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The purple side looked pretty full. Orlando is a 12 hour drive +/- from Louisville and from Baton Rouge. Not many of the locals would pull for either team. Of course, bowls are losing their appeal in general since the CFP began. (and they should). Another side reason, is that both of these teams had their eyes on much much more than the Citrus bowl when this season began. Kind of a kiss-your-cousin-participation bowl. Wanna pack the house? Schedule as many Florida teams as you can in the Florida bowls and send LSU to Sugar, Cotton, or Texas Bowl. In other words, keep it as regional as possible. Or just get it over with and make it 16 team playoff. Gonna happen sooner or later anyway.
I agree the top college players are taking a risk. Every player is one play away from injury or even serious career changing or ending injury. RBs have very short careers in the NFL, and Fournette gets a ton of carries for LSU. I just don't want to go to the place that this line of thought will lead. Where CFB stars go "one and done" like in basketball. Too many of these young men would "go for it" without graduating. An injury, a short NFL career, or just finding out that they're not quite NFL material can still happen, and would be bad for the guys that didn't stay long enough to graduate (Fournette will next spring). I think the 3 year rule is a happy medium. And these top players are well insured. There were 2 star players in this year's draft that injury caused to slip in the draft. Both went pretty high in the draft, yes it cost them some money. But RBs don't make the QB-LT-DE money in the NFL. My thought is, that for every Lattimore, there's a lot of Zeke Elliots, Derrick Henrys, etc...
Kids are "stupid" by nature. How many get away with it? Guess we only call them stupid if they get caught. Well, I've never gotten an OWI or DUI, but I can't cast a stone. That's for sure.
I could be wrong, but since the Perrilioux disaster, only Mattenberger has had a second year under center for LSU...??? Regardless, a lot of bad press for LSU QB's in that time frame. I don't really understand this. I have a lot of friends and family that blame Less, blame Cam, Blame Harris, etc... for these measly 10 win seasons. The fact is, we're competitive every year. When is the last time we just flat out sucked (for lack of a better word)??? Those same friends and family members rave about how we have such talent that we should win it all every year. Really? Really? Okay, we have a lot of talent... every year. But so do many many other teams. And we're not the only team that loses juniors to the pros, but for the past few years, we've lost more than our share. And we've been in the mix, maybe we didn't lift the trophy, but we've been in position to do just that. And you can't tell me that we've had more talent than the others. You just can't say that. It's not true. Now, 2016, we're bringing back all but one senior. We're bringing back more starters than anyone anywhere. Those starters were a dang good team last year. And our QB has a year on the bench with some cameos, a year under his belt as the starter, another offseason to improve (this time with the lion's share of 1st team reps), and all of his weapons back and more. Now, does this mean SEC champs? Playoffs? National title? Heck no, but it means that once again, we're in the mix. And truth be told, ahead of the mix. We'll start the season in the top 10 if not top 5. And with Harris under center, we have every right to be there, and every chance to stay there. All the pieces are in place. If the defense revamp can hold its own, then all things are possible. I'm a homer, and a optimist... but I haven't said this since 2011. We are for real this season. The top prize is ours to win or ours to lose.
Harris seems to only be allowed to throw to one reciever per play, and the recievers only seem to be sent on posts and go routes. Both low percentage. I'd like to see some underneath and mid-level routes added to the tree, and a a dump off option for when nothing's open.... say #7 or #5?
A defense doesn't have to stop LF#7, just slow him down. If you keep him down to a 26-120-2, you would still call that a good game for Fournette, but with 72 or 83 yards passing, you'll have kept LSU at around 250-ish yards total. That would force LSU's defense to beat you.