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The "Football Power Index" was developed to measure team strength. How in the world can you be measured when you haven't played a game yet? Clemson has played one ranked team to date and one FCS team to date. I understand that the poll people need to make a living and it's incredibly hard this year, but come on.
Kirby Smart is the perfect clone of Saban.....old Saban of defense and running the ball. He has never joined the modern day of college ball like Saban and many others have. Despite incredible recruiting, he can't/won't develop a quarterback. His best quarterbacks realize this and leave the program. The people of Georgia will have to recognize soon that they have a Jim Harbaugh type coach. They will have to decide if they are happy with 10 wins a year without winning the big one every year.
The biggest problem with this is that it would end up rewarding their performances post college. It's actually a neat thing that often the "best" college player doesn't do well in the pros. That's ok. It's a different game. It's one of the problems with the Pro Halls of Fame. Too often in this media era it's become a popularity contest instead of a performance contest.
The best reason to love being a GA fan right now is that you are used to losing big games. The let down shouldn't be so bad.
Assuming that Tua will be fine, there is actually some goodness to come out of this. First off, Mac and the world class receivers will get a lot of quality snaps. Second off, this will force Sarkasian to finally develop a run game. Finally, I think this will be that "moment" that our defense seems to need every year to get their identity.
I really liked Kirby Smart and thought he'd turn Georgia around. Now I'm glad that SC didn't get him. He whines, make poor decisions, and doesn't take responsibility. I think we're seeing Les Miles at LSU part two. He'll always produce a nine win season and get good recruits, but he can't put it over the top.
Actually he can offer valuable insights into character and leadership to students. He can show demonstrable proof that if you make your employer lots of money, character doesn't matter.
Kirby has been a disappointment. I really thought he would be the first assistant to beat the master. He's built Georgia into the old style Bama team of good defense and run the ball. Too bad that the rest of the world has moved on from that.
Why does no one consider that Jalen might go pro? He'd be a perfect fit for a team that has a good quarterback in his mid career and needs a quality backup. Not someone to develop into a starter, but someone that you can trust not to lose the game for you. He's got a great work ethic and is above average in skills.
Be it 8 teams or 16 teams, there should be no automatic bids. That's what ruined basketball. The best teams period. You could easily make an argument for three this year from the SEC. Teams like UCF shouldn't even be in consideration unless we want to insure that the number one pick get's an easy game. Playoffs should show us who is the best by the end of the season, not who survived a bad conference (Northwestern for example).
GA runs more because they don't have a prolific passing game. Stupid to use season long stats to say a team is good at something. Let's look at Georgia's running game against a good defense - LSU. 30 carries for 113 yards. Take away the QBs runs, and it's still 24 carries for 132 yards. Does the author of this article think that Bams's run defense is worse than LSUs?
Let's see.....if a player grabs a facemask in the heat of the game, it's a big penalty. If a mature adult does it, somehow it's a sign of his machoness? This is wrong and Jimbo should be penalized.
Jalen is going no where. His only chance at being in the NFL is for someone to draft him as a quality back up quarterback, late in the draft. At Alabama, he will continue to improve and get visibility. He'd take a step back the first year of a transfer, learning the process and having a team with the skills of Alabama. MAYBE he gets better in year two. He'll "feel" out the draft this year, and if it doesn't look promising, he'll be back at Bama next year.
The second one at a race track should have the race running at the same time as the football game. The third one needs to add trap and skeet shooting.