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That’s funny. Saying you’ve arrived when you haven’t even turned in the driveway yet.
Venables is the DC at Clemson and coaches the linebackers. What did he have to do with Bryant becoming NFL ready?
I was wrong about Dooley last year. He seems to be a good fit at Mizzou. Good luck to you guys this year.
Not a savior, we want to see him play just like you guys want to see your new quarterbacks do well.
Man! I miss the HBC. Glad he’s still coaching.
Anyone else notice a few Georgia fans suffer from little man syndrome.
Proud to have Dakereon and Ryan wearing the “Blocked C”.
So much of last season it was the defense that was lacking. I agree with the notes on Jake. He needs to show positive consistency. I can’t see anything near 9-3 given this year’s schedule. We don’t see what the coaches see in practice, I know. But remember it was Bentley that was a freshman when he got his first shot.
Jakes problem is inconsistency. He does throw way too many interceptions and then plays an awesome offensive game against Clemson. No telling from game to game.
Never trust a person who speaks for all. They don’t speak the full truth. I think Moorehead was a good hire when MS got him. Still do so far.
It’s a USC article, I’m a USC fan. Now, whose comment is irrelevant?
Aren’t you guys a “Blue Blood” program with a silver spoon and sugar on top and all? I’m just saying all the other B.B. programs in the East have won a Natty in the past twenty or so years. Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing but love for you guys. So close, so close each year! You guys are my favorite East B.B. program right behind Florida and Tenn.
BTW, I don’t think my comment was irrelevant. It’s my opinion, just like your “insane” comment was yours.
Yeah, that UVA game was ugly. But I’m glad your bowl against Texas went well.
People forget West Virginia hung 70 on Clemson not too many years ago on a Dabo team. That being said, time will tell on CWM.
Both Florida and South Carolina are tough cross overs. Not to mention Clemson. Who would you choose? Alabama and A&M or LSU and Auburn?
I enjoyed watching Elliott at USC. He’s a excellent kicker and I hope this opens up some larger doors for him.
I didn’t know Georgia got a Natty trophy for competing in it. Good for you guys!
Technically speaking, if you look at the number of National Championships won by South Carolina and Georgia in this century, we are both tied at none. USC is not a blue chip program. I hate to break it to you but you guys have a silver spoon. Most other blue chip programs have won a Natty in the last, say, 30 years? But hey, there’s always next year for you guys.
Yep, we’ll be dropped faster than a hot iPad. Especially with the schedule.