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All I am saying is that Greg and the media never have the full picture. They may have hunches and clues, but that's about it.
I guess time will tell. I am not saying Hurd is completely innocent. I am saying there are two sides to the story and the only side people really seem to be talking about is how he is a quitter. Why not talk about the fact that he grew up in Knoxville's back yard probably dreaming of putting on the Orange Power-T helmet. For a young kid to give that up, to me, speaks VOLUMES of things going on that we just don't know about.
They like to pretend that they actually made a play happen versus pure miscommunication and blown coverage. I will admit, however, what a perfect throw by Eason.
So because Greg has a pass that allows him player access he then knows the chemistry, conversations, and mood of the players toward the coaching staff? The media doesn't know squat. McElroy was a byproduct of Nick Saban just like every other one of their quarterbacks. Ok, so I guess since I don't have NCAA or NFL talent I can't have an opinion of someone who is casting their opinion on a player of my team. Boy, cclausen71, what I would give to be like you and NEVER call things the way they are: the sky is blue, the trees are turning, and Greg had no NFL talent. I don't have to have NFL talent to say someone else doesn't.
If I were an NFL coach, this decision by Hurd is nothing but something to brush over. The kid recognizes the system isn't working. He wants to be a better athlete. Wants to play on Sunday's and is taking necessary steps to make himself a valuable asset to any team in the NFL. I've got zero issues with this. And again, if people think Jalen is quitting because he thinks it's just too difficult, please, turn your critical thinking skills on.
1) I'm sure there is more to it than Jalen thinking "man, this is hard now. I'm out of here!" Ol' Greg doesn't know the FIRST THING about what's going on behind the scenes, and neither do I. 2) Jalen has ample opportunity to interview with coaches and their staff well before the NFL Draft. This is a job interview. You sell yourself. He will do that just like every other draft prospect. 3) If you can't tell Butch Jones is lying (yesterday's presser), then, what can I even say to you? Either Butch Jones and Mike DeBord are lying about the play style change or Jalen's uncle is. I'll take Jalens' family's side. Media, coaches will always say what only needs to be said to save face, appear spotless, etc etc etc. Vomit. 4) Greg McElroy was drafted in the 7th round by the New York Jets. 5) Greg McElroy couldn't make the New York Jets. 6) Greg McElroy will be watching Jalen Hurd play on Sunday's for years to come. 7) Can't we find someone that's willing to look at BOTH SIDES besides a Vol hating, Crimson Tide bleeding, never-was?
I think it speaks more to the fact that the patience with Butch Jones and Mike DeBord is gone. His numbers are not his fault. When you run the same plays, the defense is going to make easy adjustments. Not even Sooner Peterson would be able to run with this Tennessee play calling.
Everyone wants to talk about Jalen as a person and stop there, which is asinine. I am a Vol fan through and through and FULLY support this decision by Jalen. If I played under this coaching staff, was lied to like his Uncle is saying, saw ZERO CHANGES TO THE GAMEPLAN week after week after week, I would leave too. He wants to play in the NFL and Butch Jones and Mike DeBord have done nothing but drill his draft stock this year.
That's unfortunate but he needs to do good for himself in light of the NFL Draft. Speaking of the NFL Draft, what do you guys think this will do to his draft stock?
I think someone is a little angry at the Tennessee hype.
Oh I see. It makes perfect sense that Hurd will regress. After all, he's getting slower, smaller, weaker, probably.
If you call 92 yards on 18 attempts with 1 TD "stopping that," then, sure
bryanchip, you are exactly right. Consider this as if it hasn't been said before.. or perhaps maybe not in this fashion: the Vols were 5-10 play calls away from being in the playoff. They were one decent field goal kicker away from beat UF despite a collapse. You nailed it when you said "if the run game shuts down, the offense shuts down." Truer words were never spoken. DeBord is content with losing, and I know this based on his decisions to, not one single time last season, change up the play calling. The WR play wasn't great, but you still have to take shots. There were such great flashes of Wolf last season and it was a shame those flashes were about once every three weeks only.