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I’ve learned that most UGA prognostications are totally wrong. I’ve been hearing “this will be the year” from Athens since the early eighties. One question about relevant; how many NC’s has UGA won during your lifetime? Blue chip, but not always so relevant.
Was it UNC’s defense that angered the UGA fans so much they rolled Aaron Murray’s yard in Athens? Classy fans right there. You probably tossed a few rolls yourself, right?
The only place I have actually heard that UGA helped end Coach Spurrier’s career was from UGA fans. USC fans know there was more to it. After all, UGA had won games against Carolina before and the HBC didn’t resign. By UGA logic it would have been LSU that made him resign, but if you look at that game, it was supposed to have been played at Williams Brice. Due to flooding in S.C., it was played at the real Death Valley. LSU was extremely hospitable and their band even played for our team. If that’s all UGA has on Spurrier, think what makes you feel better.
Go girl! Look forward to seeing some home talent this year.
Did we ever straighten out the difference between General Sherman and Tecumseh Sherman?
First, it’s SEC football (Any given Saturday...) Second, if Georgia fans are truly not worried about the USC game, there should be no reason to have to qualify how great your team is, right? Let me be the first to say welcome to Williams-Brice on Sept. 8. BTW, I personally don’t despise the Bulldogs. Clemson is a different story.
I tend not to place valuable and irreplaceable items in my garage, other than the Shelby and DB5.
Exactly. I’m not sour on Patterson. My question is Harbough’s ability to utilize his talent at the college level. I haven’t seen evidence that would prove otherwise. He is getting the benefit of the Michigan brand to do a great job by the press. Maybe he needs the right QB to run his system and it will turn around for him this year. But the press has given him the benefit of the doubt at the beginning of each year which diminishes my respect for them.
I wasn’t referring to any of the SEC teams listed.
These will be interesting to watch okay out.
No big thing. It’s a poll which in some of these teams placing is a popularity contest. We will continue to beat NC State and Michigan.
Glad to see Cook in Garnet playing for the original USC. Muschamp is building something we haven’t seen in a few years. I’m looking forward to see if he can surpass Coach Spurrier’s record.
I don’t think anyone is calling for a magical season. I do think a healthy Deebo and Dowdle will provide additional options. Realistically not magic, but we should see improvement.
Beware of the man who lumps everyone in the same category and/or speaks for more people than himself.
I’ll be pulling for ND in this one. Michigan seems to be ranked way too high for my taste.
If the cops witness evidence of domestic violence in most states they don’t have to ask her to press charges, the state prosecutes the crime with or without her.
“However, heading into the 2018 season, many think it could be the Big Ten’s year, as the conference is likely to have up to five teams in the top 15 in the preseason AP Poll.“ The preseason AP poll has a mixture of proven stability and popularity vote. Michigan should not and I repeat, should not, be in the top ten.
Oh no, the coveted UCF national championship trophy has been stolen?
We’ve heard the USC and other Carolina jokes ad nauseum. (See UGArmy posts) I’d think they would be more original.
Agree, Josh Snead is great on SEC Shorts. The little outside material I’ve seen it looks like he doesn’t do well on the fly.
Coaches jumping a shark...I’d say some more than others.
Crossed the line. No one jokes about any of these kids, and I mean all SEC kids, getting hurt.
So far only one UGA fan, I’m a little disappointed.