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No one likes Jane Fonda, not even Henry Fonda.
SDS is shameful! Cry Havoc and let loose the Roosters of war!
Who is “We”, Hillbilly? Tennessee trolls are out early this year. This one is still mad about Spurrier. LOL.
Rightfully so. Clark is an exceptional player and is fun to watch with the super shots that she is able to make. Hopefully she will continue the draw to watch her in the WNBA. I’m proud of our ladies for containing her after the first quarter and for Coach Staley recognizing Clark the way she did.
It was a good game. Proud of the ladies on our team and Coach Staley on their accomplishments this year. Clark was amazing to watch throughout the finals and hopefully will do just as well in the WNBA.
I am a lot of things and have been called everything in the book. But I am by no means a snow flake. Neither is USC graduate Kyle Carpenter (William K. Carpenter). Grow some respect for yourself.
I don’t like losing Coach Stepp. He was great on recruiting and a good coach. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes but obviously he wanted to coach wide receivers. I also like Coach Elliott, always have. He was thrown into a tough situation at Spurrier’s end. I hope he does well.
The woman builds teams year in and year out. If she didn’t, you wouldn’t care what she said.
…and you are very sad. Eat your hot pockets and keep playing you video game, Roach.
As a CEO coach he needs homerun hires at DC and OC. If he goes for status quo, he will not be successful.
Exactly. ESEC needs to be put in a hefty bag and taken outside where it belongs.
As we say in Columbia, “There’s always next year.”
ESEC is a troll if you haven’t noticed. Needs to be drop kicked back to Tennessee.
That is such a sad statement. There are problems we experience that others do not like our board. But really I’m tired of this.
Thank you, I-20. Could not have said it more succinct. Not all BOT have Gamecocks in their best interests.
Maybe, maybe not. “Always” is one of those words like “never”. When you use them, you typically show a lack of intellect.
Be real all you want. Hayes is no more than click bait; Based on the comments, he’s done his J.O.B. But the game needs to be played. Go Cocks! Beat Clemson! BTW, it’s all about who wants it more, not an adolescent opinion piece.
Well, we have been enlightened by the fan base of UTjr. Point noted, Cheezit.
Bobo was better than Muschamp deserved. Let’s be honest.
Platitudes aside I still respect Stoops. None are at the level of UGA and Bama so quit kidding yourself. Sorry you can’t enjoy a game. Find some joy…
Well, I guess Derude will demand a premium for home game now. Who else has Sandstorm with a Rooster call as a ring tone?
On that I disagree. Much respect to Stoops and KY.
Maybe we should hire Derude to play live at all our games.