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you mean if kiffin didnt coddle the ever loving hell out of him all year and then act like the kiffin we all knew was still there and bounce. I really hope that Hurts gets past that and develops this year and kiffin didnt stunt his growth.
I am absolutely mind blown that Eddie Jackson isn't receiving more attention. I don't get it, I've watched the kid his whole time at Alabama and he is a stud. The dumbass Bengals taking John Ross at No.9 is a mistake IMO. Tons of receivers later in the draft. Combine times are cool and all but its nothing more than a glorified workout.
True, I guess I overlooked that being a major point in the article. I kind of skimmed over it but your right. I am not that familiar with his work here so I probably shouldn't of commented.
He absolutely must be fired. There is no room for innocent mistakes that anyone is capable of. We need to hold these writers to an impossible standard if we want to retain any form of sanity. No good! Weirdos man. The man apologized, let it go.
Hurts has never looked "hurried, confused or off-base." Inaccurate? Yes. He has more poise than I have ever seen in an 18 year old kid. You sir, are nothing more than a damn hater.
Cowherd is a tool. Straight up nancy boy, cant stand the SOB. That said, a grown man called him a cow-turd. #barnersgonnabarn
hahaha screwdriver next to the drill joke just made my day. #barnersgonnabarn aint much we can do bout it
cmon young man what are you doing? this is why I hate spring break, best of luck to the kid injured
I would love to see Tua redshirt but i think he's just too good. Really cant complain about a problem like this though
I think alot of people outside of the SEC really underestimate how good AJ was in college, truly a damn good quarterback. I personally think he should be starting over Dalton.