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Being that I only compare and measure Alabama against Alabama, I'll say that if this team wins tonight it will be Sabans greatest team and arguably one of if not the greatest in Alabama's storied history. All other nonsense is just haters being haters and Tua nutriderz who are mad because Tua couldnt get it done. Remember it took Tua and Jalen playing together to win 1...that's right 1 Natty. Neither got it done being the lone starter so show Mac some respect will ya( yeah I said it) Roll Tide Roll!!!
Bama has a lot of talent on that defense. This is bad coaching plain n simple. Golding gotta go!! He even looked lost everytime the camera was on him. Why Sabam didnt fire him after last year is beyond me. He shouldn't have been allowed back on the team bus. Still pulled it out but this ain't Alabama football. SMH
Is Smart also the reason that none of your #1 classes have a ring? Asking for a friend.
Exactly @Bamatime...they're always crying about #1 this and #1 that but have no #1's!! As in National Titles to show for it. Congrats to Coach Cochran and UGA. Good hire
All the playoff talk is great and a lot of fun. You can talk schedule, like opponents ect.....but when you really take a look at it. Outside of Clemson, Ohio State and LSU....what team left is better than Bama? What team outside of those 3 would you bet your hard earned money on to beat Bama on a neutral field? I'll answer that for ya......nobody. Bama is one of the top 4 teams undeserving or not.
When discussing the game during the week leading up to it I told my friends that if Tua played Bama would lose this game. QBs tend to turn the ball over when hurt and fluke things tend to happen with hurt qbs. Like Tua fumbled the ball with nobody near him. 2 turnovers by Tua = 14 points for LSU. Bama wins this game without those turnovers. I will be glad to see Tua exit!! So we can get back to playing something that looks like Bama football. We've proven that Superstar qbs dont work in Ttown. Look...Jalen nor Tua have won a Natty with either one being starter from start to finish!! Jalen lost to Clemson in his 1st year and then Tua had to save him the next. Tua started last year and Jalen saved him in the SECG but still got whipped by Clemson. It took Jalen and Tua together to produce a ring but neither has done it alone and they wont. Big 12 style football doesnt work period. Mac Jones wouldve been fine as long as he did not turn it over. So yes...Sabans obsession with playing Tua cost us this game. Its gonna be real funny when Mac Jones wins a natty by being the game manager qb that we need at Bama!! Roll Tide Roll
Once again the playoff committee and current playoff structure have been proven to be correct. No need for an 8 team playoff and maybe those that support this nonsense have finally seen the light. There is and there hasn't been 8 teams that deserve a shot at the crown. Elite is the way to go!! Also UGA had a good season and I'm now convinced that Justin Fields cant be the player they said he is. If he was a beast, there is no way he doesn't get in this game with Fromm playing the way he did. Obviously Kirby Smart knows something that we dont. Fromm wouldve gotten benched last night if Tua or Lawrence were his backup.
Exactly @cclausen71 IMO there aren't 8 teams every year that deserve a shot at being the champ. I'm also against anything that would diminish the importance of the regular season. If expansion just had to be done, my preference would be no more than 6 teams. Give the top 2 seeds a bye. This makes more sense than 8 to me
As a Bama fan I refuse to entertain anything from trusted sources. So Until coach Saban or the University confirms that Durkin is on the payroll, this situation is a dead issue. Nothing to see here folks
This might get ugly for UGA. You wont have Hurts to make you look good this year. Its 3 quarters of Tua, because he may not need to play the 4th. Speed kills....
Oh well this one is over before it starts. LSU players have bought into the chatter and Bama will turn this into bulletin board material. Bama is already lethal and there is no need to give them any more incentive. This just might get real ugly for LSU. SMH
LSU has a chance, but only if Bama gives it to them. Their only chance is if Bama beats Bama. Thinking that LSU has a team that will just line up and beat Bama is crazy, because they just dont. I've watched hours and hours of the so called contenders (Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia, ect...) and you can call me biased but NONE of these teams get within 17 points of Bama and that's on a good day for them. This squad is generational. Heck I predicted that this freshman class that included Tua would 3 peat and they have blown all of my initial expectations out of the water. I may be wrong, but its gonna be fun to watch. I truly believe that we are watching history and only Bama will beat.....BAMA. Roll Tide
I think that the Justin Fields conversation was settled against LSU.Lets just be honest, if Justin Fields was truly ready, Smart would've put him in that game. The way he was used leads me to think that Fields has not reached that point of readiness.
