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Why do you care so much about Alabama? If GA wins out then they’re in playoffs. If GA loses somewhere then their out. You don’t have to worry about Alabama. Worry about GA.
Here’s the facts about LSU only scoring 23 against Auburn. Auburn was torched for 513 yards. Alabama was torched for 535. Alabama put 520 on LSU, including 400 in second half. LSU kept shooting themselves in the foot against Auburn inside the 10. Auburn didn’t stop LSU. Is Auburn D better than Alabama? Absolutely. But Alabama offense is light years better than Auburn’s offense. Nobody is taking an Alabama win for granted against Auburn. But Alabama needs to win to have a shot at the playoffs.
I'm an Alabama fan and I'd love TN to get it going again. The rivalry is dead right now. Greg Schiano is a horrible hire. It's amazing how BAD some AD's are..... If I was a TN fan....I'd be livid.
Herbie wouldn't like Schiano to be named Ohio State coach....I can promise you that much. He thinks he's fine for TN though....LOL.
You've won 2 NC's in 110 years at Auburn. Alabama has won 15. When you grow up, you'd love to be Alabama. Of course, that won't happen. In the meantime, you'll get beat by a hacked off GA team. Enjoy your special week.
It's VERY simple: If Ohio State beats Wisconsin, Alabama is in the playoff. If Wisconsin wins, Alabama is out. Ohio State has no claim ahead of Alabama. In fact, they're behind Notre Dame at the moment. You can't put a 2-loss team that lost to Iowa by 31 points ahead of Alabama. PERIOD. TCU is also out and will lose to Oklahoma by 3 Td's. Auburn gets a pass with 2 losses because they lost to Clemson and a ranked LSU. Then they'd have beaten GA, Alabama and GA again. Ohio State got beat by 14 at home at 31 on the road by a 7-5 team.