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He's a starter in the NFL in his Rookie year with no guarantees and is already injured. Making 3rd round money....and Sabin doesn't need anymore money or anything for that matter. "Goat" do you know what that means probably not seeing as you pull for Runner up U
You said it yourself he is a NFL starter making 3rd round money one more year certainly wasn't going to hurt. How often do you see Safty's with career ending injuries? not often
First we are talking about Alabama players and Sabin is talking about his players. Not your players, Their players, or those players, HIS players and with Ronnie Harrison he is right. your a starter in the NFL playing for third round money. So lets get hypothetical Ronnie gets hurt next year what then. No guaranteed money waste of talent because his family couldn't make it work for one more season? if that's the reason you couldn't deal one more year? Hope you don't get hurt. Bo Scarborough another example could have played one more year developed drafted by Dallas and cut before the start of the Season ect ect. Oh and lets argue with the Goat some more.
Was Bear Bryant included in my post i went current coach and 1 removed. but that is what i would expect from Garbage the Inability to read.
He's From AUBURN Alabama don't act surprised nothing good comes from there
Texas A&M is Garbage their fans are Garbage their Coach and Former Coach Are Garbage, The Stadium Students and Faculty are Garbage hope the school burns down
Wasn't that good at Bama really not surprised by this.
No No No Upset not at all. When Alabama Fans look back on this game we will say thank you Arkansas, You Pissed off and Embarrassed THE Defense I say THE instead of OUR because it has been the Defensive Standard for the last Decade. And now Thanks to Arkansas (which until now has been Utterly Useless) Our Defense has Awoken to the fact that Its Earned not Inherited.
Be Honest i bet its fun to have your team draft Alabama players, I wouldn't know Dallas has only drafted Bo in recent memory...and then placed him on practice squad after clearing waivers....I remember watching Calvin Ridley fall past and now as i watch The receiving corps struggle i wonder why oh why.
Nothing like comments from the barners and Runner up U only time they agree on something is when they are hating on Bama. And no we never get tired of your Envious attitudes, We know we want bama really means We want to be Bama its cool we get it you have trouble expressing yourselves
Foster 21 targets 9 receptions 1 TD so i can count on him to catch it a little better than a third of the time when i do target him. or Run for a first down how often? Greatest Coach in the History of the Game Keeps winning all but 2 games with a QB everyone on Social Media deems a failure. and that it couldn't be anything else, GIVE IT TO TUA NOW. Got to be Jalen's Fault you guys have convinced me. Was red hot with a better receiving corps and O-coordinator. But i see everyone's point got to be all Jalen. You all win this one ;)
Had Adarius Stewart not declared early which one do you think wouldn't have made starting?
Right Ok then whose to blame for the other 4 years they both spent at the Capstone failing? and i can think of a few instances where i watched it hit foster in the hands and he couldn't come down with it. again differences of Opinion.
Fortunately we are both entitled to our opinions i thought he lit it up all over the field his freshman year, Had no trouble Hitting Adarius Stewart, O. J. Howard, Ridley, Robert Foster hasn't caught 2 dozen passes in his career and that's Jalen's Fault? I don't think so, Scared to throw the ball? I don't think so he's cool as a Cucumber at everything else in life.
I think Tua had better receivers. I am not a Robert Foster or Cam Sims fan, I feel like they Under performed all year. Which i think was a big factor in Jalen's Tendency to hesitate. "Why throw the Ball to butter fingers when i can run a first down" had to be what he was thinking. I personally think Robert Foster was afraid to get hurt and i hate that he had all the right pieces to shine. Also i think Brian Daboll is a an Idiot. Who lacks Vision he is going to be a great position coach at best in his Career. Back to Jalen... I think Jalen Needs to learn to trust the O-line a bit more, and i think the O-line needs to start acting like he is going to stay in the pocket and not give up so damn early. I hope he gets to be the starter.
I like this. Pause for for troll comments.....don't feed the troll children. But seriously i like this, Jones was never bad in recruiting it was his Inability to put it all together and control his program that got him fired. At an assistant level this could grow into a good thing. and Butch is a team player and generally good Guy and isn't going to be causing drama, he will go to work to prove his worth in this setting, No social media temper tantrums and will handle an ass chewing with a Yes sir i will fix it sir!
Yeah Begging to prove they were right. or did you miss Number 4 pounding number 1 monday night or even better number 3 beating number 2. damn me i just noticed BOTH OF THOSE ARE SEC WINS. So shut your irrelevant mouth k thanks
ok RoHo riddle me this. If you put in Tua and the line doesn't protect the wee little lamb like they don't protect Jalen and he can't out run the pressure then what? You going to start calling for Mac to play qb half way through the game. I do however agree with the OC change as well as the WR coach.
I would like to see Auburn secondary play that game fair without tackling my receivers before they catch the ball you have the most handsy secondary in the SEC
He may have no relevant emotional connection to this game as of yet. But lose it one time. It's not like losing other games in the year. No other loss can compare.
No wonder some of these coaches are not fired yet. I am amazed that you would pay. Butch Jones, Bret Bielema, Jim McElwain that much money. or agree to keep them around that long. What have they done to deserve it. and before you remind me Mcelwain made it to the sec championship twice....He has not won it. and he got there on 2 lucky seasons. They deserve Ed Orgeron money at best.
For the love of God Paul, Shut your mouth we are trying to get the trash out of the SEC, You don't replace bad with bad. Oh and if were getting rid of bad, If Gus and Brett could meet up with Jim and Butch and make it a group thing all the bad leave at the same time....that would be great thanks.
Dvhill100 I couldn't agree more, But i want The Volunteers to find someone who isn't afraid of Nick Saban, The competition is lacking, The Sec needs to find some new Coaches to bring back that killer instinct that is missing.
His receivers need to quit dropping those Deep Balls. Bench Foster's worthless ass!
You just listed 5 reasons to fire Butch Jones. He is a disgrace, and Tennessee is a joke, and that's a damn shame. I had a higher opinion of Tennessee fans before hiring Butch anyone still supporting him needs to climb out of the mountains of Tennessee the thin air is getting to your brain.
One bad coach for another Bad coach is not the answer go find something new.
you mean vs Mercer? and Mizzou? the score vs mercer should have been higher than Mizzou. I am honestly not sure which is the bigger disgrace to the SEC. The fact you put up so few points with the "Gus Bus" offense against Mercer. Or that Mizzou got beat like the other trash teams in the conference. Vandy and Ole miss.
And could you get one of your players to maybe come out and tell us something similar?