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I’m glad to see this. It appears Coach Muschamp is doing well.
I don’t think Pollack made a strong argument against. Adam made a better point here: “Indeed, playing lesser foes this weekend won’t help either Auburn or Alabama in the eyes of the College Football Playoff selection committee, but their Iron Bowl showdown in two weeks certainly will.” When your team has been plagued with injury, a cupcake may allow a little bit of extra relief before a game that matters. Tell me a better chance at knocking down Clemson wouldn’t help USC.
Good point, no one wants to see a kid representing your school or an opponent go down due to a serious injury.
It’s telling when the list doesn’t include Miss St.
Funny you left out the Mississippi State beat down...
It will get more difficult when the East has better coaches. Iron sharpens iron.
It’s a trade off. USC is ranked higher in the east....unless you are saying you are going to beat UGA this weekend. How’s that hind teat, cuz?
Being an old fart does have it’s advantages. For instance I remember when UGA, Tenn and Fla were power houses. Friends attended the football camps in high school. I agree with O’Gara in the sense that teams tend to get better when they play tough competition. The West has had Bama in recent years to challenge them and make them better. The coaching hires at Fla and Tenn will affect more than their respective teams. A great coach at both will strengthen the East, maybe not right away but. Things will get more interesting when Saban chooses to retire. A coach like Saban doesn’t come along except maybe once every other generation.
You’re right, he picked us to go 4 wins and McElroy gave us a whopping five wins preseason. I don’t know what they are paid but I rank them in the same career approval ratings as used car salesmen. Maybe they are there for comedic relief.
Sorry, I meant pop a cork on a whisky bottle. Not wine or champagne. I defintately needed a shot after this play.
Fromm going to Cleveland...There’s something I’m sure he’s looking forward to.
Odds on the next post being a uniform reveal?
Not me, the headlines are all about last week and Georgia.
Yeah, I noticed that too. It’s one day before the game. Do you see any news about USC and Florida?
(*YAWN*) I really enjoy the fast-paced, up-to-the-minute sports news here.
Easy to say for Leach. We don’t judge a conference solely by the teams who are down during a given season, do we? I disagree with Leach, I think the SEC bottom would beat the snot out of the PAC12 bottom. Now, how do we see who is correct?
David and Goliath, no. I’d say it’s more like Godzilla v. King Kong.
I think the order is good. All these guys are trustworthy qb’s.
Man, I hate this. The kid has been through a lot and then to have to read stuff like this from jerks...