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Ha, at least you guys had half a defense... We gators would've killed to have had half a defense this year.
Haha well done, Connor! I can almost hear Saint Nick Saban saying, "... now let's go win it all, a'ight?" Good luck to Bama in the playoffs, hope (and expect) you guys will win it all. Good luck also to the rest of the SEC teams playing bowl games.
#5 Texas A&M opens as just a 4-point favorite over now-unranked Auburn? Outside of rivalries (where anything can happen), lines like this always make me scratch my head... Do you guys think A&M is overrated or Auburn is underrated?
I agree with your comments and wish him success at his next stop. He may not have piled up the wins, but he ran a clean program and I respect that.
A&M vs BYU would be a fun game to watch, but I don't think there's much else for A&M to gain from it. If A&M wins (and I believe they would), then it's what they "should" have done as a highly ranked SEC team vs an undefeated independent team with a soft schedule. BYU looks good and Wilson is fantastic, but their schedule just isn't strong enough for an A&M win over BYU to make any big shifts in A&M's standings. A loss to BYU, however, would likely decimate A&M's chances to get into the playoffs OR a NY6 bowl. More to lose than gain for A&M in this case. And no, I don't mean to imply A&M would be scared or would not win, just not necessarily a smart business decision to risk your season with little-to-no reward. A&M vs Cincinnati, however, I think could help make a stronger case for the respective winner to be in the final four if both continue to win-out. Cincinnati has faced some tougher competition this year than BYU has, and they are playing consistently well on both offense and defense. I'd love to see that game, though I am quite sure we won't since Cincinnati will be in the AAC CG on Dec 19. Furthermore, A&M might not get their full slate of SEC games in as it is, and I don't think the league is going to give up a conference match-up to make a non-conference game happen. On an unrelated note... Anyone else wish we could boot the PAC from the P5 and put the AAC in instead?
I understand your point, but I'd rather see that than potentially watch Notre Dame play Clemson for a third time in the same season.
Excited to hear that next weekend's games are all going to be played... But a little confused as to how that is possible unless they have changed the protocols surrounding sit-out times for players quarantined due to contact-tracing? It sounded as if the majority of roster shortages for this week were attributed to contract tracing rather than large numbers of positive test results. With a minimum 14-day quarantine and no way to test out of that quarantine, how will those teams be cleared by next Saturday? Don't get me wrong - I'm very excited the games are on, and I have zero objections to them adjusting the quarantine times or allowing guys to test out of quarantine like they can in the NFL... I am just interested in understanding what changed, if anyone knows?
Cincinnati looks more well-rounded than BYU IMHO, but BYU seems to get more mainstream attention. BYU's QB looks sharp though, and I think it's unfortunate for them that their original schedule got scrapped when the P5 schools went (mostly) conference-only, making Boise State their toughest opponent. In answer to your question about who I think the other 3 would be if Florida manages to pull off the improbable? I'm not sure... Things seem to be getting even crazier by the hour right now! I'll say this: Alabama appears to be the best team in the country right now, so I'm truly hoping my gators can continue to improve on defense, stay healthy, and give your tide a good battle in Atlanta.
I do not see the logic in putting both Clemson AND Notre Dame in the playoffs together. They played once in the regular season and are projected to play again in the ACC championship game... Does anyone want to see them play a third time in the playoffs, particularly in an already-shortened season? Let's assume that the top three playoff spots go to the SEC champ, the ACC champ, and the B1G champ, with the fourth spot being up for grabs. There's lots of football left to play this season, but let's also imagine that Alabama and Florida finish out the season strong and meet in Atlanta. If Florida wins the SEC, then a one-loss Texas A&M could be the fourth team. If Alabama wins, then I think we are more likely to see BYU, an undefeated PAC 12 team, maybe a second B1G team (gross), or even a cinderella Cincinnati team sneak in as the fourth team.
LOL keeping CDM at Florida seems to be the one thing that Dawg and Gator fans can finally agree on!
Yes, you are correct. The AUS-USA time difference allowed Crawshaw to sign his LOI about 24 hours ago. I know you're mostly just poking fun that our first guy was a 2 star, but that's cool with me. We'll miss the Townsend boys, but I'm happy to have Crawshaw on our team! I wonder if the "SDS Staff" writing this article was just pulling tweets from 7:00 EST today and considering those as the first signees? If that's true, then this is really just a list of players who've signed LOIs, in the order of which each school's Twitter account announced them... Not necessarily the order in which the players submitted their paperwork... Which isn't exactly what the article's headline suggests.
Really happy for Joe Burrow. For all the success he has had, he has stayed humble. The love he shows for his team and for the LSU fan base is special, and appears genuine rather than rehearsed. As much as I WANTED to hate him (he was an OSU Buckeye AND an LSU Tiger, afterall!), I've got nothing but respect for him. I love that, even as a kid, he was asking what HE could do to change the situation, to get his name out there, rather than just asking (or expecting) Dave Berk to promote him. It'd be interesting to know if Berk responded to Burrow all those years ago, and if so, what advice he shared with him?
Looks like he already Hulk ripped his pants on day one of practice
Blankenship put in the work every week, and he flat EARNED this award. This might not have been his best year, but man, what a career the kid has had! I wish him huge success at the next level, and as a Florida fan, I'll definitely be happy to see him playing on Sundays instead of Saturdays.
Please no... Black is not one of our colors, but it IS a UGA color. I hate the idea of Florida wearing black for any game, but especially in a game against a rival who actually has black as one of their team colors.
I actually think this is pretty cool. GameDay has already covered nearly half of Florida's games this season (3/8), and they also covered UGA's opener against ND. Yes, I'm a Gator, and yes, I know the Florida-Georgia game is lit, so don't roast me... But it's not like it will be lacking media coverage. Meanwhile, Memphis and SMU are potentially playing for a NY6 bowl and this is a good opportunity to showcase two legitimate Group of 5 teams. Overall, I think it helps our sport.