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“Athletes have been unlawfully misclassified as student-athletes rather than employees.” Umm, okay. So there is no student tuition involved or game practice to represent the institution paying for said tuition? We have lost our common sense somewhere along the path. That being said I see no problem sharing part or portion of the TV revenues with players in lieu of NIL when they are not offered as much as high profile players.
What is it about the time period between Spring and regular season and make these guys dig so deep into their nose they get feces instead of a booger?
Been there done that and got the t-shirt. SDS IS MSM and has been. Kirby is all about recruiting the the date didn’t work out. They waited too late and a lot of guys are in the NFL. Did I miss anything?
Get a real job. Nothing is free except the grace of God.
Two names: George Rogers and Herschel Walker. Neither were QBs. But they definitely proved themselves.
Key word: “Contender” which is hypothetical. Let’s let the Shipley play out and let the Klubniks fall where they Maye.
Facts. Facts only get in the way when you’re trying to sell a wrong thought.
After the recruiting stunt Mike Locksley pulled a year or so ago, this is Swwwweeeet.
Nor does Esec know anything about USC football. It’s a Tenn fan who wishes it was a USC fan. Especially after last year’s thumping.
Panthers, heck yeah! Go Cocks! Go H Hurst!
Thanks for caring. Where is UGA WBB? (As I look back) oh yeah. In the back of the bus.
Sure, not that big of a deal. But then…you’re here.
UGA Bill is a zeitgeist in the world of South Carolina State Football… like the dog scratching his rear end on your carpet.
Balk, your comment contained logic. UGA fans don’t relate to that well.
That being said, most UGA fans are one step above/below the typical Tenn fan. Horton hears a Who.
Reposting due to comment moderation. I have no problem with Bobo and yes, he is a good OC. He maximized our talent in a season of the Vid, injuries and he kept some of the names on the roster. He stepped in to the HC position when Muschamp was let go. I wish he had stayed to see what he could have done at USC. Best of luck to him. He’s not the same Bobo that coached under CMR at UGA. I think Connor is going to have to eat crow.
Congrats to Coach Staley and the Lady Gamecocks.