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It’s amazing what you learn about someone when they open their mouth.
I disagree with the UGA Mascot. In I Am Legend, the dog was the first to go. Besides a tiger, other dog breed, wildcat or rooster (to show I’m unbiased) I thing I’d take a gator because no one has touched what a zombie effect has on a gator. If it turns out to be bad, just call in Troy Landry.
Shoulda replied, “Does anyone ever roll Kelly”?
No more than Miss UGA 2019. It’s just styled differently.
I’m pulling for Elliott Fry at Chicago.
...back-up last year over Bentley. Bentley came in as a freshman, Fromm did the same who followed Eason. You go with the best QB that you have regardless of if they have the luxury of being polished or not.
Way to go Elliott! This is what I had hoped would have happened with his being with the AAF.
That’s funny. Saying you’ve arrived when you haven’t even turned in the driveway yet.
Venables is the DC at Clemson and coaches the linebackers. What did he have to do with Bryant becoming NFL ready?
I was wrong about Dooley last year. He seems to be a good fit at Mizzou. Good luck to you guys this year.
Not a savior, we want to see him play just like you guys want to see your new quarterbacks do well.
Man! I miss the HBC. Glad he’s still coaching.
Anyone else notice a few Georgia fans suffer from little man syndrome.
Proud to have Dakereon and Ryan wearing the “Blocked C”.
So much of last season it was the defense that was lacking. I agree with the notes on Jake. He needs to show positive consistency. I can’t see anything near 9-3 given this year’s schedule. We don’t see what the coaches see in practice, I know. But remember it was Bentley that was a freshman when he got his first shot.