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All these comments by UofA fans are just nonsense. I thought our game was probably one of the most entertaining games from start to finish I have seen in quite awhile. Were there mistakes? Sure! For both teams. Have we had a few games come down to a few calls earlier in the season? Probably. This game was not one of them though. We just came up a bit short on defense in a great game. Both teams are on the up and up, that's for sure and here's to more games like that one in the future, but with the Hogs winning of course haha. Hope the tigers get safe and healthy soon.
Thank you for your input, fan of a mediocre SEC East team!
Seriously? Have you seen or heard YOUR coach? I’m pretty sure he’s busy doing everyone’s taxes right now.
You say you don't know the whole story, yet claim Arkansas is playing dirty. I seriously doubt OUR brand new coach would feed a lie to a kid about playing RB but secretly being played as a LB for Missouri. See, I can do that too!
And from one more perspective: Those three teams are always winnable games.
Man, pulling out all the zingers you’d expect an uneducated Missouri fan to say....R.Kansas, Feitvol, unable to build straight roads. Whew, man did you really burn us there. Missouri sure is lucky to have you!
I guaranty that if you had our schedule you wouldn't be 8-2, 5-1 that's for sure.