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Yet we have personally witnessed some of the down to the wire calls he made in Cola when Spurrier was there and he was calling for Richt. It helped us win a close game or two. Now we will see if Bobo or Richt actually made the dim play calls.
He would be a great DC for anyone. I also heard that Kirby wants to hire him for that.
Flip that....Or if the coaching expects a change. Why fill the stables if you don’t manage them.
LSU by far is one of the best hosts, after what they did when we experienced a hurricane, no other school would have done that.. night game at Death Valley is a different story.
I hate to break it to you Cuz, everybody in the east yells “FU Georgia“. It just depends how loud and how close to the student section of the stadium your sitting in.
No, it’s the buyout. One lucky game against UGA doesn’t make up for the “L’s” that should have been “W’s” the past two seasons.
Kevin, The notice indicating comments have been removed also state the rules for civil posting. Why not remove or block those that break the rules? Part of the problem and the situation we are in now is the lack of civil communication on all sides.
I think you meant Semper, as in "Semper Fidelis". Condemnant quo non intelligent. Quid infants sumus?
Congrats to the Hilinski Family. God bless them and keep them close.
Yeah, his offer included a year’s supply of tree killer spray and a half used pouch of Red Man. Who could say “No” to that?
If SDS wants to judge SEC coaches, perhaps they might want to examine themselves. There are so many minority SDS writers.
We have more in common than we think... or want to admit these days. We have become more polarized on both sides; but the polarization is what garners votes and serves those who want to keep their power. It’s difficult for any newly elected official to stay their own course (they know is right) for the people they serve.
Odum did much better with less talent. Stoops does it each year. What type of accomplishment is there if you recruit five stars and fail? His buyout is the thread that allows him to hand for one more year. He will need to do better than a bowl to retain his seat. I agree with AFan on this one.
Coach Dye is who I think of when I hear Auburn University spoken. He loved Auburn and the school loved him. My prayers are with the Dye and entire Auburn family.
That being said, my vote is for LSU’s Death Valley, especially at night.
In the current football program setting we are a repository for UGA alumni and coaching rejects. There is no home field advantage under Muschamp as there is no consistency or efficiency. Williams Brice under Spurrier was a different place for other teams including Clemson, Georgia and Alabama. For this and other reasons I would not miss Ray Tanner as an AD or Muschamp as a head coach.
I agree AFan. We’ve tasted the 11 season wins and like it. Spurrier definitely raised the bar. Muschamp can’t seem to get half way to the bar and we are hobbled by an unintelligent contract decision. We will always love our Gamecocks, win or lose. Williams Brice will always rock.
@ugadawg78 I’ve not recalled a manufacturer calling aunt rifles. Could you name a few? I’ve seen the term “Modern Sporting Rifles” more often than not. The problem with labeling a semi automatic weapon is that the term is not a specific description and can describe a large range of weapons or calibers. Semi automatics are fed either through a magazine or chamber and like Bamatime said only describe the action. Labeling a pistol or rifle provides much more of a description. A discharge of an approximate minimum of 500 feet per second or greater per bullet in the case of the rifle. If this were An LE officer, he or she needs to go back to report writing class. The only benefit of using that term is if there are specific laws in that state regarding semi-automatics in the perpetration of a crime. I’m not as familiar with Florida laws as I am SC, GA and AL laws.
Good God, you brought back a memory with Lindsey Scott. The pass by Buck Belue was phenomenal given where his feet were. No one saw that coming. One of the best plays Georgia ever made.
We can “What If” all day with anything. With no football to report on, it would have been nice to celebrate George Rogers’ contributions to the game and to South Carolina instead of creating click bait. The man goes to the South Carolina games with his Heisman trophy and allows fans to hold it beside him and even snap a photo. How many other Heisman winners do that for their fan bases? I’m not taking away from Herschel. He was a great running back. It shows the caliber of writers at SDS and what they do to garner attention. I’m done.
The person who won the Heisman deserved the Heisman. I was there and don’t have to watch YouTube to find perspective on the game. The fumble was caused by Rogers playing with a broken hand. Times were different back then. Not many players would have tried to play through with that. To apply the mindset of the Heisman elect today to what it was back then is adolescent at best. Times were different.
He fumbled with a broken hand. Says a lot about Rogers staying in the game.
Gotta watch the spurs, man. You probably already know about Thomas Sumter and the history having been around South Carolina a while.
Isn’t that like an hour’s wage for you digging ditches?