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It would mean we've won 2 of the past 3 SECCG, pretty simple really.
Homer Herbie always got his buckeyes as high as he can get them and still claim no "bias",
Actually there was a signal, the thinking was instead of stopping the click and giving bama a chance to recover and lose any rythmn the dawgs had. I can see both options as viable but hindsight is 20/20 everytime
Had a feeling this might happen after the players running their mouth
Probably have one saying their regular season win streak is intact, like that means anything with the schedule they have
Don't know that i disagree with the call, thankfully it didn't hurt in the long run. Congrats Tigers mvp to the d line for stepping it up what a game. Hopefully this will quite the ucf lunacy but something makes me think it won't.
Hopefully Miami's dc leaving will give us a advantage in landing this one
Looked like a pretty routine catch to me my question is how was there no penalty for removing the helmet and how do you not double their number one weapon?
Thought Canada would get it as well, especially after what they did in the ohio state game.
Exactly. How long will ND continue to get what basically amounts to a bye being an independent? A weak schedule with one quality win and several close calls to teams like 5-7 USC they are not a cfp team in my opinion
Tough to say from this video but even if it was a bad call the bad call that mattered was the non call of the te pushing off on the last play.
I would almost bet Ohio st doesn't drop that far, a lot of voters have proven they'll do everything they can to keep them relevant
One of the dumbest calls I've seen in 30+ years of watching football, that guy has no business being a referee
Hopefully the cfp committee has enough sense not to put Wisconsin, who has played nobody, in front of auburn. Give credit where due, they beat 2 #1 teams in a 3 week span. Just more bs trying to keep the big10 relevant i guess
Our focus needs to stay where CKS most likely has it, on Auburn.
I won't argue with Bama at #1, a case can be made for them or Georgia, but including Ohio state in the top ten much less ahead of the Dawgs shows just how irrelevant espn has become
Ohio state at 11 is a joke