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Who is that Esec? Can you name all our coaches, troll?
As we get bigger and better competition is stronger. All gas no brakes.
Deja Vu! The same words your mom said about you. You are a real chip off the old street corner.
You’re correct, Tennessee didn’t beat Kentucky or Michigan. Who did you play in your bowl game?
Notice his motivation wasn’t to return to beat Tennessee? I wonder why?
Kinda like the need to swat that fly in the room that keeps buzzing around.
I look forward to what Coach Werner brings. His record says a lot.
If you are going to get any respect, You will have to do better. Beating no one in the SEC can only mean you’re a Tennessee fan.
Speaking of flops, did you see the South Carolina / Tennessee game last year? I think that’s the real reason you changed to a South Carolina logo from your normal “T”. I would say it was a good game but everyone in the SEC that played Tenn won also. So, no big thing.
Jim Sterk states that Dawn Staley was promoting a negative atmosphere. I think she has the ability to protect her name and what she has worked for at USC. If someone said that your football coach was promoting a negative atomishpere and it had the ability to affect your recruiting and school’s brand name whether it be Odum, Orgeron or Smart, I don’t think any of you would argue that they would pursue means to correct the statement if the accuser wouldn’t retract the statement.
How many “Leaps of faith” has Tenn made the turned out well for them? I would take a sure thing over Weinke in a heart beat.
That is pretty sweet. I’m glad you guys took care of business there. I know you are proud for the team.
Esec is a Tennessee troll.Maybe he could tell us how much he likes Spurrier and thank him for his time at USC.Heck, maybe he could share a little light about his time at USC as a student...( crickets chirping )
I’m old enough to remember George Rogers. George was a legend not only at USC, but in the NFL too. Marcus was one heck of a running back and I don’t mean to take anything away from him. Both are the greatest RB’s to wear garnet.
Glad to have this man on the team. I hope we get to see him get some playing time.
lol, beautiful oasis. Don’t drink the water there. It will probably be a mirage and you’ll wind up with a mouth full of sand.
A place where sharks will finally be safe again.
Something must have happened deep in the Psyche for these Tenn fans to take on other team’s avatars and troll like they are other fans. Trudawg, many more are there?
How about asking Esec how long he has been a Gamecock? He’s the resident troll on South Carolina articles since Spurrier was our coach.That being said, it should be a good game. It may be the second game of the season but I know who both teams will be preparing for.
Only UGA would have a building named Butts Mehre. I’ll send the cream right away.
I don’t think dabo’s house will be the only brinks truck stop. I think two trucks will stop in Athens first, at the same house. Just wait. Someone will make Jimbo Fisher’s contract look like pocket money.
Sandidge might have been your 15th best but UGA fans are still hurt about it. I’ll buy you guys some Boudreax’s butt paste to ease your pain.
I have to admit garnet looks better on you instead of pee yellow.
See you Columbia later this year. Should be a good game.
I’m no fan of UA but to even elude this may be the end seems to be an attempt to inflame folks.
Esec and Dawgdayz and one in the same. He has several accounts with SDS