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when you say "if you believe any of this you are a blubbering idiot" you are absolutely correct in that anyone who agrees with anything you just said is exactly that.
A kentucky fan calling Mississippi the state of poor, illiterate good ole boys is the height of hypocrisy! Have you looked around your trailer park lately. I bet there isn't a full set of teeth in a 100 lot trailer park
Look, I know I may be a bit biased. But, as bad a passing game Nick Fitzgerald had he is better than the 9th best qb in the conference. Mond for example has had some good games but has had bad games in others. He is one that I would take fitz over any day. I'm not picking on Mond alone. there are several others. He's just the first that came to mind.
Man, you are just looking for a reason to gripe if you can only find the negative about this coach. If you can't see the potential for the future with him then you CAN NOT be satisfied. You sound like the clemson fans who are complaining about the Carolina game this weekend.
Best 8/4 team? No way! MSU would eat your lunch.
That's rich coming from a fan of the school who has the most cheating history of any team in the SEC. Hilarious!
Bama is number one but did anybody notice Clemson hang 77 on Louisville today.? They are playing lights out and are a real threat to beat Bama.
That's a stupid comment. They have a pretty good qb.
Go ahead and get your jabs in. That wasn't Kent state or southern Illinois that put up 28 points against us, it was what is probably going to be the second best team in the east. MSU's defense is still better than that porous sieve of a defense that the land sharts put on the field.
Let's not get carried away. Lol. Great win but Snell isn't going to win the heisman nor your qb the obedience award. Georgia will be a handful.
Well, I said I would be here to eat my crow and here I am. Great impressive win for UK. Didn't see This coming? You beat a good team and beat them at their game in the trenches. This is one Bulldog fan that is impressed. Now go beat Carolina and hopefully we can beat Florida. Got some major issues with focus. Too many stupid penalties.
with that prediction please come back here Sunday to eat your crow pie. I get you support your team but the stats will be closer to this. Snell runs for 45 on 20 carries and Wilson has maybe 30 yds but gets sacked 4 times and gives up an interception. Rose will be a zero factor. Bulldogs win 38/14
Also, when you start apologizing remember, what got this thread started was a comment by a toothless uk fan besmirching in general all MSU fans and people from Mississippi. It's trash talk and doesn't need apologizing for.
I don't need any more data to know that MSU is a better football team on both sides of the ball than they were last year. The eye test will tell you a lot no matter who they are playing. Game 1 and 3 I get it but, going into KState and winning as dominantly as they did says a lot. As for apologizing you don't have to apologize for me or any other State fan as I've not seen one statement that needed apologizing for. Hopefully I will be coming back in here Sunday to deal out some reality for the UK fans and if it goes the other way I certainly will be here to take my medicine.
Hide and watch. MSU's offense is better than the one that scored 45 on them last year. So don't be shocked if they do. And I know that UK is better too but State not scoring 45 is not as certain as you make it sound.
What some of you UK fans aren't acknowledging is the fact that State is better than last year on both sides of the ball. Yes, UK is improved and playing inspired football but I don't feel that UK is that much different a team that lost to the Bulldogs last year to the tune of 42 points. Some Uk fans do get it and realize the task before them and know that UK will have to play their best game to come close to matching up on either line. We shall see.
please be back here Sunday and take your punishment. They say crow tastes like chicken. At least that's what I'm told. In other words, the Bulldogs are going to beak the brakes off the bluecats.
How many of his thousand yards last year did he have against State? I'll tell you. 18
True however, I'm not sure they have improved 40+ points worth. I'm not dogging your team as I like your coach and they are playing somewhat inspired football but these games are won in the trench and I just don't think it will turn out good for UK. I may be proven wrong and will definitely come back and take the brow beating if I am.
That coming from a kentucky hillbilly is priceless. Look in the mirror bud. At least we have a full set of teeth.
I don't agree. This is not last years MSU team and I'm not being overconfident but that game will be no cake walk like a lot of people think. I might feel differently was it to be played at auburn.
I say that based on the fact that MSU has gotten better on both sides of the ball and Kentucky hasn't improved so much as to overcome the drubbing they took last year.
your guys have played good so far early. The game this weekend will be a major test. MSU has gotten much better than last year and I know UK has too but I'm not sure it will be enough. Ever how it turns out I am looking forward to another good game in the series.
Yes, that will be ugly to say the least.
Not to pile on but to call that performance on offense a juggernaut is one of the greatest misuses of juggernaut I can remember!