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What about Jon Taylor? Punched a girl at UGA. Saban gives him a "2nd chance" while putting UA female students at risk. 1 month later he punches a female UA student. LOL!
Define elite. #29 guard? I was disappointed thinking it was Wray or an actually elite kid.
Fromm's problem is small hands. As per 247 sports.
You just dont get it. Butch is an amazing coach!
Haha. Every rb looks good behind that o line at Bama. Fournette we'll never know cause the play calling sucked. Plus that lowest vertical jump in the draft score.
This was a crappy and cheap way to do it from Richt. Even crappier deal hiring Beamer to do it specifically. Good luck with this crap.
He is using Christianity like the Jonas Brothers used purity rings.
Lot of butt hurt coming from Oxford these days. Maybe they should have, ironically, paid Tray Scott more money? Seem to have no problem taking care of players $$$.
Wow. 3rd and Grantham! You got screwed you just don't realize it yet.
Auburn having to hire Mizzou's trash. Getting to be a good show on the plains. Meanwhile Aubrey Soloman canceled his visit!
^^^^^The butta hurta board is full of jealousy like this.
That time you trash talk Florida and watch them tip toe through the tulips to your Conference Championship game because your team is a walking cliche'.
At the high level Mac is recruiting they will be sick for sure. Even with the remaining Muschamp guys leaving.
Other than actually going to the championship game, clemson has won as much as UGA. No place to act like Rick Flair monday morning. But hey they're champs in Zimbabwe. And super bowl champs in Zimbabwe if they pull for the Panthers.
After January 20th feelings and butt hurt emotions won't matter anymore. 8 teams would be cool.
Maybe you've been in a cave the past few weeks? Kentucky is 2nd in the east in what was UTk's year to be in the playoff, with Hurd winning the Heisman.
Dang that decade of pent up frustration from UTk fans is shining like crazy. 😅
Eason has played in 3 games not 4. If sds was more worried about proof reading than shoving ads for the sds app in our face on every page it might be a good site again.
Phyllis from Finebaum would blow beth out of the water. Cant stand Beths voice.
Beths voice infuriates me. I cant stand when she calls games. Sounds like a Wisconsin lesbian. Sucks for Bama fans. I would just mute the tv.
We aren't UTk. Quit with the special talk. Had alot of calls go our way. Be realistic
A class act is doing what Bill Snyder did after a loss to NDSU, writing a letter. This was completely arrogant and rude to Satterfield. Butch Jones is a MAC coach "coaching" an SEC team. It was a class act of Satterfeld to not punch butch in the face for barging into his huddle like he's bear bryant.