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I was there too. I agree with you that we were happy for Parker. I could imagine the weight that was lifted off his shoulders as a kid and I was happy and proud for him. Maybe only a UF grad writing about South Carolina would view the crowd roar as sarcastic. He can write what he wants but those of us on the home team side saw and heard different.
Fuzzy, I think you just showed your age. I think I just showed mine too.
Georgia is the only team I know that can be ranked 15 in the AP one week, beat a 24th ranked Notre Dame team by one point and jump up two spots to #13 the following week.
Georgia Tech has 4 Nattys and one of them was when they were in the SEC. Is GT blue blood? But they have twice as many NC titles as UGA.If it is a figure of speech with no definitive answer then why use it. Obviously it IS debatable. But isn't that the point of using the phrase, to stir the pot?
Good article J. Crist. I still say there is only one blue blood in the SEC. If almost half your fan base wasn't alive the last time you won a natty, I couldn't give them that moniker. But I understand why you add it in several of your articles when describing the traditional three.
Agreed, I think it's still too early, but we see some spark of what is to come w/in the next few years. Athything we obtain this year is above expectation.
Wow, that's exactly the words your mom said last night.
At least my problem is spell check; yours is a psychotropic deficiency.
Well if it isn't my favorite "Champion of Life". Good to have our resident Tenn Troll back. I've noticed a parallel with you showing up when UT wins the previous week. Man, and I so wanted to talk about GaTech with you!
Hope Jones has a quick recovery. I hate seeing these young men injured.
This contender crap has been going on since before the NC State game. Each week "If South Carolina beats (insert team we play next) they are East contenders". It's BS until we see how the other teams place. If we do well with our conference games we will be contenders. Until that time, all this is, is nothing more than click bait. As Coach Spurrier used to say, "Talking season is over". Let's play some FOOTBALL!
Don't be jealous of the fawning bro. We don't have cool props like trash cans.
I'd wait to see on the Fla offense. It's difficult to analyze the first game of any season. They played Michigan when others were playing cupcakes. I'd be surprised if they don't pull a win on Tenn this week. They may have a lot of questions on the field but with their talent level of CJM can put together a game plan around his players, there will be much improvement.
I wouldn't call the last three years of South Carolina football the pentacle of our achievement. So you beat us when we were down. UK fans need to get a grip. We are rebuilding just like they are. I'm not saying we are the tops in the East, more like mid level right now. We are getting more press because we have only played power 5 schools. Time will tell how much we have really improved. UK always gives us a good have, regardless of who wins. UK has also played well against UGA. This is going to be a fun game to watch because Stoops is a good coach and he hasn't shown his cards yet this year.
I think it will require more than stopping turnovers an kickoff TDs. Just sayin.
I haven't seen a basic USC team. Either we have been really high or really low. We didn't go vanilla defense against Mizzou and I think that helped us. A far different cry from the Lorenzo Ward years. Best wishes to Mizzou on the rest of the season. We are rebuilding a team too. I also like Odem as a coach and I think he will turn Mizzou into a great team again. I know it's difficult taking over for Coach Pinkel.
Anything can happen on any given Saturday. I think Miss St has a good offense and budding defense but LSU seems to have more of the package.
BTW, if John Crist's pre-season predictions come to fruition, we will have a 9 win year. He picked us to lose to both NC State and Mizzou.
Considering we were "Slated" by the same football oracles to place dead last in the SEC East last year and made it to a bowl, I'd say it was exactly the season we were looking for. We found our QB and recruited some young talent. Which leads me to the question if these sports typists actually read what they type or if they know anything about the fan base or teams they are typing about.
If it's stupid, yes, don't say anything. If they said we still suck that would be stupid, so I digress.