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Got to love the headline. It reminds me of George Castanza’s “Festivus for the Rest Of Us”.
Okay, we know there are crazy bombs ticking in every state of the union. Executive/high profile security clients are sometimes asked to assist their security detail by wearing special clothing or electronics to help prevent the unknown. The upper end vests are no more cumbersome than a t-shirt underneath your regular clothes. Why is this news and from two years ago?
Lol, I’ll take the over on South Carolina.
Maybe bias but I don’t think Clemson will be as high as these numbers predict. I think their reload on defense is going to have to dip deeper on the young talent than they are used to.
If that was Jacksonville’s plan, Baltimore pulled a fast one.
Primero consigue tus datos, luego puedes distorsionarlos como quieras.
With our Receiver Corps healthy, I would say Skai Moore would be a greater asset for us.
Great article Connor. The most valuable thing we have on this earth is not material things, it’s time and how we spend it.
So which one of the “Keepers of the stones” will replace Saban when he retires?
“After a long wait, Phil Steele’s annual college football preseason magazine has finally hit the shelves and is available to purchase on newsstands,” Yes, after last year’s pick record, I could hardly wait. (Yawn)
I agree with your comment, just one substitution of “wisdom” for “bias”.
Prayers to his family, friends and Maryland. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:4‬
I have no doubt that with development we will see a much better Guarantano.
I didn’t have much respect for Steele before he made this statement. Anyone can pick the leading teams to do well. Steele’s picks last year were so bad after the leading teams that if he was a weatherman, he would lose his job.
His family’s words about moving across the country, the relationship with Coach Muschamp, the team and the way he went about his decision. These seem to solidify his commitment to me. The young man is more than an excellent QB.
Anything is possible, but it’s highly doubtful he changes.
What is clear is that even after a few years of retirement, Spurrier is still in your head. LMAO.
Considering what he inherited at USC I’d say he did quite well. Spurrier didn’t win a N.C. at USC. Winning the East is not a completed goal. Garcia could hang with the best on his good days and left us scratching our heads on others. Case in point was the game against Bama that same year we won the East. But to say he won nothing at USC is short sighted. I may be looking at it from a different perspective.
You’re correct, I expect no love from UGA fans after Sept 8.
I admit a lack of knowledge about the pieces on Mizzou’s offense. My lack of confidence has nothing to do with the players but the oblivious destruction that can be wrought by your OC. My hopes are he will serve your team well and that Mizzou has strong offensive development.
I think Florida and Tennessee will be much better Than their numbers show on the list. I think we will be able to view the even worse ineptitude of the Butch Jones era by Pruitt making the best of what he has. Florida is talent rich and under Mullen and Grantham will do really well. Their defense will be the first to excel unless Mullen is able to find the right keys to the car. I think Lock will regret not jumping to the NFL with Dooley on board. I don’t like to even use his name out of respect for his father’s accomplishment. If anyone is going to keep their offense afloat it will be the sheer talent that Lock shows. We also have some unknowns but with the Mac/Werner combo. I think we will do well. We got rid of the kryptonite in Williams Brice as Roper left and we should be stronger for it. We lost Moore but have some great young talent coming back on defense that will take up where he left off. I’m ready for the season to start.
How to get around a South Carolina defense. They’ve done that well.