If you ain't a Gator you must be Gator bait.

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Maria Taylor doesn't even think she's better than Erin Andrews(let alone everyone else on Earth) cut it out.
And Maria Taylor is no Erin Andrews. What's your point? Stop being a hater.
Picking on a Tennessee fan is worse than picking on the special needs these days. So I'll hold my comments towards you buddy. Stephen A. brings in revenue, just like Greeny, so if that rubs you the wrong way so much that you have to get on the internet and display your anger, you should probably look in the mirror ✌
Because none of them have an issue with Green Berg making 6.5 mill a year. But once a black guy makes his money it's an issue. Don't @ me for calling it how I see it
A black man making money seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way
You Urban haters are idiots. Go root for a different team please
says the UGA fan. The last time Georgia won a national title the Rubik's cube made its debut. I watched Florida when three national titles wow Georgia has 0 in my lifetime. I don't think pointing out coaching it's a good idea for a Georgia fan ‍♂️
Reminds me of the electric video for Florida that helped them.
Georgia wore alternate Uni's as well a few years back for this game. I forget what year, but UGA was blown out that game if that helps.
South Carolina is a horrible team, yet one of the best teams UGA has played all year. Comparing South Carolina to Florida? Good luck in Jax
Football is a chess game, not checkers. whoever runs the ball well and creates that big turnover will win. But it's never that simple
"Motivation" isn't going to help UGA's O-line block those DE's at Florida, or create a pass rush that hasn't been there all season, or actually create a turnover. You guys can focus on that if you want, Go Gators.
@UGARMYRet unless you're 120 years old, you've personally witnessed Florida owning UGA more often than not. But whatever helps you sleep at night
Tebow called out Florida earlier this season right before the Kentucky game and said they didn't look good at all as a team in practice. Not because of a lack of focus, but rather a lack of talent. So I'm not sure why there's a notion that Tebow is biased when breaking down film, that's ridiculous.
Yeah Truedawg posted the same thing on several articles. You'd think he would be a little more creative
If Florida beats UGA it won't be due to luck. But I agree with everything else, Florida is WAAAAAAAAAYYYY behind UGA in terms of talent and quality depth. If we can't keep up in recruiting we won't look forward to this game much longer. UGA will be much better next year when all that talent develops.
I would consider Franks a real QB. He's only a Sophomore and looks better every game, I'm sure he'll look eons better next year. I appreciate the normal UGA trash talk, but don't kill your own QB in the process. Sheesh.
I'm taking MSU for the upset. That D-Line is arguably the best in the country, and good luck stopping that run game from State. I will be watching this one from start to finish. Go Gatas
Great article. Florida's special teams often gets left out but our punter deserves honorable mention as well. He has the ability to flip the field in any situation, I believe he just had a 70 yard punt. I'm excited to see how Franks improves as the season progresses, Go Gatas!
Do you use that same comment for everyone? UGA got spanked and embarrassed by LSU, while UF spanked LSU. The end. Stop copying and pasting the same response to everyone you disagree with.
IF Florida beats UGA, Dan Mullen is coach of the year hands down.
My confidence comes from the matchups. UGA has a struggling O-line, specifically in pass protection. UF has arguably the best DE's in the country. UF also ran for 225 vs LSU, a team that has a better D-line than UGA. Fromm looks bad, which is why you want a true freshman to start over him. Amongst other things, including the LSU victory, is where my confidence stems from.
"You have zero credibility here". What does that even mean? The amount of times you give your opinion on the internet makes you "credible"? I want you to think about that for a sec...... UGA looked bad vs LSU, and will look worse vs Florida. Go Gatas
I'm sure you don't want to talk about previous success comparing UGA and UF, do you? I was -11 years old when UGA won a Natty, cut it out. UGA faces a Florida team that leads the SEC in sacks, and is top 5 in turnover margin. We're not back yet, and nobody implied that, so I'll ignore the hyperbole. Good luck in Jax
What's up with all the "too harsh" comments? UGA played one good team all year and got embarrassed. They are a young team, especially on defense, and the O-Line can't block for a QB that clearly reaped the benefits of all the talent from last year. They lost on both lines of scrimmage vs LSU, I anticipate the same in JAX based off of what I've seen from both teams. Preparation H can be found in your local Wal-Mart for all you butt hurt Dawg fans.
Being last in the SEC in sacks is alarming whether you like it or not. Don't discredit Matt because you have your head under a rock
You're not worried about the Florida game. Did you watch the UF LSU game? Better yet, did you watch the UGA LSU game?! Fromm is going against the best pass rush in the country and a top 5 team in turnover margin. Something UGA struggles with. Good luck.
You're a douchebag. Focus on that pissed off LSU team before you start talking smack. Go Gatas