Dont listen to the noise UGA fans. Your team will be ok. You have a lot to play for and I was hoping that we meet in the SEC Championship game. For some reason I still think that we will. We'll see
If you play like you did get beat by 21 points. Bama ain't no UGA and the world will find that out on Nov 3. Speed...speed and more speed with an accurate qb is a nightmare.
Lol @Jax Dawg!! I can name a whole lot of programs that would kill to have Bama's so called down years(1993 until Nick arrived). Heck it wouldve been their glory days. Most national titles(won at least 1 in every deacade but the 80's), most conference Championships, and all without a Heisman winner. So if reverting to GREATNESS is the norm then I'm with it!!! Go sit down somewhere @jax dawg cause Jawwwja never has and never will be on Bama's level. Roll Tide Roll
@mizzou-fan ummmm so you're saying Lock's receivers dropped 25 passes?? Well ok then I have a tropical island for sale in Birmingham, Al too. Lol!! Good luck with both of those
Scary part about Tua is I'm not so sure that he will play a 4th quarter in November either. Unless LSU and Auburn show significant improvement, Tua sits the 4th unless Saban says otherwise. He may have to play the 4th in the SEC Championship game against Ga, but unless Ga shows improvement in its D Line play, Tua will more than likely torch them too. Fromm is an excellent qb but I dont think even he can outscore Tua. Its gonna be interesting
Saban and Bama ran Meyer out of the SEC, ran Les almost out of coaching, and sent Sumlin packing. What's not true about this. No lies being told here fella. You have the pleasure of witnessing the greatest run in college football history and these things happen. Nothing wrong with us Bama fans enjoying and basking in the glow of it. If you wanna call that arrogant, then be my guest. Everyone does not get a trophy. #peoplehatethetruth
Bama needed OT because of a qb that couldn't hit the side of a barn. Bama outscored Ga 26-10in the 2nd half. With an even halfway decent passer Bsma would've beaten Ga by 25 or more. I truly want Ga to have all the talent they can get so you guys can stop with the excuses as to why your program is Bama's side piece. Hint......its not just talent. Please please please win out and make it to the Championship game. You wont have Jalen to help you out this year and you wont see Bama playing one dimensional Rugby football either. Load the box and we go over the top. Play prevent and we run it down your throat. Your curb stomping awaits. Great talent stats by the way. Lol!
That's because Clemson is over rated. Just like they over rate Fla State every year but they are so putrid now that they cant be played up to the casual fan any longer. I live in ATL and I told all my Ga Bulldog friends that Bama would be a Juggernaut this year. They think 2 lil ole recruiting classes put them on Bama level. They really believe that crap!! Lmao!! Oh well....
Cant say that I agree. A lot of the pressure that Bama got on the qb was a result of that young secondary locking down on 3 NFL caliber receivers. Play after play the Ole Miss QB had no where to go with the ball. Give the young guys some credit
Fact is that you cant keep up @junkyarddawg65 and it's been proven. Does Tua and Bama outscoring you 26-10 in the 2nd half of the Championship ring a bell??? Had Tua played the whole game Bama drops at least 40+ on the Dawgs.
Tua went 11/15 not 9/15. I know what you are seeing is Scary, but it is what it is.
Staying in the SEC?? Sign him at your own risk. I would go near him. He seems to be a selfish player. How can you earn back your snaps while in rehab for a drug problem? Cant make this stuff up!!
Oh and cut out that Texas A&M talk. You saw what Bama did to Clemson with a 1 dimensional attack. Bama would murder Clemson right now and Texas A&M wouldn't fair much better. #highhopes
I can guarantee one thing, Bama's D will stop YOU more than YOU stop Bama's Offense. As the D continues to gel, it will be a lot tougher to score. Although I have questions about this versions toughness early on.... Ya better get it before it's too late. ***warning***