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I’d rather us show you, Missouri.
SECcountry, I do believe you struck a nerve.
I live in Georgia and know about the big chicken. It probably cost more than the KFC it sits on.
BLSINSC, Esec is a tennessee fan from the Spurrier days. His mother and father met once and money changed hands. He’s one of two trolls that USC has picked up.
Congrats to Bama on the win. My glean from the game was 459 total yards with our second game freshman QB. I liked the aggressiveness and I hope we don’t stop. Now on to the rest of the season. We did leave points on the field.
I was really impressed with Trask. Not to discount Franks but Trask stepped up and pulled it through. Good game by UF and UK last night.
I’m proud of Ryan as well. I liked the aggressiveness. Edwards, Jones and Rico were hungry.. I hope we continue to get better.
Most of the crap about 2010 was stirred by the media, this site included. It was click bait to get both sides stirred up and then they write about how Bama had to hear about it. So, they create a story on the front and backside.
I dropped ATT/Direct TV for Google Tv, get all SEC channels and then some.
Glad to see Tennessee win one. Maybe that’s why your here.
Good game Bama. I know they are elite, knew it before the game started. South Carolina had some good plays too. You won’t see it in an SDS rapid reaction though. Glad to see Hilinksi making his second debut with a few errors that I think he will learn from.
I don’t think Dowdle’s run would have been overturned. The shadow on the field made it difficult to see.
First, Gamecock fans don’t apostrophe when naming our mascot. Your a Tennessee fan so when you say you are the biggest cock fan on this site, what are you referring to?
C’mon Joe, South Carolina learns they have a long way to go? After Virginia and UNC I would say we are well aware. Just hope we stay healthy, the meat of the season starts today.
It will not be an easy task to even stay close. My expectation is he gains experience, doesn’t hang his head and stays healthy. The rest is down hill until Clemson.
BTW, you sound like a local UGA fan instead of a graduate.
We are still up on the total record. Maybe Gran can take over when Stoops leaves for FSU. You gotta admit it wouldn’t be a bad pick.
I was, but not now. I’ve got my bets on Florida pulling this one out.
We will see. It’s possible Hilinski may bide him some time.
Forget the ‘que, the seafood is off the chain in the low country.
You are 100% correct about Tennessee. Have you picked out a cigar for the Tenn/Bama game? If not, try the Punch Pita. It’s nothing you probably aren’t already used to.
Happy that Garcia is remembered for this game. However, your definition of a “Garcia moment” and mine have two totally different connotations.
Probably works 3rd shift at the 24hr Krystal’s. I regret saying that to put such a negative light on the restaurant.