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The only reason the ranking is so low is because of how few people we can take this year. We signed way over the past two years. He didnt drop the ball, hes just more limited. Expect next years class (which should be a full 25ish again) to be right back to top 10.
Eh, the argument of how weve done the past 5 years isn't really relevant. Those were all totally different teams playing those games. They have no standing on how next year will go at all. Last years games might but games 2 years ago or more cant give you any meaningful information. Last years games were all very close against those teams with us winning one of them. We return most of our starters who are expected to improve. Weve improved every year under Butch so far. No reason to think its already stalled out. Im not saying were going to win the SEC or make the playoffs. However saying its "just hype" is silly.
Well by the sound of things Jancek didnt use us as a springboard. Its not like another school has already hired him. Wed know that by now. Butch fired him.
And we finished exactly where we were projected. #25. The hype was warranted. It will be for next season tok
Its just the nature of the business. Did your team do better than it has before under you, heres a raise. Whether or not he deserves it I agree with you but thats just how CFB works.
Hes improving the team consistently. Teams pretty much renegotiate contracts at the end of every year at this point. Hes trending up, as long as you trend up you pretty much guarantee yourself raises.
Clearly not thumping his chest. Just talking about the good things that happened. Thats okay to do seeing as well the media is asking you questions about it. You cant just sit there in silence.
Your comment doesnt tell the whole story. Most of Dooleys commits were busts and had left the program. He didnt recurit any O linemen one year and managed the roster terribly Recruiting rankings dont take into account what you need. You could have a class of nothing but 4* receivers and itd rank high even though that would fuck your team over. I agree with a coach being responsible. I just think the comparisons aren't fair. The rest of this year and next year will give us the true story.
The thing to remember about Butches situation though is he was left with basically nothing from Dooley. So he started in a much worse place than Richt or Meyer. This is the first year we really are getting to judge his coaching with next year being the first year he has the depth he needs.
Nothing about that makes it impossible. Slightly less likely sure but not impossible.
Id agree its unlikely but its what Herbstreet has as well.
Bama is number 1 in my book for Tennessee. Then Florida and then Georgia. As a Tennessee fan if we were forced to go 1-11 I would want that one win to be against Bama every time.
Because Tech hasnt been competitive in the rivalry and Auburn is a much older rival for Georgia and Florida as a game means much more then the Tech game.
This list is complete crap. Maybe correct in terms of most entertaining for non fans of the teams involved. However No Tennessee fan would put Georgia ahead of Bama and Florida in terms of rivals. Very very few Bama fans would put LSU ahead of Tennessee. Id beat almsot all Auburn fans would put Georgia ahead of LSU. Basically almost none of this list lines up with what fans of the teams would say.
The article doesn't say we would have won. The bad call just cost us a chance at tying the game. You can say it was farfetched but we had an even more unlikely come back just 3 weeks before. Regardless of anything that happened a bad call is a bad call and attention should be brought to it if not just to hold refs accountable.
Mizzou being penalized more than Tennessee is kind of irrelevant. The offensive pass interference didnt make since to me and yes it was a bad call. However the rest of them were basically all false starts. Its not the refs fault your O line is super jumpy.
First illegal touching isnt a flag, you cant actually accept or decline it. They toss a beanbag not a flag for illegal touching. They did decline the offsides penalty but when a call gets reversed you are allowed to re pick (and thus undecline) otherwise teams would just be cheated out of flags.
The kicker basically can't be offsides. Well see what the SEC office says because they'll have to clarify the call.
Whose toe? The kicker? The kicker is allowed to have his foot go past the ball before kicking. There was no offsides.
On number 1. The offsides was called. I was at the game, clearly heard the ref announce it before the review ever occured. The flag was thrown immediately. I am even a Tennessee fan.
It was long odds but we had done it just three weeks earlier with dobbs minus the extra point. We certainly could of done it again and is definitely something a reasonable person should get angry about. A wrong call that robs a team of a chance its terrible and deserves anger.
The controversy is definitely the fact that no one is offsides. You cant point to a single player that is in these photos. (A kicker cant be offsides) I was at the game, they definitely announced the offsides call right after the play happened and before the review. The ref got drowned out by the crowd a bit but the call was definitely clearly made. It was just the wrong call.