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It's not about this particular kid. Riley is concerned about other coaches in the conference trying to poach kids from his team every year. In conference transfers should still have to sit a season before being eligible.
At least we won't have an embarrassing loss caused by an idiot throwing a shoe. Way to coach them up Dan!
Wrong. Chubb was hurt his sophomore year not his junior season. His junior year he rushed for over 1100 yds and avg 5 ypc.
UGA had a walk on QB and led Bama up until the D wore down.
More talent per win? That's pretty easy when you only win 4 or 5 games a year.
The SEC did the same thing at the beginning if the season by rearranging the schedule so the Bama didn't have to play UF in the regular season.
Well, they beat #22 Auburn with badley with a 4th string walk on playing QB.
The biggest problem I have with this situation is leaving to the school to investigate. If its an accusation of a crime then the school needs to notify the police and let them handle the investigation. I also think if its a reasonably credible accusation then the school should remove the player from campus to protect the other students. It looks like LSU did none of these things.
The rule is there to keep opposing coaches from stealing kids on a yearly basis. Not to keep the kid from telling what he knows about the previous school.
UT approved the rule and now they want to change it because it would benefit them. Thats shady.
Because he quit on the team. He wasted 2 yrs of player development the the UGA coaches could have used on a different player. He trash talked the school on his way out the door. Its funny, when Gibbs transfered, Pruitt said he understood the intra conference transfer rule and had no problem with it. Now suddenly he's all butthurt.
Except the SEC has a rule against it...that was voted on and approved by all schools including UT and Ol' Miss.
They are if they have a non-compete clause...which is essentially what an SEC scholarship is. The Kids no this going in.
Its really not. They're not replacing as much as everyone thinks. QB and one OT position is really the only places with inexperience. Every where else they have guys that have started before and the OC can't be any worse than Coley was last season.
Its an SEC rule that was voted on an approved by every SEC school including UT.
Because the SEC and Kirby have to approve the eligibility request as well. Not just the NCAA.
Daniels didn't transfer to a rival team within the same division and conference. The SEC has a rule against it...thats why Mays should sit.
Thats how life's supposed to work. Why have any then. If he had a legit reason it would be different but he doesn't. Why make an exception for him when you didn't for others.
Why make an exception for this kid? He had no reason to transfer. No hardship. Make him sit!
Make the kid sit. Rules are rules. To date, no one has been allowed to transfer within the conference without sitting a year. No reason to bend them now.
1. MURRAY, 2. Fromm, 3. Shockley, 4. Greene, 5. Stafford
Bobo is far and away the best OC that Musfchamp has had. I think they will be much better in a couple of years.
Sure they do. Fields and Daniels were not transfers within the conference and Frank's was a grad transfer.
I dont think any kid should be allowed to transfer in division without sitting for a year unless they have a valid family medical situation.