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Our side on the offensive line of scrimmage was half a$$ed. They blocked during the pass pretty well, but run blocking was pitiful.
Rico may have been out but Feaster and Fenwick did quite well. Put whatever crappy spin you want on it SDS.
The falcons are my team but I don’t think the falcons like the falcons, either.
I don’t see a problem, he knows the lines and has been maintaining well since at South Carolina. It’s time to quit writing articles about inept officiating and accountability for it in the SEC. Muschamp was irate. I’ve seen Saban irate before as well, but for different reasons. I’ve seen Stoops, Muschamp, Saban, Smart, Pruitt and Mullen say things without audio on the sidelines that would make a deaf person blush. They know their limitations and stop at that. It’s not like Muschamp choked the ref out.
If Florida wins it will be because of the refs.
So who are you pulling for Esec? Your Vols or your sworn enemy, the Gamecocks? Can’t wait to hear all the great comments for the winner.
Hell is about to freeze over. Two leathernecks going at it off base.... I guess we see the Semper Fidelis line stops at football.
Bcreek, he didn’t hear it. He did a magic trick and pulled it out, except he didn’t use a hat.
Don’t count on it. Belk will not select us to go bowling in Charlotte. We’ve played there quite a bit considering openers and bowls lately.
NCAA needs to pinch a loaf or get off the pot on Mizzou. This is B.S.
Loosen those jorts cuz, no one brought up the Fla game except you. Speaking of gator phallics do they even have one? I ask because I’m sure if they do, you’ve seen a few in your time.
Not whining about the USC-FLA game solely. Officiating has had some real head scratchers this year in a lot of games across the conference. When you have an official that can look at tape in the box and there is an egregious call they should look at it. They see the same things we all do when watching on TV; Is that professional? Then the SEC hims and haws over answers. Coach Muschamp is not the only coach or fan base that has experienced this. We all have to a degree or another. Where is the transparency we heard was to be? It’s more like an iron curtain.
I’m sure after this year LSU will be adjusting coach O’s dollar amount. The man needs to get PAID.
I heard the SEC was reviewing the officiating based on conference social media posts. I have little faith in the conference to handle the issue correctly. It seems all teams have been plagued by bad calls in the best conference for football. There is no transparency with SEC officiating actions and therefore it seems as the SEC itself is hiding something. I don’t believe in conspiracy, but it does create a perception at times.
Just saw the SEC will be reviewing the officiating calls based on social media response all over the conference. Also, Congrats to Florida.
Talk it bigger than what it was.
Congrats, you got a W. The number 9 team didn’t kick anything hard except some 4th down punts.
I can’t wait until the big cocktail party so the universe will realign itself. But seeing you guys being so amiable gives me hope that world peace is a possibility.
First, the turn overs didn’t just happen, they were caused. Typical.
I don’t care for Herbstreit but I agree with him on this. Florida and Mizzou look like the best candidates at this point. Additionally, Georgia is not out at all. Just because they lost one game, if they kick it up and win out they can easily be on top. I think it will come down to UGA, UF and Mizzou at the end for the East. A lot will ride on the winner in Jacksonville.
Exactly. This team hasn’t been in this position before. We haven’t been close to this type of ability since Spurrier left. Time will tell but the Georgia game definitely let the team know they are capable.
He played aggressive against Bama, Kentucky and UGA. Some of the calls seemed way out, but it seems he’s trying harder so far.