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I’m trying to ask a serious question. As the HC, it is all your responsibility. You are in charge of these young men and developing them.
Why do you think Kirby can’t develop a QB? The Fromm kid was a good get for UGA, then He regressed. Suppose to go the other way.
If that pleases you it’s no wonder you like the Newman transfer. Bar is low.
That is what I’m saying!! I disagree that Newman will win you a natty. Fromm was better than Newman, in my opinion. Newman is not the answer. Maybe develop from within and recruit the right players. Hope it works out for you. Not trolling, I actually do hope it works out. A healthy UGA is good for the SEC.
Can’t deny that what I said is true, or point out things you disagree with, just label and shame. Kirby went and got this kid because he thinks he can win the SEC and have the best chance to win a natty. Right? Do you disagree?
These Dawg fans struggle with facts and reality. I just let it go after a while. They think Newman is going to come in a win the SEC, and do does Kirby. That’s why he went and got him. The lights are in fact dim in Athens.
Wow. I have never had something like that happen. At least I’m not aware of that. Seems like something a basement dweller would do.
If you touched me it was memorable. Which isn’t surprising. Are you Nadler? Hunter Even though you guys clearly don’t agree with me posting on Georgia articles, I do enjoy the banter. It is at least entertaining.
Yes it is a fairly easy schedule, but Clemson can’t make the teams better on their schedule. Nothing you can do about it.
For all we know, Newman comes in a sets records like Burrow. At least that is what UGA fans already think before he even takes a snap. All I'm saying, is wait and see.
Newman for Heisman 2020!!! The rose colored glasses are real folks.
Nice comparison. At least we agree on something. Bama's defense was pathetic.
I comment on every teams articles. I have an obsession with SEC football. I get it, silence anyone who has a different opinion than you. The liberal way. This is an open forum. Petition to silence other fan bases to SDS. Not me.
He is pointing out similarities between Tua and Newman, and how they each did against a similar opponent. By definition that is a comparison.
Yes. This one was trolling. You are getting the hang of it.
You sit in a room with Saban, with all of the awards, the trophies, the rings, and then go sit in any other programs trophy room other than Clemson, and tell me what you want to do. Bama or elsewhere. It is an easy decision. Alabama by far has the most kids active on NFL rosters. 4 running backs over 1000 yards this year in the NFL, and King Henry, the rushing leader. Najee needs another year. The most scrutinized program in the history of CFB is somehow "paying" players. What a sad overreach by butt hurt fans who won 2 games this decade against Bama.
You guys have changed my mind. I believe Newman comes into Georgia in 2020, wins the East, the SECCG, and the Heisman over Brennan at LSU (LSU fans believe he will win), and the NC. Kirby is a genius and went and got a stud to complete the roster. You just better hope you don't play Clemson, I mean you couldn't even beat South Carolina last year.
So you think Newman is better than Tua. LOL. True colors are dim in Georgia.
UGA can't win with a 3 star. They couldn't win with Fromm.
You have such a hard on for me. The man crush is real. So let me get this straight, If I say I'm trolling, you will leave it alone? We need to place labels on people on here in order to have a conversation. Otherwise you open your mouth and shut your ears. Carry on.
Don't fall in love with either. Yesterday's stats, at a different team, in a different conference mean nothing.
The exception, not the rule. You can take the exception and apply it to everyone.