax and enjoy the middle seat.
Name the 3 top 10 teams LSU played. You guys put way to much stock in preseason rankings. Wait till the end of the year. I agree LSU is better than OU though.
They threatened to take the lead on the opening drive. But a stale QB fumbled. It was tragic. I knew right there it was going to be a long afternoon. Changed the entire feel of the game and everyone knew Tua wasn't himself at first. Great game for LSU, but Bama put themselves in a hole they couldn't dig out. It was just as much Bama beating themselves as anything else. I watched the game with several LSU grabs who recognized immediately that Tua was off. Hopefully we get that rematch.
33-13 at half. Played their hearts out to get back in it. Can't take that away from those guys. Enjoy riding Bo Pix and your mickey mouse offense all the way to the Midas Touch Bowl.
Rolling and trolling. I love it. Bama has a lot to prove. I think OSU would mop Bama up.
Bama got punched in the mouth early, and had the character and the resiliency to fight back, and showed relentless competitiveness. They had a chance to win it in the second half had the defense stepped up and tackled anything. Bama doesn't care about how Auburn played against LSU and Auburn should not care about Bama's game. The iron bowl could go either way. But Auburn will end the year 8-4 with a bowl game win. Gus is gone to Arky or maybe Florida State.
Clearly. Kirby is gone and Bama has very little continuity in coordinators from year to year. That is on Saban. He has to do better.
What you just said makes as much sense as wiping before you poop. If LSU should've won big and everyone except Bama fans know, then why did coaches and AP only drop them 1.
Bama gave away plenty of points and had two TD drops. LSU had a good game, but Bama was in it. Everyone saw it. #4 ranked dude. Dropped 1. Oh can't you see.
Bama had drops, Tua had a few early misses, stupid penalties, and still almost won. LSU has a great team, but they didn't beat Alabama. They took advantage of every Bama mistake. Rematch and Bama wins by 17.
I'd rather Bama sit out of the playoff this year, but a beating on Michigan in a bowl game, and come back next year.
half the Defense is hurt moron. Those are the recruits.
For as terrible as Bama played, the mistakes, turnovers, penalties, and Tua being off for the first half, and they had a chance to win it at the end. Proud of my boys. Rematch will be very different in the CFP if they get that opportunity. Bama has a lot of growing up to do, and I’m sure this helped.