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You really don’t sound like a Bama fan. I’d say you’re a fan of a mid tier team who thinks they are on the way up. That would explain the false bravado.
It could be a play on words the way Saban runs his “Pressers”. Half the media are scared to ask him a question. Dabo kind of throws a pot of spaghetti on the wall and something is bound to stick.
Speaking of sad what a sorry excuse for a troll.
Coach Staley is a class act. Her team has held the No. 1 position in lady’s NCAA basketball for the majority of the season. There is a reason for that. She is a top notch coach and has a super team. They execute on the court like no other lady’s team I’ve seen.
That doesn’t sound like Covid 19, I think you have the Kung Flu.
You’re correct, you are a nobody. Joseph has had an excellent career in the NFL so far.
No, haven’t you heard? Tennessee is back now.
I second your motion. Please restate so all USC fans can debate and vote on it.
Our past production and execution leads me to say I’m not holding my breath. If, and that is a large “if”, Bobo can turn the offense around, it will be a welcomed surprise. Muschamp has the opportunity but I don’t think he has the ability, IMHO.
JP picks which half of the season he wants and now they are back. Trolls gonna troll. When they beat UGA I may consider them as back. Until then...
The offensive line was inconsistent and he hung in there when playing hurt. He was asked to do a lot in his first year. I think Bobo really may help him a bit.
He got to Will Muschamp at Florida, but that one was like peeing into the wind. You guys got a good one in Kirby.
You know you are good when you’ve been out of it a while and other teams fans still show some angst. He is South Carolina hall of fame.
I’ve always liked Alabama but their fans not so much. This hire away from Bama seems as though it’s a deeper cut than most are letting on. Check out the Scott Cochran article on Also see Monty Python’s Holy Grail. “It’s just a flesh wound”.
That’s all Sparky can say on South Carolina articles. I’d place a wager this one never graduated from Tennessee. The folks I know that went there are much more intelligent and they have a vocabulary.
What I think it'll take for Will Muschamp to keep his job beyond 2020? Do what he failed to do last year. True we had a brutal schedule but honestly the wheels started coming off after the loss to UNC. He failed to win games he should have won and failed to be competitive in key games. He won one game we were not expected to win. That does not translate into keeping his position. It’s like he has a disconnect with the fans and alums here. I seriously question whether he knows which games mean the most. I’m reminded of the quote by Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
we We’re able to keep our OOC rivalry game each year. I don’t know the circumstances of Missouri and AandM not carrying theirs on. I remember some bad blood between Texas and A&M the year before they came to the SEC. I think if both programs want to renew it, it is a matter of scheduling and maybe a few years before it happens. Personally I think A&M and Mizzou would take care of business with both rivalries.
None the less, I hope Bobo does well and Muschamp allows him to do what he does best.
I understand your point and I think we agree. We had better defenses that could make plays when they counted. I didn’t mean “dominate” stop. They were able to hold to allow our offense to score for the most part. What Shaw lacked in ability he made up for in determination to win.
Time will tell. I’m not sure how much the talent at UGA played into his abilities. My friends from UGA did complain while he was coaching there that he was predictable. When we had total package defenses under Spurrier, his offenses were able to be stopped. I wish him the best for the sake of our program but at this point who knows what will transpire under Muschamp. I do hope for the sake of our players and program, records will be continually broken for the positive.