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I don't look for us to have a breakout season as the media predicts. I do think we will have a winning season based on gaining experience from last year on a really young team. I'd rather have the o/u low and exceed expectations than have a high o/u and not meet them. Tennessee has really good talent but the expectations have been too high with Jones rebuilding the mess they had for so long. It will take us time to have a program that recruits and performs like we've done in the past. Our team is still very young.
Mark Stoops is brining in talent Kentucky football hasn't seen at least in my lifetime. I don't know how Bear Bryant recruited there, but he left due to the school focusing on basketball. I think you are on spot with Missouri and NCState. NCS also has Ryan Finley who has a good pass percentage as well. Considering Vandy's Defense wasn't a walk in the park last year, I think it's going to be a good opening game in Charlotte.
Years of being a USC fan and an itchy trigger finger.
Price didn't play for USC, he was never enrolled at the University of South Carolina. Hope he does great at U.K. I'm sure it will be a different environment than the West's blue blood football school.
Stoops has really turned around UKs recruiting on both sides of the ball.
I have to agree with SCary. I would have liked very much to have seen what Marcus Lattimore could have been able to accomplish without the injuries. "The Hit" by Clowney cemented into most everyone's memories though.
With a year's experience and an offensive line improvement, Eason will have much higher stats. I do believe if you can incorporate a QBs strengths into the style of offense and make it work there is a huge advantage. It's a different scenario with Spurrier and Shaw but it is an example to consider. Shaw was not a stereotypical Spurrier QB.
You’re funny When all u can do is beat your chest for a coach you’ve had for 5 years because your school hasn’t been very good it’s telling. Whatever fuzzy. USC owns UT. End of discussion.Lol...
Just curious, fuzzy...what was your prediction last year?
Cutting on a student athlete is low. Just goes to show Tenn has no class.
Be careful fuzzy, just because the media predicts you will come in third doesn't mean it's going to happen. Tenn should know more about that than we do. Likewise, we will be waiting on your commentary after this years game.
Be careful fuzzy, just because the media predicts you will come in third doesn't mean it's going to happen. Tenn should know more about that than we do.
ESEC is a UT troll. Been here since Spurrier.
ESEC keep dreaming. Tennessee is also known as the Buggary State.
Carolina Phoenix gets an "Amen" from the first pew.
You must have some Tennesse dirt worms in your pocket when you say "We". How did it feel to get "donkey kicked in the chest" last year? It must have hurt really bad because you changed your avatar to the true up and coming team in the East. Soooooooo Saaaaaaaaaaad : D
Ha, somebody upset Cox's applecart. Thump your chest a little louder, us "Druggies" can't hear that well.
You're right, it does look much better than a purina dog chow orange checker board.
Deebo has a lot of talent. I look forward to seeing the amazing plays he can make on the field.
I disagree with some of your thought. You guys have improved on defense considerably. Another contributor was we were not bringing in coordinated talent. We could see it Spurriers last few years. They were a far cry from the Connor Shaw years.
What did SKirby do with all the talent at Ga last year? He took a 10 win team and ran it in the ditch.
ESEC, did you give up on Tenn? I don't blame you. You picked a good team to follow.
Yeah but be careful, there are a lot of Harvey Updykes out there too.