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You can't hit when the strike zone is the size of a smart car.
OSU is really good. If M-state would of won it all, it would have been a story for the ages. I Hope the hogs can take it..... WPS
Hopefully we can make it to the finals, I would love to play Mississippi St.
Hope so man.... I think we look as good as any team right now. I hope it plays out.
I was shocked as well. Hopefully they can beat Texas.
Please don't call a man, boy. It makes you look ignorant.
John L Smith was an interim head coach, ya' chowder head.
Nobody even knows his name. If the UofA sucks at football, at least people know about it. Jonesboro is irrelevant.
Fans complain about recruiting, yet they bash the coach at every turn. Our biggest problem is an unrealistic fan base. I realize that it's this way at work, in politics, and even within a fan base. 20% of a group always makes it difficult for the whole thing to succeed. When we trade Bret Bielema for an FBS coach, then the neck beards will blame it on Jeff Long.
If your one dying wish is to fire a college football coach, your life didn't have much purpose. That might be one of the saddest things that I've ever read.
This happens at literally every LSU game. The reason it's investigated, is that it happened against another LSU fan. They started yelling tiger bate at each other, and forgot they were on the same team. Someone spiked the jambalaya.
I hate um too. I sat next to a kid in a movie theater with one, about a month ago. I literally almost strangled him.
Any other school, and I would say it's stupid. however, I could totally see him wearing that at Mardi Gras.
Yeah, he's definitely one of our biggest fans. He even went to some of Sosa's high school games.
Agreed.... Not condoning it, but I see chicks do that all the time. Don't get in the middle of a fight, if you aren't ready to be part of it. It's boarder line stupid to think you have immunity from getting hit by rednecks, just because you are a female.
The reason that all of this started, was because Arkansas left the SWC because Texas was crooked as ****. Every ref in the SWC lived in Austin, Houston, or Dallas. It was actually against the rules, in the SWC, for a ref to be from any state, other than Texas. Texas is a cancer, they've been terrible in recent years, so they have been silenced..... But they are the biggest problem with college football. They make Notre Damn look like saints.
Yeah, I'm not saying that we're going to be great, but this writer knows Jack **** about our fans, and program. Nobody has "Low Expectations". It's the first time since John L Smith, that we haven't had one position group of players riddled with injures.
6 months from now.... It's Archie Manning. But right now, I'd drink a beer with Hugh Freeze over Archie, in a heart beat. Just IMO
Sarcasm is racist, because former slave owners used it. I am offended.
Where will Freeze move? Whoever has the best hookers, is my guess. I would say Miami, don't know, but just a guess. It really depends if he's a quantity or quality guy.
Well, Ole Miss will have their wins redacted, so...... You need to go past 2015.
You should work for CNN. You are a terrible journalist. This article makes me laugh, because of how stupid it is. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.