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Who would have thought? It would have been cool for Rocker to retire at his Alma Matter.
“ The Big Brother game has become a scrimmage not a contest but that is the way it almost always has been since 1950” “ And you think a reasonable and good coach can’t wait to come knowing he has to beat Saban to keep his job? Really? Are u serious?” Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Auburn, meet Alabama.
So we are the worst? I guess we’re not that bad since you poached our OC, OLC and DLC. Say what your misguided little heart wants but the proof is in the pudding, son.
Best wishes to CSB and his staff. I’m excited to have him back at USC.
I don’t hate Muschamp. He kept the team out of NCAA trouble and players had very few off-field issues, if any. He did recruit pretty well and possibly left more than Spurrier did in the cupboard. $13 mil is a lot but it could have been worse. (Tennessee fans, I’m praying for you guys) This is actually the first time South Carolina has had to pay a large buyout where some other schools are on their second or even third buyout. I’m not saying Muschamp was a good Head coach for development of players and team concept or riding for the brand.
Based on your comment I don’t even think you listen to yourself.
A little over 2.4 is what I heard. But then again he said he wanted to stay at South Carolina for the long haul. Maybe a combo of money and an easier way to feed his system with talent. When the contract is public we’ll both know.
Don’t forget the win for USC that he doesn’t coach here. When you pay someone NOT to do something, that should tell you something. I like him as a person, not a coach.
Okay, first we need to change Adam Spencer’s name to “Captain Obvious” for the South Carolina response alone. “ New Auburn coach Bryan Harsin raided his staff for some reason, hiring OC Mike Bobo, OL coach Will Friend and DL coach Tracy Rocker away from the Gamecocks.” For some reason? Bryan Scarfin, ...I mean Harsin, needed SEC recruiting knowledge and he got it. He also is getting Gunner Stockton as an added bonus. You choose the greater reason of the two...time will reveal it. Why did Bobo leave after saying he wanted to stay at South Carolina? Money. Auburn more than doubled his salary and I don’t blame him for going. Friend is attached to Bobo at the hip. Rocker is an Auburn Alumn and is getting close to retirement so it looks like a good move for him too. Many in the South Carolina camp didn’t like Bobo for the path he took with Hilinski. Hill and Hilinski are gone so I say thanks to Mike for shrinking our QB room. I guess it was getting too full. That now leaves South Carolina with a coaching, clean slate and removed much if the stench Muschamp created. If Beamer improves over the years I expect the fans at USC to stretch Captain Obvious’ prediction of 4-5 years for Beamer. It will take time given the culture Muschamp created, or didn’t create. Let’s just say fix Muschamp’s problems. If Coach Beamer can effectively analyze his weaknesses and place business over personal relationships with his coaches (unlike Muschamp) and if he can effectively evaluate player potential (See Stoops at Kentucky) I think he will sustain the program well. Time will tell. He wants to be here and it is evident. I like the fact he is bringing in some up and comers and not SEC retreads. But with that comes the unknown. These are my opinions and in no way speak for the fan base of USC. Hope this helps @_Tom_Brooks better than the Captain’s response via “Surface Sliding”. Sorry for the long reply.
I agree fuzzy. I don’t believe in kicking them when they are down. Good luck to you guys.
I agree. Their own version of “Matt Luke” to stabilize the program through the rough waters in my opinion. Allow themselves enough time to rebuild and if he doesn’t work out, you’ve got the program stabilized and a better coach would be more likely to step in the vacancy. The problem with all of our teams is our alumn/fan expectations. That’s what has driven the coaching salaries beyond reasonable. We all can’t have a Nick Saban. Heck, when he retires even Bama will have some tough shoes to fill. Given the current expectations UGA would have never allowed Vince Dooley to remain there. At least they are giving Kirby time because they believe in him. We lost faith with Muschamp and rightfully so. He was not head coach material and didn’t know how to build a team. Tennessee probably saw the same with Pruitt but the violations came in to play. I don’t blame them for what they did, but given their coach retention record, it doesn’t look like an appealing job from the outside to other really good candidates, more than Steele will give them stability for the short term.
Don’t forget, Chadwell was suspended for Secondary/Level III recruiting violations himself. That may have kept him out of some previous vacant HC spots. Good coach, just saying.
They need to leave NOW. Don’t hang around.
Yeah, I saw that too. It really illustrates how much Farmer knows about the program he’s writing about. One of Muschamp’s biggest problems at USC was exactly the culture of “Me first” for many of his players. Based on his hires, it looks like CSB will correct that.
While not blue bloods, us definitely included. We didn’t develop like we should have with Muschamp.
“Less with more...” I think that tells the tale of just about all that SEC Blue Bloods with the exception of Alabama, this past season.
First year will be tough. It will give us something build on. Excited or the team.
Glad to get rid of the “Dog Squeeze” smell in Williams Brice.
Mmmm. UGA hedges: taste great and low in calories.
Sure they did... (Rolls Eyes) Just like Al Gore invented the internet.
So you hire their pitiful coaches? Logic, pure logic... thanks for the toilet flush we needed and the fresh wipe. We feel so clean and fresh... And please tell us how Auburn came to know the battle cry “War Eagle”. I always heard is was a story made up my a newspaper reporter. #ChoochooMF #RollTideRoll
Auburn will learn soon enough. #Bobo&Hilinski
Oooh, a “90” Bulldogger. The. Championship was 10 years before your time, right?