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"a crazy hillbilly reeking of moonshine will wander around the sidelines wearing a dead varmint on his head." That sounds bad @ ss to me. Better than a fan wanting to kill your trees like Bama idiots.
O'Gara: What does Conner Weigman's injury mean?" It means he's out for the season.
"“Deion has created a lot of buzz,” said Rodgers. “When you’re creating that much buzz people want to see you fall." Aaron must be really high from shrooms. The media created the hype around Prime. Oregon destroyed that hype machine. Move on.
"Hugh Freeze needs to get a better QB on The Plains before 2024 kicks off." I'm sure he will. Relax.
Max Johnson looked great yesterday. I was not happy when Weigman went down. Never like to see players get hurt no matter what team they play on. Congrats on the win.
Nix is on his way to New York for the Heisman ceremony, and his team is firmly in the Playoff hunt." Still beating that dead horse. Bo left years ago and found a place to thrive. Just as long as he doesn't have to play UGA he'll do very well. AU people are happy for him. Please move on. Coach Freeze is in his first year at AU. We all knew Harsin left AU in a really bad position. Give Freeze 2-3 years and AU will be in a good spot.
Congrats again to the Aggies. Well played game.
"That game was uglier than my ex-wife " Pick better looking women.
Nick Saban does what Nick Saban does because Nick Saban is Nick Saban.
Can we finally stop hearing about CO and Coach Prime now?
Lane Kiffin once again proves he sucks as a head coach.
AWOLDawg I'm realistic. UGA is going to destroy AU.
What does UGA have to do with TAM/AU?
Well yeah, Coach Freeze and staff are working on that. It'll take a year or two to fix.
Hopefully one day your boyfriend will give you something other than herpes.
It took you hours to come up with that sad attempt at an insult, retard. Keep trying.
"• Texas A&M 31 | Auburn 20" Yeah, that's close to what I'm predicting.
"Texas A&M should win this game by multiple touchdowns, which is why I’m riding with the Tigers. PICK: Auburn" TAM will beat AU. I'm not sure by how much, but it should be at least by 2 scores.
Kiffin and Mullen are better coordinators than head coaches.
"His record against good teams is horrible." Exactly.