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Seriously doubt he'll be better than Alexander. And in limited action Henry has been been good
In the Myles Garrett case, yes. Johnathan Allen has two TDs to go with his stats too though.
No one mentions the false start call that never even happened.....because it was an Alabama win
The Alabama D-line was being held all night but no one cares enough to go back and look at that. You have time to disengage as someone runs away from you. Video shows a lot more than a picture.
I know you're not going to, but go watch the A&M o-line hold Alabamas D-line all game
Maybe should've been a personal foul. Targeting is against a defenseless player.
Gun laws in Alabama are very lenient. Surprise he was even arrested for it. It was for permit, not a stolen firearm. He even produced the receipt from buying it. Never got charged with drugs, should've at least sat out the whole game. I would rather have someone unknowingly not having his permit than have rapist or Jeffrey Simmons.
Not sure what you're trying to say but it doesn't sound intelligent.
If that's the case could Dixieland Delight be Alabama's fight song?
So you're saying that Dupre is gonna just double his receiving yards? Gotcha