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Bama probably should have played Michigan in the National Semifinal, or maybe the National Championship Game, but with the Playoff Committee's rankings, who knows what would have happened if the Wolverines had beat The Spartys? Obviously, with Clemson's thumbing of OU and Bama's dominance of Michigan State, the Playoff Committee's rankings are a bit suspect!
I'm with Coach Saban - Nothing wrong with Bama's uniforms and helmets - They look like they belong on National Champions to me - ROLL TIDE!
That should get Jones suspended and fined, if not put in jail!
Those two young thugs just forfeited their scholastic athletic eligibility, and very likely their freedom for as long as the Judge decides!
When McElwain turns the Gator program around and starts winning, the media will be singing a different song - They didn't like Saban either, but it's doubtful that either Saban or McElwain will lose any sleep over it!
I can't disagree too much with the assessment on Bama, but that OSU QB was a load for any two LB's - Anytime OSU needed a conversion he ran the ball. My regret is that Bama didn't have a defensive strategy to stop him! Another regret is that the pollsters decided to rank Bama behind TCU - It's like they totally flip flopped their opinions after Bama practically played the NCAA Champion to a draw, not that it will matter at the beginning of next season!
SEC is family - I was yelling War Eagle in last year's game against Florida State, but I'll Roll Tide till I die!
Those individuals young people are about to learn a valuable lesson about jabbing a stick into a hornets nest or perhaps more appropriately starting an elephant stampede!
Coach Saban is really something the way he can build individual players and then coordinate their passions, desires, efforts, and skills to form a championship team! ROLL TIDE
Choosing a coach to play for, between an offensive oriented coach and a defensive oriented coach should be easy if you're a defensive player. Nick Saban is the defensive guy, Bama is known for its' defense and for sending talented linebackers to the NFL such as Hightower, Mosley, and Ryans, among others. Plus there's the alumni support former Bama players get, which is unparallelled by other schools - Come to Tuscaloosa young man and feel the love for the Crimson Tide - You owe it to yourself and to those who have pulled for you through the years!
Looks like he's praying, which would be very fitting everything considered!
There's no sense in this! It's just a game and in many cases it's too bad that both teams can't win after a hard fought contest - After Rammer Jammer, Bama moves on to the next contest; all SEC fans are family!
None of us will ever know the young man's "true intent" but judging from the film, it sure looked like targeting - If I had been the official, I would have made the same call!
Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist absolutely drive me up the wall with their pitiful antics. If they ever seize on a point, a controversy, or in some cases a controversy they contrive, they will grind it into powder through the remainder of the game. I often mute them and listen to the radio broadcast. Those guys should have been fired or reassigned a long time ago!
Why are sportscasters always trying to start some controversy? Not only did the refs made the correct call on the non-fumble, since the runner had been stopped and there was no longer any forward progress, but if the Missouri Coach had disagreed with the call he could have challenged it. The illegal "pick play" was obvious, however, blown calls by refs of that nature can not be challenged.
Louisville beat Kentucky, a traditional SEC bottom feeder in a close one; FSU barely beats a Florida Gator team that has definitely been having a down year; Georgia Tech beats Georgia on an amazing record breaking 53 yard field goal in OT; Clemson barely beats a South Carolina team on it's last leg due to injuries - WOW, The ACC actually beat the SEC once in 14 years! Perhaps those ACC teams will soon be playing the SEC Western Division in bowl games- Hee Hee!!!
It's a shame that university officials never seem to appreciate the importance of their football program in publicizing their university and recruiting students, as well as what it adds to students socializing on campus. There are financial considerations as well, accommodations local business make to schools, as well as TV, radio and advertisement revenues. Football, regardless of the division in which the schools plays, adds so much to the college experience.
Apparently, Chris Matthews isn't the only one that gets tingles down his leg, as Mr. Cox seems to get them with the defeat of SEC teams. However, he might recall that it was his cohorts in the sports media that put the SEC on a pedestal as SEC teams won National Championship and most of the bowl games they played, but what goes up usually comes down. There are a few things that should be recognized in the defeat of the SEC East teams last weekend - Those teams were pretty well beat up by other SEC teams by the time they played the ACC teams, with the exception of Florida, a team that had fallen on hard times, but still managed to give the ACC leader, FSU, a pretty good game. Additionally, we should all realize by now that football is one of the most cyclic sports of all (which obviously doesn't apply to Alabama who reloads with top talent every year), and the SEC is certainly no exception. There is also the possibility, using a Tiger Woods analogy, that the SEC forced other programs to improve, gave them a level they had to attain to compete in college football, and they have eventually come along - Must be time for the SEC to turn it up another notch!
I haven't experienced anything like the things you describe here since I drove my red & white 57 Chevy (with a big Alabama #1 decal), through "The Varsity" located next to the Georgia Tech campus when I was a teenager. However, unruly fans and their actions at practically every SEC stadium have made attending games just too much of a hassle. My latest incident was at Bryant-Denny stadium where a young LSU fan was continuously harassing me, apparently under the assumption that an older guy wouldn't retaliate. I no longer buy season tickets or attend Bama games, in part because of this incident. As much as I love football and The Crimson Tide, I will not enter a place where I must tolerate rude, disrespectful people, and uncouth animals!
Notre Dame @ 10, 8, & 9, respectively, after knocking off another Big Conference powerhouse like Navy with their 4-5 record? Why, ND should be 5 spots ahead of Mississippi State shouldn't they? They beat Purdue (1-2), and Syracuse(2-2) and N. Carolina(2-4) didn't they?
When Gus gets Auburn an NCAA Championship like Gene Chezik did, and Nick Saban has done for Alabama several times, he may just get a house - Universities and boosters pay coaches for results, not just effort!
Everybody seems to be taking shots at the SEC, and poor Texas A&M, but why the writers choose to repeat the comments of a has been like Neuheisel makes no sense - What does "Neuheisel" mean anyway? Is that some Germanic term that means :"Don't know squat about football"?
Trent Richardson - The man is like a tank - There won't be very many, if any, solo tackles on him!
Great idea - Brings in both Texas and Oklahoma! I agree, don't bring in Miami; they sux!
Vandy has always been one of my favorites and I look forward to their improvement in the SEC standings, just not against the Crimson Tide!
Hershel was a great players and is a really good man, and that's from a Bama fan! God Bless you Hershell!