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We also “took down” Tenn. didn’t we? But then...who didn’t.
Esec is a Tenn fan and SC troll. We haven’t seen him lately, I’d say the “not having a bowl” disappointment finally wore off and the troll is coming out again. He has no life so...
Watch out man, there might be some dead trees around Athens soon.
PC does have a point. At 66 how many more years is Coach Saban going to be there? Not to compare but we saw it with Spurrier. I don’t think Saban will have the recruiting problems that SC did, I think it will be on the coaching side. How many Coaching staffs will Saban have to develop? It’s been amazing so far with what he has been able to do. He reloads players AND coaching staff.
Last year they were definitely known for their defense. What do they have coming back on that side of the ball?
Michigan at No. 13? I just don’t see it. Not to take away from Patterson, but I don’t think It’s going to work out well for him there.
We beat UCF in 2013 with Blake Bortles under center. Funny, they didn’t talk Smack then...
Clean, old fashioned hate? Lol. I’m surprised these two don’t send each other flowers after their game.
With TWO of our teams in the NC Game, I’d say wee are doing something right. Haters gonna hate.
Here we have a state whose economy is based on other folks coming to visit acting stupid. I don’t think I’d want to spend time in Orlando with deeze nuts.
So now we know Orlando is the home of the tin foil hat crew.
Georgia is the only team I know with more than one rivalry. If they are playing Florida, it’s Fla. If they are playing Auburn, it’s Auburn. If they are playing us, it’s us. Ga Tech is merely who they share a state with and play the last game of the season. If this was a real rivalry there would be a large bag of dog squeeze somewhere on the grounds of Mercedes Benz stadium with a little card including a yellow jacket on it. These guys put the emphasis on “Clean” in the rivalry statement.
Congrats to Coach B. Mac. I like this move by CWM. I give coach Mac the benefit of settling into a new job for the first half of the Michigan game. Considering the bowl was his first shot at game calling, I think he did well. I imagine it was a different aspect for him and he settled in the after the start of the second half.
Bama and Georgia I can see mentioning with all their players. Why would you mention a meesly two and a target for Tenn when other SEC schools have more attending... Hmmmmm. Never mind, I think I got it.... “A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Michael Wayne Bratton oversees the news coverage for Saturday Down South. Michael previously worked for FOX Sports and”
Lol, that one little typo kinda blows the whole comment by Rico. I can usually blame mine on spell check.
Like most SDS stories, they picked it up and ran with it. Hyams is not a good source of information. Look at what he pushed on the TennHC position before Pruitt was selected.
Coach Mac is a good man and will be hard to replace if he leaves. He is also a top recruiter.
I remember Hawaii made the same argument?
Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Does this not apply to football?
A question is if Coach Mac can develop QB’s. I have no doubt about his play calling.
Paul needs to give more re USC pep talks, obviously.
I’m thankful Coach Mac filled in for OC. He adjusted in the second half and we also executed better.
Jim Harbaugh may be back in the NFL pretty soon.