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I’ve come to realize the only thing still good about SDS is their comments section. Not content, but that you can still post. Other than that it’s click bait and BS. Bye Ya’ll. It’s been real.
I’ve got a better idea. Maybe you could transfer to another website.
So has Auburn announced what they are paying Bobo? I’ve been watching for it but haven’t seen anything. We seem quick to announce what we are paying.
Former Assumption kicker Cole Tracey ended up at LSU. Former receiver Deonte Harris is a member of the New Orleans Saints. Long snapper Zach Triner just won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
You keep watch on Bama, we’ll keep watch on USC. Deal?
If you read the article it was not a hiring, Sparky. We don’t give scholarships to staff members.
Dude, let the guys play before you make a judgement like that. Saban can pull in some up and comers but when we do it, USC has hit rock bottom? C’mon. I think Beamer is building but it will take a few years.
Nice try, but you left out the “Me” on your part. So you lost the joke.
That’s ridiculous. Give them a chance before calling them names. But then that’s what UGA does. Just ask Justin Fields.
Glad Platel came to Columbia instead of Starkville. Look forward to seeing him play in Williams Brice.
That’s just the way the game’s played. If I know CSB, Schools will be trying to poach his coaches even more in the future. I think great coaches will gravitate to him.
The sad part is I’m not sure if this was oversight, apatheticism, or an attempt at clickbait.
Shhhh! I’m sure he will do a great job at UGA ; )
Feb 2 the Edwards hire announcement was made, I believe. Hope this helps.
Mr Spencer needs to dig a little deeper before either writing or promulgating a story. Hughes was first hired away from South Carolina by Sark at Texas. He was replaced by Taylor Edwards from Maryland. Texas put the brakes on the Hughes hire and we moved on. Hughes was technically in coaching pergatory.
If I remember we recruited him heavy out of High School.
Stoops and Co. definitely know how to evaluate players. Hat’s off to Rodriguez for putting in all the effort and UK to help develop him. Glad to see an article about him.
I actually think “It” is a TN fan posing. The comments get worse when bad things happen to TN.
He definitely took a more calculated approach. I appreciate that and it shows he is planning for short and long term.
That’s not very smart to waste scholarships on guys you can’t really even evaluate. He took a more calculated approach his first year.
Boxster, I think another way to look at your question is what kind of investment return would USC realize if we had retained Muschamp? Greg McGarrity made a similar decision when Mark Richt wasn’t retained. Hiring a new coach, especially one without head coaching experience is a crap shoot. In our case, we chose someone who was familiar with the ins and outs of USC. I think we made the right move. Time will tell though.
I don’t think that’s necessarily true. He came in late and everyone knew the class was going to be small and ranked low. I also think COVID has made an impact with no visits. Once COVID clears(if ever) I think we will see a definite change in class structure. It’s easy for the rich teams to get richer in recruiting based on their past history and recent production. South Carolina already had a tough time being close to UGA and Clemson and now Mack Brown has pretty much locked down NC since Muschamp couldn’t develop wins against him.
Funny, Gunner Stockton commits about the same time Muschamp has been hanging around Athens. Smells fishy...
Yes, but auburn seems to think we have the best coaches to go along with the facilities.
Bill, thanks for the comment. Any university that names an athletic building “Buttsmear”clearly has class and taste. But then again if you tried to reverse the names you would still come out on the wrong end...”MearButts”?