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Butch Jones is a walking dumpster fire, including this troll. CWM will be no more after this season or before it ends. Bet on it.
“He’s got a great attitude, he’s a huge leader on our football team,” Cox said. Anyone smell dog poop?
I’ve got some older UGA friends. My favorite building on UGA campus was the Butts-Mehre sports complex. But you have to say it quickly.
I agree, the ref was not motionless and turned into it. For some reason I don’t think the NFL could do anything right if they actually had to.
I’d like to ask Aaron Murray if Clowney can play ball or not. It was like watching a pit bull throwing around a chew toy.
Afan supposedly has ties to USC and has many USC friends. Maybe Afan could tell us about the intricacies of the Alabama campus and how many home games he’s attended at B.D. Stadium? Season ticket holder?
Your correct, but it does make the odds better. We don’t have as many blue chips as GA and FL on a year after year basis. We’ve recruited well out of state and in state. I’ll give that to Muschamp. Where he’s lacked is developing talent on the offensive side.
Afan, you said “ Anyone think it’s kinda strange that Cock fans do not bother to post on their own articles ? Maybe the fan base has become so apathetic that nothing matters to them ?'” This post was made 3 hours after SDS had released it. I shame any USC fan for being your “Bud” after the way you talk about our players and fans.
A fan! Mighty big words for such a die hard Alabama fan! Maybe I should pick a team that’s already had a proven track record and talk trash about other SEC fans as well. But the problem is I actually went to USC so my allegiance is there, come trophy or dumpster fire. So spare me the “USC fans deserve better” manure. If other USC fans are like me, I go to other sites that post real sports news and not a click-bait opinion or a regurgitated story from another writer. Do any of your claimed “many USC fan friends” show up here? We know we have problems and if you have ties to USC (alum) you probably know more about the program than SDS. I don’t speak for all USC fans, that’s just my opinion, along with a couple of unpleasant adjectives that I label you with.
I wonder if Muschamp will allow him to actually handle the offense? Odds are that will not be the case.
Please check my post above and ask yourself if I think the coach is doing a good job. When the article is discussing QB’s and you say they aren’t talented, I will post otherwise. Your turn, Sparky.
If the players don’t play to their potential, I hold the coaches accountable. If we are talking QB’s as less talented, both Hilinski and Doty are blue chip. Hilinski was placed in a difficult situation last year. Feel free to take your bandwagon elsewhere.
Yeah, but nothing is sweeter than beating UGA between the hedges. By the time the fourth quarter rolls around it’s like a whoopie cushion letting go all over Athens.
“Mentors For Meagers” Maybe we could get Subaru to paint a graphic on an Outback and include it in a commercial.
I took it that way, or at least I hoped it was sarcasm.
Indiana. Thanks for taking the time to take another swipe. If you were to move back to the Non10, there would be nigh a tear shed.
Vandy is one heck of a school. There was a time in the SEC when no one spoke badly against Vandy around SEC ears.
My previous comment is awaiting moderation. I’ll remove the word that was flagged... Vandy is SEC and I’ll always take up for them. It’s a great school.
True, but the fans and boosters aren’t happy. That’s where the money is.
GoUGADawgs, Just FYI if you are visiting South Carolina you can use a copy of his diploma on the dash to park in spaces marked handicapped. I know it won’t make up for the big checks but at least it’s something.