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Maybe JT would have won the game. Maybe he wouldn't. Stetson wasn't. I remember the 7 overtime game with LSU and A&M. Afterwards, Coach O said they were asking everyone if they knew of another 2 point play that they could use. I want my team to try everything to win. Even Peyton Manning had bad days. Try something.
Who knows if JT could have won the game. Every QB, no matter how good they are has days where their stuff isn't working. Peyton Manning didn't win every game he played in. All I expect of a coach and a team is to try every possible thing to win. By half time you know if your plan is working. Try something. Anyone remember Tua and Jalen?
I was reminded of the 2012 National Championship game. LSU wouldn't switch QBs. Les Miles after the game said, "I didn't know what to do". I see Kirby and Les as similar coaches.
I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the Ohio State consolation prize.
No class Miami. But a good lesson for Cristobal coming in. Watch your back and keep records.
What fans would that be Pawl? You flipped on Bama in the SEC Championship. On Sunday you were all over how good Bama was. On today's show you are going back to Georgia. We were Bama fans when our coaches were Curry, DuBose, Franchione, Price, Shula and Kines. We're fans during this amazing run with Saban and we'll be fans after Saban.
Because they are Notre Dame. In a bad year they will be in the top 25 just because. This year they need to justify Cincinnati getting in, so they pumped up their only "good" win. Same with Ohio State. They needed to justify Michigan. Same thing with Michigan State.
We are spoiled of course. For those of us that are old enough to have been around in the pre Saban years, we lived through and remained fans when things were awful. Heck we fired on coach on the first day he showed up! We appreciate the fan support from the newcomers, but will remain fans if and when our dominance fades.
Actually I was pretty certain Bama would win. Weakness of UGA's defense all season has been their secondary. GA didn't rush much all year and for the most part weren't successful last night. GA strength of schedule going into the game was 51st. And of course Kirby could be counted on to make at least one stupid decision. He made at least three major ones last night. Going for it on 4th and 9. Poor clock management not using any time outs starting around 5 minutes left. Not replacing his QB once it was obvious that Stetson wasn't the guy to power a come from behind victory.
Dabo needs to apply for the AD job. He's never getting the Bama job.
Georgia strength of schedule 51. Alabama strength of schedule 18. Only ones in the SEC with a weaker schedule were Florida at 58 and Kentucky at 68.
100 million guaranteed on a 150 contract. He's in his 60s. Nice retirement plan.
Season strength of schedule: Georgia 51 Bama 18 If I'm Georgia, I would ban the players from watching and reading all of the rat poison. They are being told over and over and over again, that they should just be anointed. They are so good and Bama is so bad, all they have to do is show up. I think it will be a game. We'll see how Kirby keeps his kids heads in the game when it doesn't all go their way.
As long as LSU has the NCAA investigation hanging over them, they will have a hard time getting a quality candidate.
LSU has one huge problem that hinders an accomplished coach. Until the NCAA stuff is resolved, no big name coach is going to want to touch LSU. Who wants to take a job when a year later they have three years of suspensions. Maybe two problems. Their AD is a jerk.
Written by someone who doesn't understand the financials of bowls. Generally speaking bowls consider fans that will travel and travel far enough to have to stay overnight. Auburn to Birmingham won't happen unless everything else is filled up. Same with SC to Charlotte. The lesser bowls are less concerned with TV rating than they are with hotel reservations.
This is why Saban has achieved the success he has. Develop men and teams and the wins come. More than anything else, sometimes should you equate what you accomplish in this profession on how many games you win or how many winners you help to develop so that they not only have a chance to be winners on the field but in life – and the way these guys sort of overcame adversity in this game showed great resilience in the way they performed, and I said that to them in the locker room after the game, this is something you should always remember; that when you put your best foot forward and you fight and you really believe in something and you do it together as a group, what you can accomplish, so that might happen to you sometime in your life too; but anyway it feels good, it feels really good to come back and get a win.
I think they are potentially both good schools with lots of tradition. But then Tennessee has tradition too. The question is which is a better job right now? I think Florida has lots of issues right now. Might take a few years to sort them out. Is Florida willing to wait? LSU has less issues and watching them play after releasing Coach O shows me that they still have pride. The wild card for LSU is the ongoing NCAA investigation. What good coach wants to sign up for the potential mess?
Bama fan all the way. When I was young and could watch Michael Jordan play, I often commented that folks should enjoy and relish what we were seeing with him. Once in a lifetime. I feel the same way watching Saban right now. The successes that he's building are a once in a lifetime. Football fans over the decades see the 4-5 year "dominance" that teams show. But to do it over and over and over again will never happen again. Enjoy it while you can.
Of course we are SEC folks, but there are lots of other possibilities out there. What if Michigan beats Ohio State this weekend? Ohio State with two losses. Then Wisconsin beats Michigan in the conference championship. Michigan with two losses. Wisconsin with three losses. Does the Big 10 get in?
Over half of the playoff committee is made up of athletic directors. These folks are businessmen, not sports fanatics. Playoffs are about making money. Teams that will draw ticket sales and tv viewership have a huge advantage over teams that merely play well. What do you suppose the championship viewership will be with a Bama/Cincinnati or Georgia/Cincinnati versus a Bama/Georgia matchup?
Lots of good QBs out there. Coaches who draft one and then throw them to the wolves ruin the kids. I'm no Patriots fan and will never like cheating Bill, but they certainly have developed a young kid into a professional QB. Look around the league and see how teams are destroying young QBs. I hope Tua gets to a place that can develop him.
Need to get off the notion that it has to be a blue blood from someplace. Remember all the BS from everyone on how stupid Arkansas was to hire Pittman? Two years in and he's got one of the better teams in the SEC. Folks laughed at Ol Miss for hiring Kiffin. Second place on the West. Look what SC and UT did without a blue blood. Need someone who won't be a coordinator and loves the team and the sport. Someone who can recruit and hire awesome coordinators.
I think Richardson will wait to see who comes in. Always time for the transfer portal.
Kiffin is at a point in his career where he needs to build the credibility of being a mature, consistent coach. He can't afford to bounce around and have to rebuild. If this was four years in at Old Miss, he might do it.
I think Florida could be better. It just isn't right now and I think it's a two to three year rebuild. I think Kiffin would have more immediate success at LSU.
Bob Stoops is too old. This isn't a "wash and wax", it's a major rebuild. Lane Kiffin has no need of a lateral transfer. Florida currently is not an upgrade. Billy Napier would be a good choice. Aranda is in the same situation as Kiffin. Florida isn't an upgrade. Campbell at Iowa hasn't delivered in the big 10, why would it be expected that he could deliver on a much bigger stage. Mark Stoops might take it, but what does he bring to Florida? Boston College's Jeff Hafley? Are they kidding? Elko from A&M might work out.
I don't think Bama cares about the spread. Closely behind winning is the goal to have no injuries.
IF Kiffin leaves Old Miss this year, it will be to a place that is a stepping stone to his ultimate goal which is to replace Saban. Florida isn't an SEC blue blood anymore and they are too damaged right now for a one to two year turnaround. LSU has the pieces to win, just needs good coaching. Assuming that Lane could get a really good defense coach, that is the better choice to continue his quest.