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Automatic bids is not a good idea. 4, 8, 12, 16, doesn't matter as long as it's the best teams. Shouldn't be based on arbitrary ranking scores either. Needs to be on a weighted system based on strength of schedule and such. The betting world uses a system like that, there is no reason why college football can't.
Leaving Parker White off the list is bizarre. How many other teams would have better records if he kicked for them?
I'm down to that part of the season where it's root for the SEC to win as my teams aren't in it. The two that are the most interesting are Tennessee and Old Miss. Tennessee for the amazing season they have put together. Amazing talent. If you like baseball they are fun to watch. Old Miss because they pretty much snuck in and are still there.
Schools should be in charge of NIL contracts. No denial of involvement or knowledge. If you want to pay the athlete, you should have to negotiate and approve the contract. A small percentage should go into a fund to pay monthly pensions to student athletes that get injured while playing to the point where they can never play again.
Sorry Tigers. Bama can do both and do both well.
Folks should be as concerned about him as the other USC as we were about him at Oklahoma. Put up lots of wins against teams that are weak and steal a playoff nod. Only to lose in the first round.
Maybe he'll grow up. Sometimes a change of venue helps people. I really hate seeing talent being wasted.
College Football needs to get beyond the FBS and FCS and do what high schools did a long time ago. Break folks down into levels. Best four from level one play for the level one championship. Same thing all the way down to multiple levels. Where I live, my high schools are level 5. When one of them wins the State Championship, the welcome signs all brag about their state championship. Kind of solves the bowl issues too. Three bowls per championship. 10 levels, that takes care of 30 bowls.
"Building something solid" in one of the most vanilla year in college football (Bama and UGA being light years ahead) doesn't mean much. This year, teams ranked from 3 down were kind of a toss of the coin. Something that no one mentions in Harbaugh's success this year is that he took a huge cut in pay and got bonuses based on performance. I'm amazed that athletic directors around the country aren't paying attention to that.
Saban is famous and very good at showing "different looks". Heck in Bama's last two games we've seen very different looks. I predict a third and maybe fourth look depending on how the game is played. Teams come into the game with the first five to ten plays in the book. Adjusting is the key to victory. Kirby is not known for adjusting on the fly.
The strength of the sport of College Football is based on how good a game is produced. Automatic "byes" for Conference champs will dilute the product. If they don't want to get better than maybe we need to do the same thing we do in high school football and create levels. Figure out some algorithm to figure out the best four and call them level one. Next four level two and on and on. Bowl games can be championship feeders for the various levels. I live in a small town and when we win a state championship, the signs go up as state champs.
Even "if" you think that UGA has a better team, they will once again be out coached. UGA has seen two looks from Bama. I predict that Saban will show up with yet a third look.
This guy is the perfect "woke" football commentator. If you really enjoy/love the sport of college football, you want to see the best teams compete to see who is really the best. Expanding to a 12 team playoff with automatic bids for conference champs hurts the game. Sure I like it when my team plays for the championship, but I watch the championship to see quality football and who is the best. Good coaches work hard to get to the top every year. Some make it, some don't. Lowering the level of the top doesn't make it better.
We're Bama fans. We were fans in the Perkins, Curry, Stallings, DuBose, Franchione, Price and Shula years. We'll be fans of Bama after the Saban years. We're also college football fans. Bama right now is so exciting to watch because the players seem to be good young men who are being trained and groomed to be great men as they transition out of College. For the most part all SEC teams produce a really good product and it's fun to watch college football at it's best. This is a rare opportunity to watch a coach who produces great teams. It won't last. The Bear fans never thought it would change but it did and folks still revere what he did.
You mean we might actually get a football game? I'm all for it. My ulcers like a blow out, but my brain likes a down to the end game.
Intellectually I can understand why some players will choose to not play in the bowl. With that said, it says a lot about the team culture that was created or not created during the player's time on the team. Personally I couldn't lead them behind. A player doesn't make it to the pros without the efforts of the team. I think the player owes it to them to finish the season with them.
Georgia will show up with the same folks/plays thinking that they can execute better. Bama has shown Georgia two different looks in the past month and will show them a third next week. Georgia "might" have the better players, but Bama has the better coach.
Glad Beamer did this. Too many "sports" reporters these days that have decided to be merely reporters. If they ever knew or played the sport, they have forgotten it. Most college football players will never be in the pros. They love to play. For a lot of them, this is there last time to play. How about reporting on the goodness of the young men playing the game?
I've been following Napier for a while. He is the only Saban acolyte that has actually been using the process. He will do well for Florida.
Recruiting window is close. New coach needs to try and keep those already committed and try and poach some that were going to Georgia.
This was a hard year for college sports. No team really jumped out to look dominant. Georgia caught everyone's attention, but their strength of schedule was 51 on the day of the championship. Cincinatti's is 82. Bama's today is 7. If you do the analysis based on results and strength of schedule, the final four in order should be Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Michigan.
Anyone who actually did the research on the game knew it was likely to be won by Bama. At the beginning of the game, UGA's strength of schedule was 51st. Yeah they were undefeated, but against who? UGA's secondary was suspect and vulnerable. UGA could stop the run, but Bama proved that they could win with a below average running game. All Bama needed to do was protect Young. We all saw in the Arkansas game that Bama could adjust to protect Young.
Maybe JT would have won the game. Maybe he wouldn't. Stetson wasn't. I remember the 7 overtime game with LSU and A&M. Afterwards, Coach O said they were asking everyone if they knew of another 2 point play that they could use. I want my team to try everything to win. Even Peyton Manning had bad days. Try something.
Who knows if JT could have won the game. Every QB, no matter how good they are has days where their stuff isn't working. Peyton Manning didn't win every game he played in. All I expect of a coach and a team is to try every possible thing to win. By half time you know if your plan is working. Try something. Anyone remember Tua and Jalen?
I was reminded of the 2012 National Championship game. LSU wouldn't switch QBs. Les Miles after the game said, "I didn't know what to do". I see Kirby and Les as similar coaches.
I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the Ohio State consolation prize.
No class Miami. But a good lesson for Cristobal coming in. Watch your back and keep records.
What fans would that be Pawl? You flipped on Bama in the SEC Championship. On Sunday you were all over how good Bama was. On today's show you are going back to Georgia. We were Bama fans when our coaches were Curry, DuBose, Franchione, Price, Shula and Kines. We're fans during this amazing run with Saban and we'll be fans after Saban.
Because they are Notre Dame. In a bad year they will be in the top 25 just because. This year they need to justify Cincinnati getting in, so they pumped up their only "good" win. Same with Ohio State. They needed to justify Michigan. Same thing with Michigan State.