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The article is "SEC QB Power Rankings." Drake Maye isn't in the SEC.
@LightCC in that crazy scenario, the winner of UT/UGA would go to the SECCG with 1 loss, as you said. However, the loser of UT/UGA would have 2 losses (1 in that game and 1 to UK). UK would then finish in 2nd since they would have the head-to-head win over the UT/UGA loser. That is all assuming that South Carolina loses a 3rd conference game... Since they otherwise have the head-to-head win over UK.
Imp, unfortunately that's what happens when you give up 7 interceptions and have 3 lost fumbles in 6 games... You get a lot of yards, without a lot of points to show for it. This staff has done a fantastic job of emphasizing the importance of playing disciplined (e.g., avoiding procedural penalties)... Hopefully, they can help coach up the guys on protecting the football as well. I think some of that will also come with time/experience.
Me!! I'd take $15M to coach 6 games! Hey, I'd do it for $10M, but that's my final offer. Too bad they'd never hire me haha
Agree... The fans will be out there this weekend. Starting the season against Troy, Central Arkansas, Georgia Tech, and Tulsa doesn't exactly excite most fanbases. I'm looking forward to this one. Good luck to both teams.
I really hate the increasing shift of games to the ESPN+/SEC+ app. And yeah, I get the business side of why ESPN is doing it, but as a customer, I hate it.
Well, Nebraska SHOULD have fired Scott Frost in the middle of their Week 0 game after he called for an onside kick while up 11 points in the 3rd quarter against Northwestern in Ireland. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Nebraska lost the game. Some coaches find ways to win... Frost is exceptionally gifted at finding ways to lose.
Shhh we're in the playing season now. We'll talk about recruiting again when it gets to recruiting time.
Yeah, I get that, I was just being snarky because I'm in the Atlanta market and was peeved about the bait and switch. I was watching the game on a delay so by the time I saw the announcement that the coverage was going to be dropped, I had already missed the entire 3rd quarter. The other "options" included 1. Watching in SD over antenna - hard pass, or 2. Watching on the Fox Sports app, which sucks and doesn't allow pausing or rewinding.
This Utah team reminds me a little of Kentucky: Underestimate them at your own peril.
You're right! I had forgotten about him. Plus Arch seems pretty interested in the dawgs.
Off-topic observation: Georgia has a QB room full of interesting/uncommon names. 1. Stetson 2. JT (because "Jonathan" is just too pedestrian) 3. Carson 4. Brock 5. Gunner
I want to indignantly argue with you, but considering I spent the majority of this season in a permanent surrender cobra pose, I'm inclined to agree.
Bailey's got some wiggle. I definitely wouldn't be sad if he found his way to Gainesville.
This started my morning with a smile. Looking forward to the NCG - you know, the one that will feature the two best teams in the FBS as it should!
TrueGrit, Alabama played an undefeated conference champion. Isn't that who YOU want in the playoffs... Conference champions? You seem to be moving your goal posts.
JTF, I'm with ya on the NY6 bowl conference tie-ins. My comment was directed at TrueGrit, who seems quite upset that the Utes got beat by "only" the 3rd place team in the B1G.
Just to be sure I understand... You're upset that the B1G sent their 3rd place team to play the PAC-12's first place team, which lost anyway? Would you have preferred to see the PAC-12 champion get beat even worse by the B1G champion instead?
I hope so too. It's a good reminder for all of us to be kind to others since we often don't know what personal struggles they may be going through.
The Rose Bowl is a "lowly" bowl game? That's an interesting take.
Yeah, life hits you fast sometimes. Hope he has lots of success at Utah and beyond.
Exactly! I'm just suggesting that IF they are going to muck about with the system anyway, the FCS playoffs are a model worth considering.
The FCS has 125 teams in 13 conferences (compared to FBS' 130 teams in 10 conferences), and they managed to work out a bracket that consists of 24 playoff teams... This year their season started Aug 28th and will end Jan 8th. You'd think the FBS could figure this out.
Yards per completion is not a good measure of a QB's passing effectiveness, which is why it doesn't factor into a QB's rating. It's more useful to look at YPA (yards per attempt). For example, in the Orange Bowl, Michigan averaged 13.2 yards per completion... But since the QB only completed 50% (18/36) of his passes, he averaged only 6.6 YPA, which is actually pretty bad.
Iron sharpens iron. 100%. Real competitors embrace the chance to compete against the best because they know it will challenge them to become elite. Pretenders run from that challenge (here's looking at you, Riley).
Clearly. My point was that good line of scrimmage play and a "competent" QB are not enough to beat Bama, despite YOUWORSHIP's suggestion that they are.