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Bama by 12. Kirby doesn't have enough moxie to take down an Alabama this year. Not near enough talent. Thank goodness Georgia's offense isn't capable, just like last year. Because Bama's D looked really bad last week. Interesting on the Georgia page the main topic is.....Alabama.
You aren’t Bama. People were absolutely saying back to back. There would’ve no fall off. Get to back of the bus son.
Gee, I remember someone last year making predictions on this site, and was absolutely belittled and disregarded. It does feel good.
Don’t know what to expect. Look at every single comment I made after last years season. To all the fan boys on this site who ate my lunch for predicting this outcome. How do you like me now? God has me gifted and loaded with talent. LSU is not built to withstand the turnover. Fluke year in 2019. Great season last year. Now sit down and roll over.
And to all you absolutely obnoxious, over confident, pretentious, unbearable, insufferable Georgia fans, lets hear it. Who was 100% right months ago about where Fromm would be drafted? You know who you are, so eat crow chumps. Come on. After all the names I was called, the egregious comments, the stupid takes and predictions. UGA fans suck. Well maybe not all, but most of he ones on here for sure. Georgia sucks and your coach s Richt 2.0. Enjoy another disappointing season.
Let me preface this by saying I'm a big fan of Coach O and his accomplishments. However, why is he the ambassador for the state of LA. Where is the governor, a mayor, or does O run this state. One good season, and he runs the state. LSU better hope he works out in 2020. With all of the publicity they are giving him, if it doesn't work, embarrassing
Never underestimate the power of home. He loves the University and Alabama is home.
UGADouche78 - The level of hypocrisy with you is amazing. You telling me I'm a troll and an internet tough guy is no different than me calling you a tool. You have no clue of my age, or my back ground, or what I do, or anything about me, other than I went to Alabama. Don't throw stones in a glass house.
You tool. You think Cochran made that video. The school was obviously involved. UGA needs to stop trying to be Alabama, because you never will be as successful. Or even close really. Just be UGA, but do it better than usual so you can break the 40 year drought.
Tough guy eh? In what way did I threaten you or try to make myself sound tough? Clowntown Charlie Brown
You are one whiny a$$ b!tch. If you are like this about a comment on an article, people must find you unbearable back at home. This is the only negative thing I will say about you personally. Have a great day, and enjoy the weekend.
God has me gifted and loaded with talent. I don't know what to tell you. (Obviously joking)
Obviously we learn from successful people and try to replicate that success. But the video is a hype video for UGA, with mostly Alabama success featured.
I was even one of the first to make a prediction that he will be a career backup, and probably be a good XFL player.
Just saying as soon as Fromm announced I took the unpopular stance that he was not a 1st round grade, and will probably go 3rd or 4th. Which I was then blasted by UGA fans and called a troll and told I am an ignorant Gump. And here we are. Clearly I wasn’t to far off.
Sounds very 3rd round to me. When it happens, I fully expect you Fromm apologist you come out and give credit where credit is due.
Did anyone else notice how Alabama’s success was a focal point of this video? What a great representation of Georgia as a whole. Couldn’t have been more perfect. UGA wants to be Bama in every way. Kirby mimics Saban and is so jealous, he would take S.C. just to win something against Bama you can be the best until you beat the best. One more time for all Georgia fans, let’s hear about how great next year will be. As always, it’s your year.
Completely agree. Living in any state and being a fan of a team are mutually exclusive. I live in Colorado where they have no decent football. You would think they would have every option.
There are a ton of Notre Dame fans in Chicago. My ex wife went to Notre Dame, and after college they all move to Chicago.
My wife got her Doctorate Degree from Michigan, she’s born and raised with Blue blood, and they are elitist. Regardless of any rational thought and void of any reality, they believe they are the best.
Obviously having young guys up the middle was an issue. Communication is going to be bad when your QB and signal caller on D are gone. That being said, there were a lot of physical effort plays that Bama was beat. We can whine all day about the youth, but even the vets were not great. It all falls back on Saban promoting a guy to DC who shouldn’t be there. All those recruiting class and we had to start 2 freshman at MLB, and a true freshman DT. It was hard to watch that defense last year. Very uncharacteristic for a Bama Defense to look that lost, confused, and getting whipped physically. Maybe we are spoiled.
No no. This was trolling. But the article is about someone who is trolling. So it all fits together. Big picture man.
You know there are times when I've been called a troll, and my response is absolutely that was a troll. When it's trolling, it's trolling. When it is a take or opinion, it's just that. If you don't like it doesn't change the definition.
UGA fans have a different definition of trolling than the rest of us. Giving your opinion, according to you and several other UGA fans, is trolling if your opinion is honest. Example, I have made several comments about Fromms draft stock. I think UGA fans think he is better than is, they blame the receivers, and I don't see him going in the 1st or 2nd, maybe not the 3rd. Which was a very honest opinion that was not trolling, as evident by the buzz out of the combine. Your boy isn't exactly lighting it on fire.
Yeah, because AU is all we care about. Not sure how my comment illustrates rent free, but that's ok. If we lose 4 games every year but beat Au, things would be messy. Business as usual on the plains.
You did actually. You said you don't care enough about teams to comment on their articles. It's ok though. Now we know.