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"So Saban stopped Auburn from going to the east?" I highly doubt Saban gives a crap where Auburn goes.
"Until the scheduling format is changed, if Auburn is in the East, that would kill the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry, because obviously Alabama and Auburn would need to play each other every year." Who cares. Bama/UT is about as popular as you and your herpes outbreak.
On what planet does it make sense for Missouri to be in the SEC East?
Auburn should be in the SEC East. Missouri in the East make zero sense. Move them to the West.
"At least UGA is more relevant right now than your team. " Auburn is my team.
I don't have anything against UGA. I do have problems with some of their fans like UsmcDawg. I was minding my own business until the guy called me a communist.
Did you buy your preseason national championship in recruiting t-shirt, Dwag?
Here's another record. It'll be over 40 years since UGA won a national title. UGA fans act like they're some sort of powerhouse yet...they haven't won ANYTHING since Jimmy Carter was president. Think about that, UGA fans. IF you can use what little brain cells you have. 1: The cell phone wasn't invented. 2: Cable news wasn't invented. 3: Apple was not invented. 4: The internet wasn't invented. UGA is irrelevant in the SEC. Bama, Auburn, LSU, UF and TN all have at least one championship since 1980. UGA is on par with Ole Miss, MS State, Vandy, KY etc. WOOF WOOF puppy dwags.
The hypocrisy from the UGA/AL idiots is astounding. This column has nothing to do with either UGA or Bama yet these retards are here...commenting about Auburn.
No, my response is calling out UGA fans who constantly mock other football programs. This column is about AU yet there are multiple leg humpers commenting on a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with UGA.
This should be a great year for UGA football. The transfer Qb is really good and the recruits are great. But, this is UGA and they usually do their proverbial face plant. It's been 40 years since UGA won a national championship.
"He doesn’t bother me. His inferiority complex shows in how he has to repeat everything." Yeah, I'm so jealous of a school that hasn't sniffed a national title since Jimmy Carter was president.
I didn't get called out for anything.
"Do you guys have crystal balls or something? What is the outcome of next season going to be?" UGAG fans act like they're going to win a national championship every year.
I never claimed to have military service, Pyle.
I was talking to the fake Marine, Updyke.
"Can anyone explain why you, who have no rooting interest in any SEC program, have the ability to call other fans out for commenting on articles that don’t pertain to their school?" Ok, dwag.
"Shouldn’t you worry about your school and stop policing UGA comments?" Why would I worry about my own school? They're not in trouble.
"No one cares techie. You cowards bailed on sec years ago. Go comment on ACC site." You obviously do since it's all you talk about, moron.
"Does Ga Tech have a football team?" Go to Ga Tech and find out, fake Marine.
"He cant because he is tech nerd. You guys would beat snot out of them if you bothered to play them." Can you prove this? I haven't mentioned anything about Ga Tech. You have a very low IQ.
I'm not sure why you keep talking about GA Tech. Get back to cleaning the bathroom fake Marine.
You didn't piss me off. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Hey, remember the time UGA won the national championship? Jimmy Carter doesn't.
MoMo Sanogo is the best name in the SEC now that Boobee Witlow has left the plains.
Can anyone explain why UGA fans consistently comment on columns about Auburn?
Why do you eat balls, obese dwag fan?