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I don’t get this kick’em when they are down mentality. Alabama played a bad game in the NC. They are still the team to try to beat in the SEC and still on top of the hill. Even the best teams have bad games. I’m no Bama fan but anyone who takes a knock at them and lost to them during the regular season is comical.
I also believe at the end of next year his name will be in the inside of Williams Brice somewhere.
I wish Bryan Edwards the best. He is a great WR and will be an asset to any team.
If a dreams came true, Uga would have latched on to Bovie’s neck and rode him around the field in true bulldog, instinct fashion. I bet Bovie’s handlers would have realized you don’t bring a animal that size on a football field without a solid anchor point to help contain it. There were a lot of people that could have been hurt.
Just opinion, but I would say FSU had more to do with the fire there than Fisher.
Dream? Nah! No fan base wants to lose, especially when you are committed to your school and want them to do well.
Lol, that wasn’t a hurricane that week. It was a little rain shower.
Geaux take a hike. You aren’t too far removed from a music city pity, twit.
I don’t mean to disagree but past performance does indicate future success. We did not adapt when pressure changed against the offense. I saw many of the same problems that plagued us in the beginning of the season that I thought were corrected. I appreciate your optimism but I see too many patterns forming.
You all are correct. This was a pathetic showing and embarrassing. I think it had less to do with Bentley and more to do with the receivers dropping the ball. I’m not easing up on Bentley’s play but there were A LOT of playable balls that were dropped. Still sickening.
Dark horse talk? No. The rest on the list, possibly.
Kids need to look at the big picture. It’s not just hurting them but the team.
Because baby blue argyle design is the “In” thing.
The truth hurts sometimes. D.J. will be picked up and Washington will be Washington.
How full is UGA’s QB room? I’d hope he stays.
And Bama has 14 more wins in the series over Dog Squeeze U.
It takes 5-7 years for most to graduate from Clemson. Lord forgive me and bless the pygmies.
To quote Deadpool, “Let’s go out there and make a difference”.
...and too yellow to post trash against Bama.
They gotta thump their chest somewhere. If they talked trash to Alabama, they’re get laughed at and rightfully so.
Okay, someone needs to check their shoe bottoms. I smell dog crap again.