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Garcia was the only QB at USC that caused me bi-polar episodes.
I’d like to see an article titled “Ray Tanner identifies where Will Muschamp, Gamecocks coaching needs to improve”.
Interesting perspective. But I would think a solid South Carolina coach could channel Rhett Butler on a response to this question. Frankly my dear...
Thanks for the obvious Dave. Bentley is not getting paid to play football but you just misplaced the majority of issues heaping snark on the kid’s head. Bentley should play the best he can. If the kid has issues, the responsibility for production lays firmly on the lap of the coach. If we don’t have the talent, we don’t. If we do and the coach doesn’t play the talent, the coach needs to answer. That’s why they get paid in a year more in a than most of us will make in a lifetime. Get a grip.
I’m looking forward to see what Mack Brown brings. This one goes back to the time just before we left the ACC. Go Cocks!
We are not the same 2010 team by any means nor is Alabama the same 2010 team. It’s going to be hot and Bama has greater talent and depth so it will be similar to the UGA game last year. Hope to limit injuries for the rest of the season.
Keep building the team. Brick by brick. Hats off to Muschamp Inc. for the the effort. Garnet is the color of our blood, not blue.
Prayers to the Auburn family with the Bramblett family. May God hold you and keep you.
I think we really saw it coming with the recruiting we had, plus we had lost some good coaching staff and promoted some that should not have been.
I don’t think it’s Boom. They put Florida in the same category as Alabama and Georgia. With the Vanderbilt comment and sounding like an offensive minded coach. I would say it’s Mullen.
It’s amazing what you learn about someone when they open their mouth.
I disagree with the UGA Mascot. In I Am Legend, the dog was the first to go. Besides a tiger, other dog breed, wildcat or rooster (to show I’m unbiased) I thing I’d take a gator because no one has touched what a zombie effect has on a gator. If it turns out to be bad, just call in Troy Landry.
Shoulda replied, “Does anyone ever roll Kelly”?
No more than Miss UGA 2019. It’s just styled differently.