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Correct, I was thinking of HC benefits from the player's performance. Chizik would get the record attribute but it seems it would have played into he promotion Gus received.
LOL, ^^^^^ This. I could tell by the headline what some of the comments would be, but yet here we are, like moths to the light.
Whoa, leave us out of this. Comparing South Carolina Wins and losses this year doesn't mean much. The Georgia game was an oddity much like the Tennessee game was.
@Nashvillegator: I though Cam Newton was under Gene Chizik's run at Auburn. Going off recollection so I could be wrong.
I think a lot of programs would consider Stoops. He"s done more with less than any other coach I know. The comparison stats of Fisher to Stoops doesn't indicate the level of talent each had to work with. You guys definitely have a diamond in the rough. Kentucky and South Carolina are hard to recruit. Mishap has brought in talent higher than Kentucky has and you see where that got us. Stoops is amazing. He took a receiver, during the season, and turned him into a QB and you guys made a bowl. Talk about development. Could you imagine him developing talent on a team like A&M or Florida? The man would be a juggernaut.
LOL @Butch Jones. Tell us about a dumpster fire.
Congratulations LSU! You guys really played hard and earned it. Enjoy your win. I’m proud for y’all.
LSU will always be my second favorite team in the SEC. People don’t fully understand what they did for us when we experienced a hurricane and had to move the game to LA that year. They did the best they could to welcome us and make it feel like a home game. They showed superior class. My best wishes to LSU on their NC championship pursuit. They deserve the place they are in, fully. Geaux Tigers, Geaux LSU!
All Clemson bias aside, Kirby is correct. I hate Clemson probably more than most but he has retained his assistants. He also knows how to pick them. That’s his talent because it surely isn’t public speaking. I’m always pulling for Saban to get another title for what he has done for the SEC. That being said I hope LSU tears them a new one.
The goal of the lawyer is to turn sentiment for the Mays. A lawsuit may have been filed but it takes a while before becoming public record and then those that scan the records to realize it was Cade’s father who filed it. It’s perfectly normal for records to take longer in government, especially during the holidays. But I’m sure the lawyer wouldn’t tell you that. He wants to paint UGA as taking the low road. It’s part of his job. He was probably hoping someone would get the news out sooner.
I’ll agree with you on that, but aren’t the sleazy lawyers in the majority for just about every state?
I wish both of these guys the best at whatever they do.
Who knows? If we are worse then we get a new coach (eventually). If Bobo turns out to be a magician (which is unlikely) then we start moving up. Just looking at the not-so-long future. I think the firing of Luke, Odom and Morris was a shot across Muschamp’s bow.
Thank you for confirming the emotion I wanted D Mullen to experience. Was not directed towards any other gator. Good job winning your bowl.
Hopefully Jackson will have a solid impact on the team’s health. Too bad the gift of Dillman continues to keep giving.
If I’m not mistaken the statute of limitations in Ga on a civil suit is two years.
I was wondering who was going to go there...
AFam sound like the adults on a Peanuts comic strip. Wah waa wah waa wah waaaaaaa.
Three stars sees four stars coming in. No photos of our coach with a shark though.
If it fits the NFL targeting rule guidelines I’m not sure why the refs didn’t call it at the time. I tend to see those guys as more professional than the college refs. That being said, it looks like it was targeting.