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Totally agree with you!! What else does Coach O need to do to prove himself? He has a winning record in 2 very high profile schools
Uhhhh, no! Kentucky can't sniff the same lock room shower towels as the real Running Back U's. Kentucky's running backs are for real, without question...anytime you pull off having two 1000 yard rushers in the same backfield, in the SEC, you're definitely getting it right. That said, to be a [fill in the blank] U there has to be a consistent pattern of high achievement. Once in a 9 year period doesn't qualify as consistent at anything!
To borrow from a great NAVY movie, Top Gun: Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cover! (If he gets in the field) he might get some focused attention from fellas much bigger & meaner than him.
I'm a HUGE Charlie Strong apologist. He grew up about 90 minutes from where I live & is a legendary DB at Central Arkansas. He was a great DC under Urban and Spurrier. He had great success at Louisville & is 53-33 (3-3 bowls) as a coach. I never thought he was a good fit at UT, but then again...I HATE Texas (all self-respecting Razorbacks do), so I'm biased, but perhaps correct! He will land on his feet.
Not at Texas...the only thing that matters is wins/losses, blowing out all Texas schools, & beat Oklahoma (by any amount)
Pleasantly surprised all picking The Hawgs over The Dawgs. We are nothing if not in consistent. Having lost ugly to War Eagle, then whipping The Gators, then losing ugly LSWheaux (for you LSUMC), we should come out looking great. The bouncing ball is due to bounce up tonight!!
As long as it is officially a Scheduled 1 drug, by the FDA, it will never be taken off a forbidden list.
Well they can't somehow be wrong...hat would be bad form!! ROFL!! Teams don't think emotionally everyone else does... BTW, you kicked our ass royally, well done LSWheaux!! I miss the tailgating on Friday after T'giving!!
Just one word for the poor young man: "OUCH"!! Speedy recovery wishes to him...
Quite frankly, I'm surprised too...it's nice, but I'd rather wait & see what happens!!
Sorry, but can't see a video or link to one!
Agree on Arkansas uniforms. I'm a whole hog traditionalist, but I can't help myself here. The helmets were awesome. A clear winner!!
Nice to hear you gator fans being complimentary. I had a gut we'd win...same gut feel I had that we'd lose to Bama & Auburn.
I agree LSH...I'm not big on the anthracite (charcoal) uniforms, but these uniforms aren't for me, they are for the people wearing them - the student-athlete. I'm not being recruited by the coaches, so my opinion is like everyone else's in the stands...but what today's student-athletes think is cool is very important!! If the UofA asked me I'd say stick to the Razorback cardinal/white, but they aren't asking for my opinion. I was in the stands when we wore them against ULM & lost in Little Rock, so my only issue is a bad memory...ROFL!! GO HOGS!!
Of course they are...they have to fill the website!! Good relationships don't make for good press!!
Agreed!! UK looks like the East team you do not want to see on your schedule in November!! They are legit...
I'm sure there are 13 coaches willing to provide a 'do hire' reference!!
Good for Knile. He was sandwiched between DMac and JWill; and made himself as an exciting 1,000 rusher & kick returner before the unlucky foot injury. Glad he is going where he will contribute more in the back field!!
I was in the stands when Dak & B. Allen lit up the field in Fayetteville last season. I was crushed by the Hogs' last second loss, but as a fan of the game loved every minute of watching BOTH QBs do well
Dark obviously had been raised well and has chosen to follow that!! I normally don't like other teams and their stars, but something was different about Dak from the start. It's just a fabulous bonus for me to see him doing so well in a Dallas uniform.