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When I say Charlotte I meant the Bank of America Stadium.
We recruit the area so a win would be sweet. Charlotte is about 30 minutes closer to USC than it is to Chapel Hill so really no difference in distance.
I don’t believe that you can make a transitive comparison with football teams based on single game outcomes. The Auburn team that played South Carolina played differently against Bama in the iron bowl.
Whoa, I’ve never bashed Jake and have always wished him and his father well. I’ve been praying for his recovery. He has attended two different programs since ours so he is quite removed. I don’t think anyone would think badly of any of my comments toward Jake; so pump your brakes and don’t lump all fans into one category.
If Satterfield over thinks this game plan we’ll know. Just look for confused O- linemen.
The first post I can understand to let everyone know about the injury. The updates are not relevant to our program.
I’m speaking out of place here. From watching the game against South Carolina, feed Tank Bigsby and Hunter the ball and give them some lanes. Don’t throw unless you have to.
Class of 98 “ Danielsen has his flaws, but he is Howard Cosell compared to Robert Griffin III. Or Andre Ware. Or Dan Orlovsky. Or Jordan Rodgers.” You get a Big Amen from the back pew on that one. RG3 was horrible during the USC-Auburn game. I think anyone could have done better off the street.
I hope you are kidding about declining anything after our players have done the unexpected this year. Plus we lose the extra practice time. I’ll take any bowl.
Williams Brice is gonna be rockin’ at night! Let’s show them a team they’ve missed for a few years! GAME …
Parker and Elliott both have my admiration and support. I’ve enjoyed watching them both play through the years. I hope Parker is able to create a new record. It’s a testament to both kickers and how great they are.
That’s why football games are played rather that guaranteed wins. We’ve beaten coach Saban before but look what Bama would have lost if he were removed. What if UGA had removed Kirby after a loss to Carolina. Only those programs with unrealistic expectations remove their coach after a loss to Carolina. Everyone has down years and rebuilds with new coaches. The fact is we have beaten Auburn two years in row with two different head coaches. At the present, who is the better team? So take your attitude elsewhere.
Best wishes to Auburn on continuing their program rebuild. It’s been a crazy year for both teams. Prayers for a speedy recovery for Nix and Carlson. Go Gamecocks!
Hope you have a great 1st one. Go Cocks! Beat Clemson!
Nothing against Chadwell personally, but I think the jury is still out to see if he can do the same with a new QB. Next year will be fun to watch. Also they didn’t beat App State this year. I agree Vtech though is he’s consistent with a new QB.
As I’ve said other places, I would have liked to see what he could have done with the backs we have. In the past he has stuck with two with a third getting time. We’ve got four good ones.
Realistically, I like Bobo as a coach and don’t know him as a person. I would have liked to have seen what he could have done with the running backs we have this year. I don’t think the O line would have been as confused in their blocking schemes. I’ve also been curious how he’s meshed his system with Harsin’s or more vise-versa. Auburn’s definitely got us on the talent level and the fact we could stop the run on Mizzou leads me to believe it won’t be stopped this week either. Clayton White has done a remarkable job this year.
Good for you. You should be proud of your personal accomplishments.
We all have those segments of the fan bases. I have a feeling you are very familiar with the dogs segment.
The same guys played great last year opening lanes for Kevin Harris. It’s not the players.
Ok, so YG is a Tanner hater. A slate cleaner and throw all the bums out…then what?
Yep, I thought Satt may have fixed things after the UF game. I thought wrong.
I still think Beamer can turn things, if he can self scout the team and it’s deficiencies well. Time will let us know. The pain is having to go through another building process. We will know within the next two years.
When I said once in a decade, I meant across the league.
Will is their special teams coach.
Not to be condescending, but… 1.) We, the fans, didn’t make the trophy. 2.) it was made prior to the 11th meeting. 3.) your opinion really is your own. 4.) because you find little on your internet searches says more about whom? 5) I like Sam Pittman and Arkansas and hope you beat LSU this weekend.