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"I come back from vacation and I don’t see AR or AU? " Your trip back from the mental hospital you mean.
" Poor Ron..LOL. Every TN Vol was pulling for Ole Miss." Your obsession with me is noted, ma'am. Also, in no way on Earth am I poor.
"He will go on to have a good career but fall short of a championship just like his uncles." I agree with that.
"Is Bennett the lowest ranked QB to win a NC in the modern era?' Good question.
"I’m rarely sold on any coach that comes from Alabama." Kirby being the best. Others....not so much.
"Arch is definitely the Kardashian of college football" That's not a bad analogy.
Anyone want to take guesses as to how many articles will be posted about Arch over the next few days?
"Seriously, though, even for the most diehard of MLB fans, July can be a slog." It really is. Hot, humid and uncomfortable to be outside watching a game. "So, I’m going to go with no, Arch Manning won’t win a title with the Longhorns. " 3-4 years is impossible to say who and what team will win a title. Sark does not have the best history when it comes to coaching. TX has hired how many "great" coaches since Mack Brown?
"that was meant for the douche known as Ronmexico" I continue to live rent free in your head. How cute.
"proud of our team and the best baseball fans in America." Best baseball fans in America? LOL ok.
"What a disaster he turned out to be for us." How many national titles and Heismans did Peyton win? The same amount as Booty.
Coach Spurrier owned TN. I remember laughing every time UF beat that fat coach from TN.
"The Sooners will have to up their game. Hence, they’re coming to the SEC,' I'll admit I'm not mad that OU is coming to the SEC. I hate TX. I really, really hate TX.
Peyton was 0-4 against UF and beat AU by one point.
"No need to worry about LSU. No way Kelly getting a top-rated quarterback and be able to dominate in the SEC. " Amazing how a Misery fan is knocking a school that is very relevant in the SEC in every sport. What has Misery accomplished? Nothing.
"Pat Dye played at Georgia. Auburn’s field is named after him. The field at Sanford Stadium is named after Vince Dooley, who went to Auburn. " Yeah, that's what I love about the AU/UGA rivalry. We're family.
"Horns have a knack for taking great talent and turning it into mush. " That is true.
How many Manning's won a title? Zero.
"The biggest question, at least within the leaky Louisiana borders, is why didn’t any of these Manning boys – all born and raised in New Orleans – choose to trek the mere 75 miles or so to play for LSU?" They didn't want to?
TN did not play for a title. Michigan beat Nebraska for the title in 1997. TN was destroyed by Nebraska in the Orange Bowl.
Ah, I'd forgotten about Peyton's one SEC title against AU. TN went on to get destroyed by Ohio State in a bowl game.
"Arch Manning isn’t coming to the SEC after all." Good! It's not like the other Mannings did much of anything in the SEC. How many SEC titles, Heisman's and national titles did the other Mannings win? Zero.
"Now watch all the Georgia fans say “we didn’t want him anyway”" Pretty sure UGA just won a title with a walk on QB.
"They’re a sleeping giant," LOL ok. TX hasn't won anything significant since 2005. TX is the most overhyped football program out there.
She's busy writing an op-ed on why UGA is better off, and something about Saban crying.