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Niceties, maybe. But Beamer was on board during the Spurrier years and knows what it takes to win at Carolina probably better than anyone around today. He contributed to Spurriers success by helping to haul in some great talent and his team views. Each program has its own set of concerns for a coach and that is why the right fit is important.
The real question is why not Mizzou?
Yet a few of that top defense last year were high three stars that were developed.
Muschamp’s buyout was a lot but not as much as some other SEC coaches buyouts. It was also our first as far as I remember. Need to work on our Board of Trustees too.
Balk, you know you can’t say anything negative about UGA. They’re still sensitive.
Alex, I’ll take teams who’ve beaten UGA in the SEC East for one hundred.
No going out on a limb. It’s factual. When did SDS vistit Willy B last? It’s cut and paste journalism. If you read The State, you’ve read SDS minus opinion.
I have no ill will against Muschamp or his wife. It seems to have worked out for USC and Muschamp since he left.
I would lose the Muschamp comparison. This team and atmosphere is not what it used to be. The team members play for the team, C.S. Beamer has an infectious care about the team and players and you can feel the electricity in WB Stadium. We haven’t had numbers like that at a spring game since Coach Spurrier was here. I think good is coming, not a matter of if, but a matter of when.
Spring games are not a solid judge of performance during the season. He does have a very good skill set. I hope he’s found a home at USC (as appears) and that he is able to accomplish great things for the team and himself.
You don’t see the big picture. The bliss is this. You have the trophy…but we beat you two years in a row, with two different coaching staffs. That’s what makes it so beautiful and so great! YOU HAVE A TROPHY! So keep telling us about the trophy and how great you are while we laugh.
I loathe all things clemson. My thoughts in the past have been that Dabo, being a CEO type coach, has made some stellar hires always for his DC and OC. There have been cracks in that thought with his OC hires, but Venables has been his foundation. I also believe that the system he ran on defense was his. I don’t think an apprentice to the system will have the same outcome. Time will tell if Dabo made the correct calls on coordinators and not using the Portal to his solid benefit.
Coach Staley brought another WBB Natty to Columbia and also another for the SEC! The athletes played hard and prepared all season for this. Proud for each one and USC.
Beamer Bawl! Big Addition with Coach Stepp and Choo Choo!
So, my comment is in SDS Pergatory; awaiting moderation, so I self moderated it: Why are we comparing Will Muschamp to Shane Beamer? Judge each on their own merits if you must. Both have good and bad, but who doesn’t. Muschamp is at UGA and best wishes to him. He’s a proven DC and a fine one. Shane Beamer has potential and I am fully behind him. Go BeamerBawl and I’m excited about the future. GoCocks!
Vince Lombardi, wow. Funny you leave out the Ray Goff years. Now those were stellar years for Ga.
^^ Speaking of garbage… this one probably couldn’t get in to Athens Tech night school.
And to think I actually believed Georgia fans would get better if they won a Natty. I stand corrected.
Hats off to Jason Brown. 7 could have been five. Zeb was good but not as mobile.
His comment was that he “Hoped” USC wins out; not that he believed they would. I also took the comment as wishing Rattler well. Nothing nefarious about that. Thanks for the comment and support.
I don’t think the hype video was made for what you thought it was.
The odd thing is I’ve heard he’s eaten the humble pie. The video was to get fans excited about what he has done. We shall see his capabilities. I hope he is able to excel. If you don’t want a young man to do that and help develop himself then something is wrong.
These are the times I dislike living so far away from Columbia. Go Cocks!